Make your questions yours.

Create a native feel with tailor-made design.

  • Color match your company palette
  • Add your logo and custom text
  • Suppress Qualaroo branding
  • Select the best position of the Nudge
  • Design API


IBM Watson

Sentiment Analysis understands and categorizes question results for you.


Instantly understand key ideas from free-form answers.

New responses highlighted

Easily identify your newest and most pressing answers.

Mark responses as favorites

Bookmark important responses to easily revisit and filter by.

Ask iOS & Android Users In-App

Get answers without emailing, interrupting or irritating

Apps that send in-app messages to users on their first session see higher engagement rates and lower abandonment rates. Seamless, intelligently timed and mobile optimized Nudges™ complement users’ mobile experience, not disrupt it. With Qualaroo, you can proactively engage your app users and get and respond to feedback in real-time. Simplify creating, designing & targeting surveys with our iOS and Android Native SDK.

  • High response rates
  • High-quality, contextual feedback
  • Website, mobile, iOS & android
  • Never slows your app

Where Can I Use the Qualaroo Nudge?

  • In your digital product
  • In your SaaS product
  • Inside your web app
  • Inside your mobile app
  • On your website
  • On your mobile site
  • NEW! On your prototypes via Figma, InVision, Marvel, AdobeXD, and Axure.
  • NEW! On most public URLs. Even competitor sites. 👀
Ask your way

Choose from 10 question types for the perfect question, every time.

  • Checkboxes – multiple answer selection
  • Dropdown – single answer selection
  • Radio – single answer selection
  • Text-based answer
  • Single line text-based  answer
  • Matrix
  • Date
  • Net Promoter Score with skip logic
  • Lead Generator
  • Binary Questions for SDK
    • Messages with actions

Question/decision branching

Ask the right questions to the right users. Keep users’ trust, don’t waste their time.

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Use nudges as beta tests/research funnel
  • Use Qualaroo as research recruitment tool
  • Redirect to beta or mockup after answer selection
  • Recruit your research group, move them to your mockup or beta version and collect feedback

Capture user insights quickly and painlessly at every stage of the design process.
Design products people love.

Email notifications

Don’t check your results every quarter.
Get email notifications how you like.

  • Every response
  • After every 10 responses
  • Daily digest
  • Weekly digest
  • After 1st response
Integrate Qualaroo With Your Favorite Tool

Merge the qualitative insights with quantitative data, ask about your A/B test, get updates on Slack and much more…

  • Zapier
  • Optimizely
  • Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Livechats
  • Intercom
  • MailChimp
  • Tableau

Do you want to improve conversions?

Use Qualaroo surveys to gather insights and improve messaging.