Nudge for Prototypes

Capture user insights quickly and painlessly at every stage of the design process.
Design products people love.

  • Verify design decisions at the prototyping phase
    Collect user insights on staging pr prototype URLs via InVision, AdobeXD, and more.

  • Collect user insights without bugging a developer
    Nudge for Prototypes is no-code: all you need is a URL to get started!

  • Share key insights via meeting-ready reports
    Qualaroo’s reporting dashboard will summarize your key insights with word clouds and other visualizations

  • Conduct competitor research easily
    Enter the (public) URL of a competitor’s website and collect insights from stakeholders and user testers.

Want to see Nudge for Prototypes in action?

User insights: simplified.
Wherever you need them.

On a shared version of your mockup

Any page on your site

On your competitor’s site

Nudge for Prototypes is compatible with major leaders in prototyping software.