Ask Anything In-App, Mobile & Website

Get product feedback at the exact moment users are engaged

Solicit customer feedback while your users are engaged in your product. Gather really specific types of feedback about your product and ask pointed questions for clear, actionable data. This makes the data you obtain more valuable because it’s given in real-time. You can segment users based on pricing tiers, how long they’ve been a customer, trial or not, and more.

  • Product feedback in-app, mobile & website
  • Segment users
  • Website, mobile, iOS & Android
  • Never slows your website

User insights: simplified. Wherever you need them.

user insights on mockup
On a shared version of your mockup
get insights for a web page Your Site
Any page on your site
see insights from your competitor's site
On your competitor’s site

Nudge for Prototypes is compatible with major leaders in prototyping software.

  • marvel
  • invision
  • sketch
  • axure
  • Adobe xd cc
  • figma
  • customurl

Test Design Prototypes

Collect user insights on design & UX prototypes

Test Design Prototypes

Get input and insight on live design prototypes. Test new designs, copy, products and UX experiences. Find out what different groups think of your prototype with targeted questions. Validate your changes by sharing a new version with a portion of your community. Iterate on your solution and continuously gather feedback from relevant groups.

  • Prototype designs, copy or user experiences
  • Share prototype URL with key audiences
  • Validate changes
  • Works with InVision, AdobeXD, & more

Prevent Design Mistakes and Usability Issues Pre-Deployment
With Nudge for Prototypes

Enjoy the webinar.

Nudge for Prototypes is your tool for collecting user insights at every stage of the design process.

Compatible with major prototyping tools like InVision, Marvel, Figma, AdobeXD, Axure, and most public URLs, collect user insights seamlessly.

With its no-code implementation, you can use Nudge for Prototypes to start collecting user insights as early as possible in the design process and have confidence in your design decisions.

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Don’t Bug the Developers

Nudge for Prototypes is no-code: all you need is a URL to get started

start collecting user insights

With Qualaroo’s proprietary no-code implementation, you can use Nudge for Prototypes to start collecting user insights as early as possible in the design process and have confidence in your design decisions. Compatible with major prototyping tools like InVision, Marvel, Figma, AdobeXD, Axure, and most public URLs, collect user insights seamlessly. Ask as many questions as you want without bugging your developers.

  • No need for developers or code
  • Simply enter the URL
  • Ask as many questions as you need
  • Gain insight without interrupting developers

Get & Share Key Insights

Instant feedback insights & advanced reporting

instant ux feedback insights and advanced reporting

Powered by IBM WATSON, sentiment analysis helps you turn free-form text into organized data. Track mood metrics and keywords across all customer responses. Watson Sentiment Analysis makes analysis fast and comprehensive. Word Cloud feature instantly displays key ideas from free-form answers. Advanced reporting helps identify quick answers and take deep dives into your data for unparalleled user feedback insights.

  • Watson understands & categorizes results
  • Word Cloud for key concepts
  • View new & important answers
  • Bookmark responses

Conduct Competitor Research

Collect insights on any live website

collect user feedback for any website

With Qualaroo you can enter the URL of a competitor’s live website to gather feedback and insights. This helps you develop an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and makes it easy to build competitive content and products. Qualaroo surveys can be run on the public URL of any live site and you can add survey questions in key locations and test different concepts and ideas with your audience.

  • Ask questions about any live site design
  • Ask questions in key locations
  • Test ideas & concepts with your audience
  • Find out what works & what doesn’t

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Why People Love Qualaroo

  • Simple & Easy Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software
    download or HTML skills needed.

  • Websites, Products & Apps Websites, Products & Apps

    Install code to get user feedback on
    websites, products & mobile apps.

  • Customize & Brand Customize & Brand

    Brand your Nudges with customized
    fonts, colors, logos & more.

  • Advanced Targeting Advanced Targeting

    Ask the right users at the right time for
    unparalleled user feedback.

  • Ask Any Question Ask Any Question

    Choose from over 10 question types for
    the perfect question, every time.

  • Professional Templates Professional Templates

    Never start another survey from scratch
    with our professional templates.

  • Question/Decision Branching Question/Decision Branching

    Ask the right questions to the right users
    politely & delightfully.

  • Prototype Testing Prototype Testing

    Capture user feedback quickly &
    painlessly at every stage.

  • AI Analytics & Reports AI Analytics & Reports

    Watson Sentiment Analysis, Wordcloud &
    advanced analytics.


What is UX feedback software?

User Experience (UX) feedback software is used on your website or mobile app to record and evaluate how the users find the experience while using your product or service. With UX feedback software, you provide the website visitors and app users the opportunity to give well-timed and specific feedback. Watch this video to know What is UX Feedback Software.

Why is UX feedback important?

The more appealing your design and the smoother your product's functionality, the more likely you are to gain more and more users. It lets you collect user insights on design and UX prototypes, conduct competitor research plus prevent design mistakes & usability issues before deploying the final design. A better UX attracts more users and revenue opportunities. Watch this video to learn Why is UX Feedback Important.

How to collect UX feedback

Use simple, short, and succinct surveys. Users are most likely to give their heartfelt responses when given freeform text boxes to type into, especially after a bad experience. These negative responses can be a goldmine of insight into user behavior, as long as you target the right users at the right time. Check out this blog to know How to Collect UX Feedback Without Distracting the User Experience.

What are some good strategies to collect UX feedback?

Decide what you want to verify or find out, don't over ask, use simple & clear language, ask questions users can really answer, avoid double-barrelled & leading questions, avoid social sanctioning, use open and closed-ended questions wisely, start with general questions and end with specific ones. Learn from these In-App Feedback Strategies to Collect UX Feedback.

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Winner: Bronze Stevie, American Business Awards
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Leader: Survey & Polling Software, Crozdesk
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