What Is Segment & Qualaroo Integration & How it Works?

Segment & Qualaroo integration helps to streamline your survey campaigns and data management across various apps. It opens up new audience targeting options so you can trigger Qualaroo surveys with user data stored in Segment, making it possible to collect in-context insights from niche audiences and build better campaigns.

What’s more, connecting Segment to Qualaroo also allows you to pass the survey Nudge™ data from Qualaroo to Segment. You can then send those insights to other apps connected to Segment, like Google Analytics & KISSmetrics.

Features & Benefits of Segment & Qualaroo Integration

Leverage bi-directional features to automate workflow Leverage bi-directional features to automate workflow

Get the most out of your workspace apps with Segment Qualaroo integration. It offers bi-directional functionality where you can use Segment data to trigger Qualaroo surveys and at the same time push Qualaroo survey data into your Segment account for analysis and more.

Target specific audience using Segment data Target specific audience using Segment data

Use data from Segment to get hyper-specific user insights from your targeted Qualaroo nudges. Integrating Segment and Qualaroo provides more flexibility by opening up new targeting features for showing the surveys to the right people at the right time. You can use Qualaroo Identity API and custom property settings with Segment's Identity method to fire up surveys automatically for selected user traits and actions.

Match survey responses to user personas Match survey responses to user personas

With targeted user research, strengthen your understanding of your key personas. For example, if you use Segment to trigger Qualaroo surveys, the data on user traits and trigger events is passed into survey responses. You can then identify the survey respondents and segment the survey data based on different events making feedback analysis better.

Auto-send survey data from Qualaroo to Segment & beyond Auto-send survey data from Qualaroo to Segment & beyond

Push survey responses and event data from Qualaroo to your Segment account automatically. Once you’ve collected responses from your users, leverage Segment to send those insights to any of your destinations. It means you can immediately use it in your analytics tools, marketing campaigns, and other processes.

One-step Segment Qualaroo integration One-step Segment Qualaroo integration

All you need is your Qualaroo Customer ID and Site Token to integrate Segment with Qualaroo. Segment automatically loads the Qualaroo script on your site. Once done, you can start using hyper-specific targeting options in your surveys. There is no need for any coding, and the entire process takes only a few minutes.

Maintain data consistency across apps Maintain data consistency across apps

Qualaroo Segment integration also ensures the same data flow across your workspace apps. Since the survey Nudge™ data is now centralized into Segment, the connected apps can easily access it, removing data discrepancies and mismanagement.

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