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What Is Mailchimp & Qualaroo Integration & How it Works?

Mailchimp Integration with Qualaroo is built to empower your marketing campaigns by automating the two apps' workflow. You can generate leads using focused surveys in Qualaroo and automatically send the respondents' email addresses to your Mailchimp account.

With the survey data in hand, you can explore new sales and marketing opportunities to engage the prospects with targeted mailing campaigns and turn them into customers.

Features & Benefits of Mailchimp & Qualaroo Integration

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits and features of Mailchimp and Qualaroo integration.
Connect Without Typing Any Code Connect Without Typing Any Code

With a simple two-step process, you can connect Mailchimp and Qualaroo in a few minutes. Once done, you can start sending the leads from Qualaroo to Mailchimp automatically. The integration allows you to push respondents’ email addresses into Mailchimp mailing lists.

Automate Workflows for Better Control Automate Workflows for Better Control

With Mailchimp Qualaroo Integration, you won't have to worry about manually adding leads to Mailchimp. It automatically collects the email address from the configured survey field and sends it to your Mailchimp account.

Build Your Mailing Lists Build Your Mailing Lists

Deploy surveys on your website, app, or product to capture new leads and push them into your Mailchimp account without manual work. Grow your mailing lists using Qualaroo and reach out to potential prospects through Mailchimp campaigns.

Add Leads to the Preferred Mailing List Add Leads to the Preferred Mailing List

Mailchimp provides the flexibility to create multiple mailing lists. With Qualaroo Mailchimp integration, you have the freedom to choose your preferred mailing list to send the leads from Qualaroo.

Set Separate Mailing List for Each Survey Set Separate Mailing List for Each Survey

With Mailchimp Qualaroo integration, each survey can be configured to send the lead (email address) to a specific Mailchimp mailing list for improved data management. Workflow management at the individual survey level promotes automatic audience segmentation and mailing list management in Mailchimp. You can manage leads generated from different surveys in separate mailing lists.

Leverage Survey Feedback to Qualify Leads Leverage Survey Feedback to Qualify Leads

Integrating Mailchimp with Qualaroo presents a unique opportunity to gather information about your leads and maximize returns on your mailing campaigns. Understand your visitors using survey feedback to design targeted campaigns and qualify the captured leads.

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