What Is Tealium & Qualaroo Integration & How it Works?

Tealium analyses consumer data to aid companies in connecting better with their customers. Tealium iQ has native support for Qualaroo, as Tealium integration with Qualaroo is wizard-driven. The integration is essential to take better advantage of consumer data obtained through surveys.

Trigger Qualaroo Nudges™ through JavaScript code snippets that let you set custom properties and create your own load rules. This is handy for targeting the exact kind of user from whom you want feedback. Connect the data points from the feedback survey to your platform or destination of choice with Tealium iQ’s data-mapping.

Take a look at the simple one-step process to push data from Tealium to Qualaroo.

Features & Benefits of Tealium & Qualaroo Integration

Trigger Nudge™ when & where you want Trigger Nudges™ when & where you want

Determine when & where to trigger Nudges™ for collecting feedback by creating custom load rules. Target users for feedback by asking the right questions at the right time. Qualaroo gets you actionable insights based on customer data. Tealium integration with Qualaroo increases the value of consumer data further.

Target customers better Target customers better

Set custom properties or assign custom values to variables for accurate targeting of prospects. Well-researched values and properties let you select certain types of users for collecting user feedback. Reduce wastage of time and effort spent in identifying relevant user feedback by assigning researched values to targeting variables.

Control data points sharing completely Control data points sharing completely

Take complete control over the sharing of data points with the data-mapping feature of Qualaroo integration with Tealium iQ. JavaScript code snippets can be easily created and passed between the two software platforms. Track any data point movement from origin to source.

Optimize connectors for your chosen platforms Optimize connectors for your chosen platforms

Optimize connectors to receive specific event attributes for select platforms. For example, data points generated by the Tealium integration for customer feedback on a mobile will have a ‘screen_name’ event attribute that identifies the characteristics of the viewer’s screen so that those segmented data points can be sorted under ‘mobile viewers.’

Send data directly from source client or device Send data directly from source client or device

Send data to the desired vendor or service directly from the client or device where the data originates using device-based delivery. Tealium integration for survey with Qualaroo makes it possible to identify and set direct connections between the source of the data points and their destinations. With such accurately segmented feedback, you get a clearer picture of customer behavior.

Get event attributes from web browsers Get event attributes from web browsers

Data points of customer feedback originating from web browsers go to their assigned connectors. The standard event attributes that these connectors receive, such as current_url, referring_url, page_name, page_category, and others, are analyzed for actionable insights.

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