How Does Slack & Qualaroo Integration Work?

How Does Slack & Qualaroo Integration Work?

Slack app integration with Qualaroo is a powerful tool combo that dismantles data silos and streamlines feedback in your organization.

The Slack custom integration automates sharing of survey responses to specific channels. It lets you get notifications whenever you receive new responses or launch new surveys and act on the feedback in real-time.

Your customer data from responses is also saved automatically in Slack for easy data management.

Features & Benefits of Slack Integration with Qualaroo

Collaborate on real-time insights with your team
Get Notified of New Responses on Slack

Enable workflow configuration to send feedback from specific surveys to dedicated Slack channels. Eliminate manual feedback sharing by categorizing responses and automatically sending them to respective channels.

Send Survey Responses as Direct Messages to Slack Users

Slack integration with Qualaroo empowers you to send responses as direct messages privately to Slack users. This helps your teams address feedback, reduce customer churn, and identify new feature opportunities. You can also share the pages from which you receive the survey responses and collect customer data from cookies.

Share Customer Sentiment Analysis as Reports

Generate shareable links to Sentiment Analysis reports and send them to Slack. The insights from the reports will help you put meaning to the feedback and brainstorm ideas & solutions.

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