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You don’t have to be a research expert to understand your users. Learn how people use your SaaS products with Qualaroo, the first user research tool built for UX Designers.

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What is the Qualaroo Nudge?

The Qualaroo Nudge is an easy way for UX and product teams to collect and analyze user insights. 

Customize it to your user research goals and watch the insights you need to design awesome products start rolling in.

How does the Qualaroo nudge work?

  • Set up the questions you want to ask.
  • Use the targeting tab to set custom rules around who sees your questions.
  • Design your nudge for a native, unobtrusive feel.
  • Collect user insights on your website, app, or prototype.
  • Use Qualaroo’s reporting dashboard to analyze your reports.
  • Leverage your insights to improve the user experience and design awesome products.


Where can I use the Qualaroo Nudge?

  • In your digital product 
  • In your SaaS product 
  • Inside your web app 
  • Inside your mobile app 
  • On your website 
  • On your mobile site  
  • NEW! On your prototypes via Figma, InVision, Marvel, AdobeXD, and Axure. 
  • NEW! On most public URLs. Even competitor sites. 👀

UX and product experts from leading companies use Qualaroo’s Nudge to better understand their users.

Easy steps for best insights

Step 1 Identify potential areas for improvement along the customer journey map.

Step 2

Step 2 Prototype new designs, copy, or experiences to address discovered issues.

Step 3

Step 3 Validate your changes by sharing a new version with a portion of your community and collect their input.

Step 4

Step 4 Iterate on your solution and continuously gather feedback from as many relevant groups as possible.

Advanced targeting for hyper-specific user insights.

With Qualaroo’s advanced targeting capabilities, you can target your nudge based on virtually anything you can track on site. Whether you want to tailor research questions to specific personas or only collect user insights for a particular use case, advanced targeting can help. 

Target users based on:

  • Identity 
  • Whitelist or blacklist by identity/IP address
  • Cookie value 
  • Geographic location
  • Behavioral triggers:
    • Time-on page 
    • Page scroll
    • Button click 
    • Exit Intent
  • Custom properties – if you can track at on-site, you can target your Nudge by it.

Nudge for Prototypes: Prevent Design Mistakes and Usability Issues 

Nudge for Prototypes is the easy, no-code way to collect user insights on your prototypes.

Get key insights from users and stakeholders early on in the design process that can help save you time and money in fixing issues after they’re deployed.

Compatible with leading mockup software like InVision, Figma, AdobeXD, Axure, and Marvel. And even on custom URLs!

Qualaroo is the only feedback tool offering Sentiment Analysis, powered by IBM Watson.

We’ve partnered with IBM because collecting user feedback is only half the battle. Once you have input from the right users, it’s time to make sense of it all. With Sentiment Analysis, you’ll get a snapshot of how users feel and get to work improving their experience in no time. 

  • Visualization for easy to digest results 
  • Qualitative feedback summary with Word Cloud
  • Save time by understanding feedback without digging through responses
  • Filter responses by sentiment and emotion to pinpoint action (coming soon!)
Illustration of the Qualaroo reporting dashboard.

Better understand your mobile users’ patterns with Qualaroo’s mobile SDK

Target mobile users to collect relevant feedback and improve your users’ cross-channel experience.

  • Functionality customized to in-app experience
  • Leverage user data to ask personalized questions for higher engagement 
  • Achieve (and maintain) a 5-star app experience

Download and check this out:

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Powering user experience insights
around the world.

have delivered insights
via Qualaroo
of Qualaroo questions
Qualaroo collects more insights
than the number of burgers McDonald’s makes daily.



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Ask the right question, to the right person, at the right time.


Collect insights from your users in a seamless way thanks to our native in-product nudge.


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Go beyond the WHAT of user insights and learn the WHY behind them.

Qualaroo allows us to connect with our customers’ questions directly and almost effortlessly…. In less than 5 minutes, teams can go from having almost entirely opinion-backed ideas to having ones that are data-backed by targeted customer feedback.

Laura Schaffer
Product Manager for Twilio’s
Experimentation Platform

We’ve used Qualaroo to ask students to rate the quality of these machine translated captions and provide suggestions for improvement. From the responses, we’ve been able to make product optimizations that improve the caption editing capabilities for instructors.

Claire Menke
Director of UX Research for Udemy

Marketing Earth Class Mail depends on understanding how customers are actually using our product. We need to align how we think they’re using it with the reality.

Matthew Goldman
Director of Marketing at Earth Class Mail

The Qualaroo team has years of collective experience in user feedback and can help you capture insights that matter – at scale.

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