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How Does Azure & Qualaroo SSO Integration Work?

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Azure SSO and Qualaroo integration is a perfect combination enabling access to the dedicated directory and survey feedback without signing in multiple times with different credentials.

This seamless integration lets you control who has access to Qualaroo and manage all accounts from your Azure AD portal. You can connect Azure SSO with Qualaroo and enable single sign-on in a few clicks.

Features & Benefits of Azure SSO & Qualaroo Integration

Get the best of both worlds to improve data management

  • Seamless login with Single Sign-On Seamless login with Single Sign-On

    Azure SSO integration with Qualaroo lets you in automatically if users are logged in to their workplace apps/systems. After enabling single sign-on, you’ll be able to access Qualaroo feedback data from your Azure account without needing two separate sets of credentials.

  • SAML ensures robust security of data SAML ensures robust security of data

    Qualaroo offers Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication for its Azure SSO integration. This robust functionality ensures that all your feedback and users’ data is immune to security breaches from third-party apps. You can enable it in Azure AD when activating the single sign-in.

  • Use Azure AD’s cloud identity management Use Azure AD’s cloud identity management

    Qualaroo and Azure SSO integration allow you to leverage Active Directory features while collecting and managing customer feedback. With this integration, you can manage all accounts and users with access to Qualaroo in one central location - the Azure AD portal. It prevents data silos and streamlines the whole process.

  • Manage users, roles, & permissions Manage users, roles, & permissions

    You can control in Azure AD who has access to Qualaroo and its feedback insights. From the Azure AD dashboard, you can choose to manage users, external identities, devices with access to Qualaroo, app registrations, administrative units and create or delete groups for collaboration anytime.

  • Plays well with third-party enterprise apps Plays well with third-party enterprise apps

    Qualaroo Azure SSO integration is flexible when collaborating with other apps. You can add third-party enterprise apps with Qualaroo and Azure AD in a few simple steps. It ensures a collaborative work environment among different platforms, giving you the best of everything with a single account.

  • Monitor user activity from a single dashboard Monitor user activity from a single dashboard

    You only need one interactive dashboard to have a holistic view of Qualaroo users and their permissions. Azure SSO integration allows you to track user activity in Qualaroo in terms of sign-in logs, which users are active on Qualaroo, updates made, and so on.

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