How Does HubSpot & Qualaroo Integration Work?

Qualaroo’s integration with HubSpot helps you create a streamlined feedback loop with Qualaroo’s in-depth user insights and HubSpot management capability. The integration organizes survey feedback by saving Qualaroo events as contacts in HubSpot.

It enables you to push visitor feedback from lead generation forms as contacts and also create or update your contacts based on the events. The integration increases sales opportunities and facilitates closing deals or creating new ones in HubSpot.

Features & Benefits of Qualaroo & HubSpot Integration

Code-free & easy setup Code-free & easy setup

HubSpot integration for customer feedback is effortless to do without requiring assistance from developers. Qualaroo offers a code-free integration experience and needs only a few simple steps. You can start using HubSpot’s incredible features within minutes to streamline feedback management and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Push visitor feedback as contacts Push visitor feedback as contacts

Your overwhelming lead generation data has never been easier to manage. With the Qualaroo integration, you can transfer the data from email lists and other forms to HubSpot as contacts. Track activities related to each contact, from the number of responses they gave to the path they followed in the survey branching. It helps obtain valuable insights from lead-generation-forms-turned contacts.

Trigger follow-up emails based on surveys Trigger follow-up emails based on surveys

Hubspot integration for surveys allows you to trigger follow-up emails based on NPS and customer satisfaction survey scores and alert account managers when a customer responds with positive or concerning feedback. This extra step in ensuring the quality of customer experience goes a long way.

Segment contacts based on events Segment contacts based on events

You can create new contacts for new leads or update the existing ones with the latest relevant data (i.e., survey responses, user behavior, and interactions with the company). Qualaroo integration with HubSpot also helps you segment contacts based on the survey responses and other events in Qualaroo to take focused actions.

Close a deal or create a new one in HubSpot Close a deal or create a new one in HubSpot

Record all activities related to customer contacts and mark a deal closed-won or closed-lost along with the feedback recorded from surveys and user behavior - all in one place. You can prevent data silos and derive hidden insights with a compiled set of data that’s easy to analyze with all concerned factors.

Analyze feedback data in HubSpot for in-depth insights Analyze feedback data in HubSpot for in-depth insights

Hubspot integration for customer feedback with Qualaroo helps explore avenues to link the puzzle pieces of the survey feedback with other customer data and reveal unanticipated insights. Allowing to record lead generation data, survey responses, and customer journey empowers companies to re-evaluate the strategies and improve the customer experience.

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