How Does FullStory & Qualaroo Integration Work?


Integrating FullStory with Qualaroo allows you to visualize every aspect of the user experience on your website and easily identify pain points.

FullStory captures every click, scroll, page transition, and much more in the form of sessions to help you contextualize user feedback by pairing them with Qualaroo responses. You can replay these sessions to see what your users did before responding to your survey.

With Qualaroo & FullStory integration, you can get a complete picture of a user’s journey on your website, discover the exact moment where they encountered a problem, and increase conversions.

Features & Benefits of FullStory & Qualaroo Integration

Pair FullStory replay sessions with Qualaroo responses

Passing on your feedback data from Qualaroo to FullStory is super-easy. Combine your FullStory replay sessions with Qualaroo responses to know more about your customer’s in-app experience.

Add more context to feedback with session recordings

Qualaroo FullStory integration paints a complete picture of your customer’s journey from start to finish. Pair session recordings with feedback to contextualize your data points and track user behavior

Uncover reasons why they abandoned their cart

Capture everything including clicks, scrolls, and page transitions, to know what your customers did before abandoning their cart. Pinpoint exact problem areas and make necessary changes to improve the finer aspects of user experience and improve conversions.

Easily Uncover What Your Users Think

Qualaroo is the world’s top user research & feedback survey tool