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How Optimizely & Qualaroo Integration Works?

Optimizely’s experimentation platform imparts data-driven confidence to the results of Qualaroo’s in-context surveys. Get actionable insights by comparing the performances of different variations of web page elements, content, question order and wording among many other testable factors.

Combine our proprietary Qualaroo Nudge™ technology with the versatile Optimizely experiments to drive up click-throughs, increase conversion rates, grow customer acquisitions, and try out new strategies before committing to them on a large scale.

Features & Benefits of optimizely & Qualaroo Integration

Let customer feedback data decide which version works best

  • Target surveys to a specific Optimizely variation Target surveys to a specific Optimizely variation

    Using the integration of Optimizely with Qualaroo, you can target a survey to specific visitors who are assigned to a particular variation of an Optimizely experiment. This easy guide explains how to set it up by taking advantage of Qualaroo’s advanced targeting options. Pro-tip: use variation names without spaces to ensure that both systems behave correctly together, for example, Variation_One instead of Variation One.

  • Use Optimizely to A/B test Qualaroo surveys Use Optimizely to A/B test Qualaroo surveys

    We at Qualaroo pay heed to our customers for improving our services. Many of our customers expressed their interest in A/B testing surveys against each other to find the wording and order of questions that got the highest quality responses. We heard them! Now you can use Optimizely to run such experiments. Simply create an experiment in Optimizely with two variations and configure two surveys on the same page. Target each survey to a different variation, and you’re done!

  • Improve conversion rates without bugging developers Improve conversion rates without bugging developers

    The integration of Optimizely with Qualaroo allows you to run experiments on many aspects like call to action (CTA) buttons’ text, sidebar functionality, webpage layout, content, visual style and lead-generation sources, to name but a few. Our unobtrusive Nudge™ are an integral part of Optimizely integration for customer feedback so that you need minimal developer assistance. Go ahead and try out variations to distil the one that results in the highest conversion rate!

  • Bridge gaps in understanding about visitor needs Bridge gaps in understanding about visitor needs

    Both A/B testing and multivariate testing are helpful in plugging the gaps in your knowledge about what your prospects need when they come around to your website. Optimizely and Qualaroo Nudge™ work in sync through integration so that you can ask the right question to the right visitor at the right time. The in-context feedback you receive goes a long way in fulfilling your customers' expectations.

  • Understand the why behind visitor behavior Understand the "why" behind visitor behavior

    Suppose you run multiple variations of a survey on a landing page for the trial of your product, and a certain variation results in a better conversion rate. Knowing ‘why’ by asking follow-up questions to the visitors who saw the better-performing variation makes it easier to evolve that winning variation further. This is especially true when the difference between variations is not drastic.

  • Personalize user experience using their response Personalize user experience using their response

    Different visitors want different things from your website. For example, first-time visitors will spend more time on the home page, view the ‘details’ and ‘how-to’ pages, and hopefully result in fewer bounces than visitors funneled through by paid (social media) campaigns. So, you can show them different variations depending upon their source. Further, returning visitors can be presented with options to go straight to their last opened pages. When users feel you understand their intentions, conversion rates are sure to increase!

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