How Webhooks & Qualaroo Integration Works?

With this versatile functionality, you can transfer specific data or trigger certain survey(s) when a pre-selected event occurs. Webhooks integration with Qualaroo also lets you POST responses to other tools or services that may not be directly integrated (eg. CRM, eshop, online chat). With webhooks, APIs also need only be set up once, without the necessity of calling them up repeatedly. Qualaroo can be easily integrated with webhooks. Here are the steps to set it up.

Features & Benefits of Webhooks & Qualaroo Integration

Take a look at some of the key features and benefits of this duo.
Push data to unintegrated tools Push data to unintegrated tools

Webhooks can be set up to send selective data like email IDs, user names, survey responses, and more to unintegrated tools & platforms (like Nutshell, Productboard, Autopilot, Trello, Streak, Zendesk) apart from integrated tools.

Trigger specific actions or events Trigger specific actions or events

Using these user-defined HTTP POST callbacks, you can trigger specific actions or events based on custom properties, or when Nudge™ receive certain responses. Using inline logic, you can set conditions on what happens when new responses are received to your Qualaroo Nudge™.

Set cookies or parse preferred data Set cookies or parse preferred data

Webhooks integration for survey software like ours let you set certain cookies and their corresponding actions, or parse preferred data according to your preferences. Depending upon your settings, these actions will be shown in your dashboard, which may be cloud-based for certain SaaS applications.

Capture qualified leads Capture qualified leads

You can send parsed response data to analytical or CRM tools for qualified leads. For such purposes, it is also possible to connect webhooks with other apps that support Qualaroo integration.

Designed for all skill levels Designed for all skill levels

If you need to be alerted when data changes or moves, webhooks integration for customer feedback can be used in conjunction with Qualaroo to minimize complications via automation. Webhooks reduce or eliminate the need to write code. No technical know-how is needed.

Set up once & forget Set up once & forget

Webhooks integration with Qualaroo lets you move data instantly to and from applications. This function can also send alerts that trigger certain actions automatically like making API requests to Slack or Discord (for example). This eliminates the need to call up APIs repeatedly.

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