Ask iOS & Android Users In-App

Get answers without emailing, interrupting or irritating

There is no better time to ask your users what they think of your app than when they are actually using it. The Nudge™ is Qualaroo’s technology for asking the right questions at the right time, without being intrusive. It’s based on years of research, key findings, and optimizations. It even learns your app to improve response rates over time. Question branching means you don’t waste users’ time and always ask the right question to the right user. Simplify creating, designing & targeting surveys with our iOS and Android Native SDK.

  • High response rates
  • High-quality, contextual feedback
  • Website, mobile, iOS & android
  • Never slows your app

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Increase Mobile App User Engagement

Reduce app abandonment & proactively engage users

Roughly one in four users abandon an app after one use. If your users stick around, 63% will visit your app less than 10 times. But apps that send in-app messages to users on their first session see higher engagement rates and lower abandonment rates. Seamless, intelligently timed and mobile optimized Nudges complement your mobile experience, not disrupt it. With Qualaroo you can proactively engage your app users and get and respond to feedback in real-time.

Improve App Ratings & Reviews

Prompt app users to leave ratings & reviews

improve mobile app ratings

Ask your app users to leave ratings and reviews to improve your rankings. Prompt users based on where visitors are in your app, who they are, how much they pay, visit history and more. Intercept negative ratings by getting private feedback and automatically direct promoters to the app store to leave positive feedback. Trigger feedback engagements as your app is being used to reveal the views of your customers. Avoid annoying users by asking the right question at the right time.

  • Prompt users for reviews
  • Target the right users at the right time
  • Intercept negative ratings
  • Get reviews by directing promoters to app store

AI-Powered Analytics & Reports

Instant feedback insights & advanced reporting

Qualaroo reporting with AI

Powered by IBM Watson, Sentiment Analysis helps you turn free-form text into organized data. Track mood metrics and keywords across all customer responses. Watson Sentiment Analysis makes analysis fast and comprehensive. Word Cloud feature instantly displays key ideas from free-form answers. Advanced reporting helps identify quick answers and take deep dives into your data for unparalleled user feedback insights.

  • Watson understands & categorizes results
  • Word Cloud for key concepts
  • View new & important answers
  • Bookmark responses
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Why People Love Qualaroo

  • Simple & Easy Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software
    download or HTML skills needed.

  • Websites, Products & Apps Websites, Products & Apps

    Install code to get user feedback on
    websites, products & mobile apps.

  • Customize & Brand Customize & Brand

    Brand your Nudges with customized
    fonts, colors, logos & more.

  • Advanced Targeting Advanced Targeting

    Ask the right users at the right time for
    unparalleled user feedback.

  • Ask Any Question Ask Any Question

    Choose from over 10 question types for
    the perfect question, every time.

  • Professional Templates Professional Templates

    Never start another survey from scratch
    with our professional templates.

  • Question/Decision Branching Question/Decision Branching

    Ask the right questions to the right users
    politely & delightfully.

  • Prototype Testing Prototype Testing

    Capture user feedback quickly and
    painlessly at every stage.

  • AI Analytics & Reports AI Analytics & Reports

    Watson Sentiment Analysis, Wordcloud &
    advanced analytics.


What is app feedback software?

App feedback software lets you collect customer and user feedback from within an app. It could be your own app developed in-house, or a third-party app that you have customized for your business. Integrating app feedback software is a great way to understand what your customers are looking for, and whether they are satisfied or not with the app's usability. Watch this quick video to know How App Feedback Software Works.

How to collect app feedback

The easiest way to collect app feedback is via app feedback software. Just place an in-app survey form that asks questions that matter at the right time to learn about the app's usability and design. With an unobtrusive survey form, you can get specific feedback while the customer is using the app. Now, you only need to filter the right data and analyze it to learn how to reduce app abandonment and increase engagement. Read this quick guide to understand How to Collect In-App Feedback.

How is app feedback different from email feedback?

The major difference is in the context of collecting customer feedback. While email feedback is sent for the customer to respond to after their visit is over, app feedback prompts the user to share their thoughts while they are within the app. To know more, check out this Comprehensive Guide to User Feedback.

How to monitor in-app feedback

In-app feedback can be monitored in real-time or later. You can use an in-app feedback software that sends notifications about received responses, filters and analyzes the feedback to extract useful information that helps you learn about user expectations. A good example is using AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis to improve user experience. Read more to understand How to Monitor In App Feedback using IBM Watson.

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