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What Is Salesforce & Qualaroo Integration & How it Works?

Using Salesforce integration with Qualaroo, you can combine the best CRM & survey feedback management tools to streamline your marketing process. It offers two-way functionality to automate workflows across both apps. Qualaroo Salesforce integration allows you to assign trigger events in one app to automate actions in the other app.

For example, you can automatically push lead and survey data into Salesforce when a respondent submits a Qualaroo survey. On the other hand, you can set the trigger to send automated surveys through Qualaroo when a record is created in Salesforce.

The setup takes only a few minutes.

Features & Benefits of Salesforce & Qualaroo Integration

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits and features of Qualaroo-Salesforce integration.

  • Record Qualaroo survey responses as events in Google Analytics Automate Dataflows to Work Faster

    Salesforce Qualaroo integration enables two-way functionality to help increase efficiency by reducing manual work. You can set trigger events and automate actions across both apps to save your time and efforts.

  • Track visitor data to create accurate surveys Add New Leads to Salesforce

    By assigning proper trigger events, you can push leads into Salesforce automatically. Whenever a survey receives a response in Qualaroo, a new record is created in Salesforce, and the survey data such as name, contact, and feedback is sent into that record.

  • Segment visitors based on traffic source & behavior Update Records in Salesforce

    In addition to creating a new record, you can also update the survey data in an existing specified Salesforce object such as lead, record, opportunity, etc. It relieves you of tedious manual tracking and data updation process.

  • Augment quantitative & qualitative insights Activate Surveys Automatically in Qualaroo

    Qualaroo Salesforce integration lets you send automatic surveys to your Salesforce records from Qualaroo. You can easily set a trigger event to automatically activate a survey whenever you create or update a record/lead in Salesforce.

  • Procure feedback insights with effortless reporting Easy to Integrate & Use

    Connecting Salesforce with Qualaroo takes only a few minutes. Once done, the set trigger events start working immediately to form a seamless bridge to automate the workflows.

  • Gauge in-depth information from multiple channels Maintain Data Consistency Across the Apps

    Store the feedback data and records under one screen to maximize retargeting and lead qualification. Gather information about your leads’ opinions, pains, and expectations using their survey feedback. It gives you the perfect vantage point to prepare the next steps to convert the leads into customers.

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