How SessionCam & Qualaroo Integration Works?

Integrate SessionCam with Qualaroo to analyze customer communication on your website and automatically recognize potential barriers to conversion. SessionCam offers a wide variety of tools, ranging from the capability to identify where a customer struggles on your website through session replay and heat maps and provides suggestions that automatically recognize the highest value problems that need to be optimized.

SessionCam Integration with Qualaroo lets businesses link SessionCam sessions and recordings with Qualaroo responses. All this data is then stored as a Custom Property called “SessionCam Session” with the hyperlink to that session attached so that businesses can replay and see what exactly the website visitors did before responding to the online survey.

This offers you a complete picture of the customer’s overall website experience and gives you a clearer idea of what exactly your customers are struggling with.

All this adds more context to the collected customer feedback and helps increase conversion rate. Keeping track of user feedback and connecting it to a particular website experience was never that simple.

Features & Benefits of sessioncam & Qualaroo Integration

Follow along your customers’ journeys to empathize with them
Complete Session Recording Complete Session Recording

Tracking your customer's move from start to finish is pretty easy with SessionCam Integration as session playback. It is one of the best ways to know what is working and what isn't and implement changes accordingly.

Custom Customer Attributes Custom Customer Attributes

Adding custom data to session recordings opens up completely new ways to look for and evaluate recorded sessions. Getting all your insights related questions answered is fairly simple with custom variables in SessionCam.

JavaScript API & Console JavaScript API & Console

Use the SessionCam JavaScript API to combine your application-oriented information into the customer sessions that SessionCam automatically records. Look for custom events and record custom insights that let you sort sessions.

Relive Complete User Experience Relive Complete User Experience

Follow the steps taken by the website visitor while leaving their valuable feedback about your app or website, counting every tap, scroll, screen component interaction. And make use of customer engagement statistics to enhance users' digital experience, which will keep them coming back for more.

Acquire Feedback Context Acquire Feedback Context

Distinguish the points at which the visitor hesitated, felt puzzled, or left without getting what they were searching for. What exactly pleased their eye, and what disappointed them to the point of no return? Fix customer issues and delight them.

Boost Conversion Rates Boost Conversion Rates

Get to recognize the typical user journey and take advantage of the insights you get with SessionCam + Qualaroo integration. Direct your customer experience in a better manner and increase conversion rates with enhanced user guidance.

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