Good companies know what customers are doing.
GREAT companies know why.


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Uncover surprising new insights across the entire customer journey

From the moment a user visits your website or app, start capturing key insights through realtime feedback, intelligent reporting and in-depth analysis.

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    Why are you visiting
    our website today?

  • 2


    What can we do help
    you make a purchase?

  • 3


    Why are you interested
    in this feature?

  • 4


    How likely are you to recommend
    our product/service?

Qualaroo starts with

full content awareness:

Typical survey providers go straight into questions void of context. But context is where Qualaroo shines, targeting your customers based off of specific actions, behavior patterns, events, locations, browser cookies, or data streamed from your applications.

Live example

You’ve been on our site for
369 seconds.

Ensuring that you ask just the

right questions at the right time

The Nudge is Qualaroo’s technology for asking just the right questions—without being intrusive. It’s based on years of research, key findings, and optimizations and it even learns your site to improve response rates over time.

Are you struggling to find what you need?

I am so frustrated with how hard it is to find pricing information! Where are the plan levels?

And delight customers with

thoughtful real-time responses

Put customer responses immediately to work by branching surveys, triggering actions, alerting agents, or delivering customized content. In fact, there’s so much you can do with Qualaroo’s response engine we created a whole page about it.

We can help you find pricing information:

  • Pricing information Page
  • Chat with a sales representive
  • I need something else

Now turn your answers into actions

Use customer input to drive your product roadmap and revenue impacting change for your company.


Automated insights

Powered by IBM Watson,
Qualaroo’s sentiment analysis
helps you turn free-form text
into organized data, tracking
mood metrics and keywords
across all customer responses.

Meeting ready REPORTS

Share findings quickly and
easily across the organizaiton
with clear and powerful online


Take your data anywhere

Export to a variety of open formats or pull data
programmatically via API.

The Qualaroo team has years of collective experience in decision
analysis and can help you design and implement questions that get the
exact feedback you are looking for.