About Us

Qualaroo helps companies identify and capitalize on web visitor revenue opportunities. Our solutions are customizable and adaptive to offer visitors the best possible engagement experience whether they access through a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

We are a team of marketers and engineers who found it surprising that marketers rarely understand the unique needs, intentions and frustrations of visitors to their website. We believe that by better serving the needs of existing website visitors, marketers can gain the power to unlock enormous and untapped revenue growth in their businesses.

Qualaroo makes it possible to intelligently target interactions by time on page, pages visited, number of site visits, referring source, or any internal data. These interactions can be used to gather insights about visitors, address their unique needs in real time, and ultimately turn them into valuable customers—all through a short snippet of code.

Qualaroo started as a humble group seeking fundamental customer insights. We wanted to know our customers and have the power to ask. Since then we’ve built out a well-oiled machine with leading functionality to boost conversion, bolster customer feedback loops, and inspire real-time customer interactions. We’re continuing on that mission of delivering the cutting edge in qualitative insights to our customers to fuel their growth. Analytics tells you what people are doing, Qualaroo tells you why.

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