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Ask In-App, Mobile & Website

Get product feedback at the exact moment users are engaged

Solicit customer feedback while your users are engaged in your product. Gather really specific types of feedback about your product and ask pointed questions for clear, actionable data. This makes the data you obtain more valuable because it’s given in real-time. You can segment users based on pricing tiers, how long they’ve been a customer, trial or not, and more.

We can act on results immediately now

“We needed a way to listen to our customers in real-time and react to their feedback based on their feelings of what happens on the site... Since surveys are part of the discovery agile process, we can act on results immediately and get benchmark numbers in a short time.”

- Sax Cucavara, Strategy and Analytics Manager, eBay

Target Specific Product Users

Capture insights from users at specific touchpoints

A product feedback survey collects Voice of Customer feedback from users. In-product surveys are 10x more valuable than other surveys because they get feedback from users in your product while they are actually using it. Ask the right question at the right time with advanced targeting using Nudge technology. Target users by page, visit length or depth, visit number, activity, and more.

  • What's one feature we can add that would make our product indispensable for you?
  • Of these three/four options, what's the next thing you think we should build?
  • How often do you use this feature?
  • How would you feel if we discontinued this feature?
  • What's the next feature we should build?
  • How disappointed would you be if you could no longer use [Product/feature name?]

Grow Sales & Improve Conversion

Conversion is higher when you know what your users need
grow sales and conversion using product feedback survey software

Understand your customers better with intelligent question branching that lets you drill down on their needs. Find out what kept a user from completing a purchase, what users are actually looking for on a high bounce-rate page, and more. Uncover user intent in real-time with page-level feedback from within the conversion funnel that can be mapped and tied to user behavior in your analytics.

  • tick Qualaroo Get page-level feedback
  • tick Qualaroo Understand customer intent
  • tick Qualaroo Uncover roadblocks
  • tick Qualaroo Ask the right question at the right time


  • Every point of individual feedback enables us to take action.
    Having ongoing consumer input and feedback is paramount. Today I might ask them for feedback on the new site experience, tomorrow I want to talk about what the customer is searching for and days later I can ask how their ordering experience was. That variety and the quick pulses help us enormously.
    Ajantha Suriyanarayanan
    Ajantha Suriyanarayanan,

    Director of Consumer Insights for Art.com

  • Using Qualaroo we got to hear feedback from our visitors in their voice.
    We used the data to develop and completely redesign our branded landing page and validate our hypotheses. Qualaroo gave us a 16% lift in conversion at 98% statistical significance.
    Jaxon Lam
    Jaxon Lam,

    Senior Strategist at Web Growth, Hootsuite Media Inc.

  • Qualaroo's simplicity made it a top choice for us
    To expand to an ever-evolving market like Twilio’s, you need to work quickly to stay in tune with the challenges customers face – both the ones they face today and the ones they will face tomorrow. Customer discovery efforts are critical. How do you best put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and do so in a way that is efficient and easy to do at all stages of product development?
    Laura Schaffer
    Laura Schaffer

    Product Manager for Twilio’s Experimentation Platform

AI Uncovers Problems & Opportunities

AI-Powered analytics enable fast and actionable insights
AI-Powered analytics

Powered by IBM WATSON, sentiment analysis helps you turn free-form text into organized data. Track mood metrics and keywords across all customer responses. Watson Sentiment Analysis makes analysis fast and comprehensive. Word Cloud feature instantly displays key ideas from free-form answers. Advanced reporting helps identify quick answers and take deep dives into your data for unparalleled user feedback insights.

  • tick Qualaroo Watson understands & categorizes results
  • tick Qualaroo Word Cloud for key concepts
  • tick Qualaroo View new & important answers
  • tick Qualaroo Bookmark responses

Install Once, Never Slows Your App or Page

Get the responses you need without impacting speed & performance
easy to install product feedback tool

Once you’ve added Qualaroo code to your site, you can ask a new question any time without having to bother your developer. The code is simple and it’s asynchronous, so it won’t slow down your site. You may find it addictive, asking questions and getting real answers instead of just wondering and guessing about what your customers really think.

  • tick Qualaroo Install once. Ask whenever.
  • tick Qualaroo Asynchronous code won’t slow site
  • tick Qualaroo Supports http & https
  • tick Qualaroo Survey without developer assistance

Qualaroo is trusted by leading brands

Simple & Easy
Simple & Easy

For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

Websites, Products & Apps
Websites, Products & Apps

Install code to get user feedback on websites, products & mobile apps.

Customize & Brand
Customize & Brand

Brand your Nudges with customized fonts, colors, logos & more.

Advanced Targeting
Advanced Targeting

Ask the right users at the right time for unparalleled user feedback.

Ask Any Question
Ask Any Question

Choose from over 10 question types for the perfect question, every time.

Professional Templates
Professional Templates

Never start another survey from scratch with our professional templates.

Question/Decision Branching
Question/Decision Branching

Ask the right questions to the right users politely & delightfully.

Prototype Testing
Prototype Testing

Capture user feedback quickly and painlessly at every stage.

AI Analytics & Reports
AI Analytics & Reports

Watson Sentiment Analysis, Wordcloud & advanced analytics.


What is product feedback software?

A product feedback survey collects responses from users about their experience of using your product. Product feedback software lets you ask insightful questions, collects the feedback, and analyzes the responses to extract actionable insights for better product development. Check out this comprehensive Feedback Survey Question Guide For Product Owners.

How to collect product feedback

Long form-based surveys, short in-app surveys, transactional emails, Net Promoter Score Surveys, suggestion boards, and phone calls are common ways to collect product feedback. A product feedback software that lets you ask the right question to the right user while targeting them by page, visit length or depth, visit number, activity, and more factors is one of the best tools to get insightful feedback. Here's How to Collect Product Feedback Using Great Survey Questions.

Why is product feedback important?

To develop or improve products, measure customer satisfaction, create a better user experience, retain customers, and let them know their opinion is valuable. You may have the best idea and design in your mind and a great product already out in the market, but only your users can tell whether it works in the real world. That is why product feedback is so important for product roadmap development. To improve your product constantly with customer feedback, read Why Is Product Feedback Important.

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