Start by understanding what customers really want.

Stare at data analytics until your eyes go blurry, but the best marketers know that numbers tell just part of the story.

Without feedback from customers, you’re making educated guesses about what customers want at best and making wrong assumptions at worst.

Analytics tells you WHAT, Qualaroo tells you WHY

Ask your visitors questions in real-time, right on the page they’re looking at

Ask your website visitors who they are, what they’re looking for, or why they’re not quite ready to buy, and any other questions you need answered while you are figuring out how to improve conversion rate.

These ‘context-sensitive’ surveys are an excellent way to understand what visitors need and what they can or can’t find as they shop.

Before you move on to learn who and when to survey, be crystal clear of your objectives.

Step 1

Define Feedback Objectives

Use quantitative analytics to define your objectives for feedback
Use Quantitative Analytics to Define Your Objectives for Feedback

Here’s a short clip from one of Qualaroo webinars for you to know how to define your feedback objectives to gain meaningful insights.

  • Determine your objectives by looking at your web analytics
  • Identify gaps in your funnel, such as high bounce rate pages
  • Identify the right segment of visitors to ask for feedback
  • Formulate the right types of questions to ask
Step 2

When & Who to Survey?

Decide who to target & trigger surveys on events
Where they are
  • Domains
  • Subdomains
  • Regex matching
Who they are
  • Identities
  • All or a portion of audience
  • Geography
  • And More!
When they visit
  • Duration on page
  • Exit intent
  • Scroll location
How often they visit
  • Display once per visitor
  • Until response is received
  • Recurring questions
How long you’d like to ask the question
  • Custom date range
  • Target number of responses
  • Manual activation and deactivation
Step 3

Reduce Bounce Rate

Add surveys on high exit & bounce pages to understand the cause

If visitors are not spending time on a page, you need to know the underlying reason. Is it website or webpage design that’s off-putting, or something else?

Step 4

Get Users to Take Action

Survey visitors when they linger on a page for too long

If a visitor is unsure of the navigation due to design shortcomings or the backend is so heavy that the page takes too long to load, you need to take corrective measures based on their feedback.

Step 5

Understand Your Mobile Experience

Survey mobile shoppers with surveys targeting just your app or responsive design

With most ecommerce moving into the hands of shoppers on smartphones and handheld devices like tablets, get feedback from mobile users to maintain an above-average ecommerce conversion rate.

Step 6

Measure & Improve eCommerce NPS

Improve ecommerce experience by measuring Net Promoter Score post transaction

NPS surveys are great to always have running on your site. Our NPS surveys not only allow you to capture your NPS score, but they give you the flexibility to ask follow up questions to learn more about why people are giving you the scores that they are.

Step 7

NPS Targeting Options

Learn How to Gauge Net Promoter Score for Your e-Commerce Business
How To Calculate Net Promoter Score
Step 8

Reduce Cart Abandonment With Survey

Ask visitors why are they leaving without buying

Possible questions that focus on cart abandonment:

  • "What would've convinced you to complete the purchase of the item(s) in your cart?"
  • "What was your biggest fear or concern about purchasing from us?"
  • "If you did not make a purchase today, can you tell us why not?"
  • "Do you have any questions before you complete your purchase?"
  • "Is there anything preventing you from completing your purchase?"

TIP: If you're investigating cart abandonment, inevitably, visitors are going to bring up the issue of price. One trick some ecommerce sites have found to combat this is to offer free shipping to customers who complete their purchase, or a promotional code that will give visitors a discount on their overall purchase.

Step 9

Reduce Exit Rate With Surveys

Prevent future visitors from leaving for the same reason ever again

If a visitor leaves and never comes back, you never really know why. Trigger Qualaroo exit surveys when visitors are about to leave, ask them the ‘why’.ibility to ask follow up questions to learn more about why people are giving you the scores that they are.

Instead of the visitor slipping off to never return, exit surveys give you the insights you need to keep future visitors from leaving for the same reasons.

Step 10

Conduct Analysis to Keep Improving

Get sentiment analysis powered by IBM watson to keep improving

With Qualaroo’s Sentiment Analysis, you’ll know whether shoppers don’t buy because they can’t find what they’re looking for, or because they’re not sure of product sizing, return policy, shipping charges, or any other reason.

Case Studies

How companies used feedback to drive tests that drove conversions

Udemy uses Qualaroo to rate the quality of their machine-translated captions, attribute their traffic, and more.

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A look into Twilio’s process for studying customers that empowers teams to deliver products and experiences that are data-proven.

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Great Schools uses Qualaroo for information-gathering as an efficient, effective way to be more successful with their grant money.

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Put Insights to Work

Optimize your site & improve ecommerce conversion rates

With detailed feedback from your onsite surveys, start optimizing your site in areas that you know will move the needle.

Rather than guessing what to test next, your visitor feedback can guide conversion rate optimization A/B testing to improve the areas that matter most to your visitors.

Use Qualaroo to Uncover

  • User experience issues
  • Messaging, visitor trust, and confidence issues
  • Upsell, cross-sell and promotional opportunities
  • Technology or cart issues preventing checkout
  • Product offering opportunities

Why Qualaroo?

Get the insights you need without impacting user experience
Deploy With Confidence

Qualaroo is built from the ground up to be reliable and to fit your brand. Its unobtrusive design, solid infrastructure, and customization options mean that you get the insights you need without impacting your user experience.

Never Slows Your Page

With our low-impact onpage surveys you keep your product and website experience as the priority. That is why Intuit, Shopify, Mavenlink, and many more use Qualaroo to gain the insights they need to improve their businesses. Put Qualaroo to work for your business now.

Turn Insights Into Leads

Go beyond insights with Qualaroo Convert. Convert lets you add lead capture and calls to action to your surveys to route visitors to the right landing pages, lead forms, customer support, and more—all based on user response. Ask about our real-time conversion features during your demo.