One-Stop Solution for All Your Survey Needs

Create surveys in a breeze

Our easy-to-use free survey tool can cater to all your survey needs. Measure Key business metrics such as NPS, CES, CSAT, service ratings, and more with a single online survey tool. Collect actionable insights for CX optimization, marketing data for competitive research, and voice of customers for exceeding their expectations at every stage of the customer journey.

Personalize your surveys with question branching and branding options to collect focused feedback. Whether you are professional or new to surveys, Qualaroo suits everyone.

  • tick Qualaroo Create NPS, CSAT, CES, usability test surveys, marketing surveys, and others easily.
  • tick Qualaroo Collect in-context and personalized customer feedback.
  • tick Qualaroo Ask targeted questions to do marketing research.
  • tick Qualaroo Explore new product opportunities with online surveys.
  • tick Qualaroo Question users' exit-intent with exit surveys to uncover customer issues and aversions.

Designed to Minimize Effort & Maximize ROI

Easy-to-use online survey software to create surveys in minutes

Qualaroo is a saas-based online survey creator that is designed to streamline the flow of your survey strategy. From creating the surveys to analyzing the data, it provides extensive features so you can manage your campaigns under a single screen. With features like pre-built templates, 10+ question types, advanced targeting options, customizable design, intelligent data mining, and multi-channel support, it lets you connect with your customers at the right time to ask the right questions. Work faster and more efficiently without compromising the quality of your online surveys to produce tangible results.

Build Your Surveys in 4 Quick Guided Steps

Qualaroo’s flexible free survey creator guides you through every step to design and deploy the survey in minutes.

  • tick Qualaroo Add questions - Use the pre-built templates or design from scratch.
  • tick Qualaroo Personalize the survey - Use skip-logic to personalize the survey.
  • tick Qualaroo Choose target audience - Target behavior, intent, demographics, and psychographics.
  • tick Qualaroo Customize the design & deploy - Choose a design that suits your product or website theme and deploy.
Determine your goal
Data Analysis Made Easier With AI

Data analysis is one of the most challenging parts of survey feedback. Use our online survey software to utilize AI and make data mining simple.

  • tick Qualaroo Auto-calculate NPS scores and monitor them over time using charts.
  • tick Qualaroo Offers native integration with IBM Watson - AI-based sentiment analysis tool.
  • tick Qualaroo Categorize open-text responses into user moods, such as happy, sad, angry, etc.
  • tick Qualaroo Integrated Word Cloud to show what your respondents are talking about the most.
Figure out your CTA
Manage Surveys & Data Under One Screen

Survey data management made easier with Qualaroo online survey software.

  • tick Qualaroo Keep all your survey data and reports under one screen.
  • tick Qualaroo Study the reports separately or merge them as required.
  • tick Qualaroo Slice your report data using filters to get nuanced insights.
  • tick Qualaroo Export the reports with a click.
Create a beautiful design

One Survey Software to Drive Multiple Decisions

Make data-backed decisions with our free online survey creator
One Survey Software to Drive Multiple Decisions

Let facts lead your decisions to keep you on track towards progress. Qualaroo provides survey solutions for everyone so you can collect desired data points. It is designed to suit multiple teams such as designing, marketing, testing, development, and human resources. Ask the right questions to get the correct answers to your requirements.

Deploy Surveys On Multiple Channels and Platforms

Leave no stones unturned - reach out to your users wherever they are

Creating an omnichannel experience means eliminating friction points to render a seamless experience when the users switch channels while interacting with your business. With Qualaroo, you don't need to use separate survey software to target audiences on various channels. Our online survey software lets you deploy surveys on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Ask users questions while they interact with your website, digital product, or app. Once Qualaroo is installed, you can enable surveys for any visitor, customer journey touchpoint, or part of your website via your dashboard without developers' help.

Website Survey Nudges™
Product Survey Nudges™
Survey Nudges™ for Prototype
Mobile Web Survey Nudges™

Advanced User Targeting Options

Ask the right audience to collect the right survey feedback

The best survey software is the one that lets you survey the right audience. Asking the questions to the wrong people will produce inconsistent results and may lead to you looking at all the wrong places.

Qualaroo online survey software provides advanced targeting options to show your surveys to the desired audience without annoying the others.

Set very precise parameters to target specific visitor behaviors (such as only high-paying customers) or leave them broad to collect customer feedback from a wide demographic.

Target the right pages

Add surveys to desired pages of your website, product, and app.

Target behavior

Show surveys to existing visitors, visitors on specific pages or from particular sources, etc.

Target Demographic

Survey visitors from specific locations, browsers, IP addresses, cookies, and more.

Target customer types

Add surveys for guests, logged-in users, and new or returning visitors.

Target desired traffic sources

Show surveys to visitors coming from specific referring domains.

IBM Watson - Leverage the AI to Analyze Data Faster

Turn responses into insights with the AI-powered sentiment analysis technology
IBM Watson - Leverage the AI to Analyze Data Faster

Free text responses are hard to interpret and analyze. It takes time to extract meaningful feedback from open-text answers. That is why Qualaroo provides native integration with the powerful AI- sentiment analysis engine - IBM Watson. It is built to seamlessly work with our online survey software so you can focus on closing the feedback loop with faster data mining.

  • tick Qualaroo Track mood metrics to turn words into emotions with sentiment analysis
  • tick Qualaroo Close the feedback loop quicker
  • tick Qualaroo Extract key phrases and words from responses using Word Cloud
  • tick Qualaroo Automatically categorize and track NPS survey scores over time

Connect With Your Favorite Apps Seamlessly

Integrate Qualatoo with any of your tools to automate workflows between them. Connect different apps with your online survey tool to maintain data consistency and reduce manual work.

  • Intercom With our time tracking help desk software, easily view the time spent on each ticket at a glance.
  • SessionCam Access all help desk features from any part of the world using PC, tablet, or mobile.
  • Optimizely Easily set the priority of a ticket as ‘High’, ‘Low’, or ‘Normal’ and plan your day effectively.
  • Tealium Give all your outgoing emails a professional touch with customizable email signatures.
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Take Control - Code, Customize & Grow

Design your own survey rules with custom programming

Take control of the survey software and redefine it to your needs. With the ability to custom code your way to every aspect of the survey design, deployment, and reporting, you can use Qualaroo to collect the information you need from your desired audience.

The custom coding flexibility of Qualaroo online survey software lets you make changes to the design UI with the Design API’s help to overwrite the CSS with your own. You can also set new targeting options using custom properties to further enhance audience segmentation for your surveys.

But it does not end here; our online survey tool also lets you add custom user properties to surveys, collect desired visitor information, and push it to the reporting section.

Take Control - Code, Customize & Grow
Create your own design with Design API

Add your own CSS to Qualaroo to design the survey layout and UI interface.

Refine user targeting with custom properties

Add new targeting options by setting custom properties in surveys with custom coding.

Collect nuanced user details by adding custom user properties

Set custom user properties to collect respondents’ information such as IP address, account type, user Id, plan, MRR, etc.

Why Choose Qualaroo?

Because you want the best online survey software at your disposal

Qualaroo isn’t just an online survey software. It is an advanced saas-based voice of customer tool. The all-in-one feedback manager lets you design, test, analyze, and track customers’ preferences and expectations to improve your website, product, and app.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Flexible design. No coding required. Create surveys in a few minutes

Multilingual Support
Multilingual Support

Add language translations to break lingual barriers. Over 50+ languages supported

Advanced Audience Targeting
Advanced Audience Targeting

Survey the right audience at the right moments

In-Depth Data Analysis & Reporting
In-Depth Data Analysis & Reporting

Use the comprehensive reporting section and AI-based analytical tool

Skip Logic
Skip Logic

Show surveys to visitors coming from specific referring domains.

Design Customization
Design Customization

Flexible design customization and branding options

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

Mobile responsive survey design

Prototype Testing
Prototype Testing

Embed surveys in design templates to gather quick, organized feedback

Pre-Built Templates
Pre-Built Templates

Readymade templates create surveys quickly

Easy Integrations
Easy Integrations

Seamless data sharing to your enterprise tools

10+ Question Types
10+ Question Types

Supports different response types to extract in-context and focused feedback

Multi-Channel Surveys
Multi-Channel Surveys

Target multiple touchpoints simultaneously for the best omnichannel experience

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  • Every point of individual feedback enables us to take action.
    Having ongoing consumer input and feedback is paramount. Today I might ask them for feedback on the new site experience, tomorrow I want to talk about what the customer is searching for and days later I can ask how their ordering experience was. That variety and the quick pulses help us enormously.
    Ajantha Suriyanarayanan
    Ajantha Suriyanarayanan,

    Director of Consumer Insights for Art.com

  • Using Qualaroo we got to hear feedback from our visitors in their voice.
    We used the data to develop and completely redesign our branded landing page and validate our hypotheses. Qualaroo gave us a 16% lift in conversion at 98% statistical significance.
    Jaxon Lam
    Jaxon Lam,

    Senior Strategist at Web Growth, Hootsuite Media Inc.

  • Qualaroo's simplicity made it a top choice for us
    To expand to an ever-evolving market like Twilio’s, you need to work quickly to stay in tune with the challenges customers face – both the ones they face today and the ones they will face tomorrow. Customer discovery efforts are critical. How do you best put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and do so in a way that is efficient and easy to do at all stages of product development?
    Laura Schaffer
    Laura Schaffer

    Product Manager for Twilio’s Experimentation Platform


What is online survey software?

An internet-connected software that helps to create surveys, serve them to selected or random respondents (depending upon the purpose of the survey), collect and sort the responses, and analyze them is termed an online survey software.

Why do you need online survey software?

Barring very few surveys that need a small number of responses for the purposes of research, most surveys aim to gather large numbers of responses. Manually delivering the surveys and collating the responses is tedious and resource-intensive. That is why online survey software is very important for businesses who want to be efficient.

How does online survey software work?

Online survey software leverages technology to create surveys quickly (and this process is even faster if questionnaires are developed from templates), pushes them out to the target group of respondents through the internet, collects and stores their responses, and puts the responses through its analysis software, feature or tool for insights.

What are the benefits of online survey software?

Online survey software provides actionable insights from customer responses to relevant survey questions. From broad customer satisfaction measurement to specific problem identification and solving, online survey software makes the process automated - and therefore, fast, efficient and light on resources, thus boosting business's bottom lines.

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