Popular Qualaroo Integrations

  • Salesforce

    Send leads and Qualaroo survey data to a custom object within Salesforce.

    Salesforce Integration
  • Tableau

    Push your Qualaroo feedback into Tableau for in-depth, visualized analysis.

    Tableau Integration
  • Intercom

    Pair Intercom messages with Qualaroo and record survey events into Intercom.

    Intercom Integration
  • Zapier

    Receive, analyze, and follow up on your Qualaroo feedback with Zapier.

    Zapier Integration
  • Slack

    Push feedback into a Slack channel and communicate internally with greater ease.

    Slack Integration

Email Marketing Qualaroo Integrations

  • Salesforce

    Add data gathered by Qualaroo Lead Generation Forms to Mailchimp lists.

    Salesforce Integration
  • Hubspot

    Push your visitor feedback from lead generation forms as Contacts within Hubspot.

    Hubspot Integration
  • Marketo

    Send new leads from Qualaroo lead generation forms into Marketo, and more.

    Marketo Integration
  • Eloqua

    Push a visitor's email, first name, last name, and phone to your Eloqua lead database.

    Eloqua Integration
  • KISSmetrics

    Record Qualaroo events in KISSmetrics and correlate quantitative + qualitative data.

    KISSmetrics Integration
  • Webhooks

    Post survey response data to an endpoint every time a survey on your account receives a reply.

    Webhooks Integration

Analytics Qualaroo Integrations

  • Google Analytics

    Create survey reports based on the revenue that Qualaroo respondents have generated.

    Google Analytics Integration
  • FullStory

    Capture every click, scroll, page transition, and view where a user encountered a bug.

    FullStory Integration
  • SessionCam

    Associate SessionCam sessions and recordings with Qualaroo responses.

    SessionCam Integration
  • Adobe Analytics

    Record Qualaroo events in Adobe Analytics and uncover hidden insights.

    Adobe Analytics Integration

Custom Qualaroo Integrations

  • Google Tag Manager

    Use your Google Tag Manager events (triggers) to segment your Qualaroo audience.

    Google Tag Manager Integration
  • Google Optimize

    Leverage Qualaroo with Google's free A/B Testing tool and make wise design decisions.

    Google Optimize Integration
  • Tealium

    Pass data from a Tealium Data Layer into Qualaroo via the Custom Properties API.

    Tealium Integration
  • Segment

    Push Qualaroo data into your Segment account, then push it to any other system.

    Segment Integration
  • Google Universal Analytics

    Track where your visitors come from, new or returning visitors, and their browser version.

    Google Universal Analytics Integration
  • Optimizely

    Target a survey to visitors assigned to a particular variation of an Optimizely experiment.

    Optimizely Integration


Ajantha Art.com Qoutes
Ajantha Suriyanarayanan Director of Consumer Insights for Art.com
"Every point of individual feedback enables us to take action."

Having ongoing consumer input and feedback is paramount. Today I might ask them for feedback on the new site experience, tomorrow I want to talk about what the customer is searching for and days later I can ask how their ordering experience was. That variety and the quick pulses help us enormously.

View Case Study
Jaxon Hootsuite Media Inc Qoutes
Jaxon Lam Senior Strategist at Web Growth, Hootsuite Media Inc.
“Using Qualaroo we got to hear feedback from our visitors in their voice."

We used the data to develop and completely redesign our branded landing page and validate our hypotheses. Qualaroo gave us a 16% lift in conversion at 98% statistical significance.

View Case Study
Laura Twilio Qoutes
Laura Schaffer Product Manager for Twilio’s Experimentation Platform
"Qualaroo's simplicity made it a top choice for us"

To expand to an ever-evolving market like Twilio’s, you need to work quickly to stay in tune with the challenges customers face – both the ones they face today and the ones they will face tomorrow. Customer discovery efforts are critical. How do you best put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and do so in a way that is efficient and easy to do at all stages of product development?

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