What Is Customer Experience Management

CEM is the one-stop solution to keep customers satisfied

Collect, sort and share customer feedback with relevant teams (or specific people like HODs) through one versatile customer experience management software. It’s difficult to handle customer experience (CX) issues coming from multiple sources like online surveys, live chat, emails and even social media. Online customer experience management brings it all together, letting you deal with it as a collective organization rather than as disconnected teams. Customer experience software also allows for a consistent handling of customers no matter which channel they use to interact with your brand. This is the very definition of customer experience management (CEM).

  • Organize customer feedback in one place
  • Share with teams & handle issues proactively
  • Get overview plus in-depth CX reports
  • Cover all channels of customer feedback

Capture Customer Sentiment In-Context

Qualaroo Nudge™ is 10x more powerful than email surveys

Capture Customer Sentiment In-Context

Recollection of customer experience (CX) drops very fast once a customer leaves your website or app. Collect feedback from customers while they are looking at your product in real-time with customer experience management (CEM) software. Ask the right questions at the right time using our proprietary Qualaroo Nudge™ technology, which is 10x more powerful than 'after the fact' email surveys. Gauge customer sentiment accurately with our IBM Watson Sentiment Analysis technology that turns textual survey results from customers into an emotional score for your brand. Make business decisions based on data-backed insights rather than assumptions with our customer experience management software.

  • Collect customer feedback in-context
  • Understand emotion with Sentiment Analysis
  • 10x more powerful than email surveys
  • Devise data-based business strategies

Ask Anywhere; Store Answers In One Place

Collect customer experience feedback across all digital platforms

Ask Anywhere; Store Answers In One Place

Give visitors a seamless CX, no matter which platform they use, whether it is your website, mobile-optimized site, social media channels, email, or support channels like phone and live website chat. Delight your customers with seamless online customer experience management, whether they are in your app, on your desktop website or using a mobile browser to access your product or service. Every Qualaroo Nudge™ blends tastefully into your platforms, and you get the answers you need with precisely targeted, brief surveys that don’t annoy customers or prospects. Deliver a consistent CX by bringing together feedback from all customer-facing touch points with our customer experience management platform lets your teams.

  • Encourage feedback with unobtrusive surveys
  • Customize surveys with your logo & palette
  • Ask without irritating, interrupting or emailing
  • Offer a consistent customer experience

Visualize Areas for Improvement

Uncover visitor intent & understand customer demand

Visualize Areas for Improvement

Qualaroo is a versatile customer experience software that helps you understand what your customers expect when they visit your website (desktop as well as mobile) or app. Find all the places in your product or service where there is room for improvement with our comprehensive customer experience management system. Uncover the why with exit intent questions if they are leaving unsatisfied. Address the most pressing concerns and improve customer experience based on customer feedback using our customer experience management solutions.

  • Identify improvable areas through feedback
  • Understand expectations with Sentiment Analysis
  • Uncover the ‘why’ with exit intent surveys
  • Improve CX with unobtrusive Nudges™

Integrate With More Platforms

Leverage data from varied software to improve CX

Integrate With More Platforms

Customer experience management tools cover a huge variety of software. No doubt, your business uses multiple software that contains information about customers that you can use to improve CX. Collect and analyze all this information through integrations with customer experience software. Qualaroo integrations let you draw in and assess customer feedback from most popular platforms used by your teams. Through integrations, your insights come from sources like live chat, website analytics, CRM, sales & marketing, and many more in addition to the usual feedback channels like surveys and emails.

  • Integrate more software platforms for insights
  • Analyze website data in-context of CX
  • Gather CX information from multiple sources
  • Get every team on the same page

Measure & Improve Customer Experience

Get the pulse of customers with tried & tested surveys

Measure & Improve Customer Experience

Gauge customer experience (CX) with our qualitative as well as quantitative survey templates. Deploy Net Promoter Score® via our CX management software to know the percentage of customers who would recommend your brand. Use Customer Effort Score survey to ascertain how easy (or difficult) it was for a customer to get their issue resolved. Determine how easily users completed a task or process based on Qualaroo’s User Effort Score survey.

  • Quantify CX accurately using our templates
  • Use NPS to measure customer loyalty
  • Measure effectiveness of customer support with CES
  • Determine usability, user sentiment & satisfaction with UES

Complete Customer Experience Management Solutions

Including Help Desk, Live Chat, Long-form Surveys & Qualaroo Intercept Surveys

Complete Customer Experience Management Solutions

Help Desk Bring your teams together to manage all your customer-facing emails in one shared inbox and delight customers with faster support.

Live Chat Never miss a single support opportunity with 24x7 live chat support. Offline chats are automatically converted into help desk tickets.

Long-Form Surveys Get access to over 100,000 ready-to-use long-form survey questions and collect in-depth customer feedback hassle-free.

Qualaroo Intercept Surveys Use our proprietary Nudge™ technology to ask in-context questions to your targeted website visitors & app users in the moment.

Why People Love Qualaroo

  • Simple & Easy Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software
    download or HTML skills needed.

  • Websites, Products & Apps Websites, Products & Apps

    Install code to get user feedback on
    websites, products & mobile apps.

  • Customize & Brand Customize & Brand

    Brand your Nudges™ with customized
    fonts, colors, logos & more.

  • Advanced Targeting Advanced Targeting

    Ask the right users at the right time for
    unparalleled user feedback.

  • Ask Any Question Ask Any Question

    Choose from over 10 question types for
    the perfect question, every time.

  • Professional Templates Professional Templates

    Never start another survey from scratch
    with our professional templates.

  • Question/Decision Branching Question/Decision Branching

    Ask the right questions to the right users
    politely & delightfully.

  • Prototype Testing Prototype Testing

    Capture user feedback quickly and
    painlessly at every stage.

  • AI Analytics & Reports AI Analytics & Reports

    Watson Sentiment Analysis, Wordcloud &
    advanced analytics.


Ajantha Art.com Qoutes
Ajantha Suriyanarayanan Director of Consumer Insights for Art.com
"Every point of individual feedback enables us to take action."

Having ongoing consumer input and feedback is paramount. Today I might ask them for feedback on the new site experience, tomorrow I want to talk about what the customer is searching for and days later I can ask how their ordering experience was. That variety and the quick pulses help us enormously.

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Jaxon Hootsuite Media Inc Qoutes
Jaxon Lam Senior Strategist at Web Growth, Hootsuite Media Inc.
“Using Qualaroo we got to hear feedback from our visitors in their voice."

We used the data to develop and completely redesign our branded landing page and validate our hypotheses. Qualaroo gave us a 16% lift in conversion at 98% statistical significance.

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Laura Twilio Qoutes
Laura Schaffer Product Manager for Twilio’s Experimentation Platform
"Qualaroo's simplicity made it a top choice for us"

To expand to an ever-evolving market like Twilio’s, you need to work quickly to stay in tune with the challenges customers face – both the ones they face today and the ones they will face tomorrow. Customer discovery efforts are critical. How do you best put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and do so in a way that is efficient and easy to do at all stages of product development?

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