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How Power BI & Qualaroo Integration Works?

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Qualaroo Power BI integration allows you to push Qualaroo survey data into Power BI business software to visualize the feedback with charts to uncover hidden insights inside your data. You can create custom models, dashboards, charts, and reports to study every survey response.

For example, you can create a bar or pie chart to visually study the responses for your 5-star customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey.

Features & Benefits of Power BI Qualaroo integration

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits and features of Qualaroo-Power BI integration.

  • Connect Power BI with Qualaroo in minutes Connect Power BI with Qualaroo in minutes

    Integrating Power BI with Qualaroo only takes a few minutes. It only requires your API Key, API Secret, and Survey ID to set up a secure connection between the apps. Once done, you can export the feedback data instantly and start working on it.

  • Push feedback data to Power BI with a click Push feedback data to Power BI with a click

    The Qualaroo Power BI integration lets you push the response data of any survey to the Power BI dashboard so you can categorize it in any way you want. You can send details like individual responses, landing page URLs, referral sites, survey IDs, date & time, user meta-data, and more.

  • Turn raw numbers into insightful charts Turn raw numbers into insightful charts

    Power BI Qualaroo integration replaces manual feedback analysis for visual representations. You can choose between 18+ interactive charts, data cards, table relationships, and more to visualize it as you want. All the data shows up on your custom dashboard for in-depth analysis.

  • Uncover insights with detailed reports Uncover insights with detailed reports

    Slice and dice the data using filters to dig deeper into the numbers to create informative reports directly from your dashboard. Power BI Integration with Qualaroo lets you find the relation and context between different data sets to uncover hidden insights.

  • Share survey reports using Power BI Share survey reports using Power BI

    You can share the custom reports with anyone using different formats. You can export it to Excel, download it as a pdf, send it via a link, and print it out. What’s more, you can set different permissions for the recipients to ensure security.

  • Close the feedback loop quickly Close the feedback loop quickly

    Qualaroo’s inbuilt sentiment analysis engine and Power BI integration let you act on the feedback quickly. Leverage Qualaroo’s real-time free-text analysis and Power Bi’s reports to pinpoint and resolve customers’ issues to improve customer experience.

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