Step 1

Determine what’s important to your visitors

Analytics only tells part of the story. If you have a page with a high exit or bounce rate, you need to know why people are leaving the page. Are people leaving because you don’t have what they’re looking for, or is the messaging or value proposition just not compelling enough for them to keep going forward and making a commitment? Without qualitative insights, you’ll never know. This is where Qualaroo comes in handy.

Analytics Tells You What People Are Doing. Qualaroo Tells You Why!

Get essential feedback from surveying users with the help of Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a unique onsite survey tool that lets you ask questions in real time, right from the web page the visitor is on. You can ask them questions about their needs, concerns, buying criteria, and more.

Knowing what’s important to the visitors is helpful in fulfilling their demands. Questions like these can achieve this objective:

  • “What did you come to this site to do today?”
  • “What were you hoping to find on this page?”
  • “What were you looking for?”

Wondering what other survey questions you should be asking your website visitors? Here’s a great resource that compiles The Best Website Survey Questions to Ask (with examples).

Step 2

Ask the right questions to the right user at the right time

Qualaroo’s in-the-moment, on-page surveys give you everything you need to understand what your website visitors need and what they want to know from you, in order to move forward with their buying decision.
Where they are
  • Domains
  • Subdomains
  • Regex matching
Who they are
  • Identities
  • All or a portion of audience
  • Geography
  • And More!
When they visit
  • Duration on page
  • Exit intent
  • Scroll location
How often they visit
  • Display once per visitor
  • Until response is received
  • Recurring questions
How long you’d like to ask the question
  • Custom date range
  • Target number of responses
  • Manual activation and deactivation
On product and landing pages

When a user reaches a specific page, ask them whether they are likely to recommend it to others, and set branching questions according to their response.

If visitors linger on a page for too long

When a visitor cannot find what they are looking for, it might be helpful to know what it was they wanted in the first place when they visited your site, if they respond with a “no” to the lead-in question.

On pages with high bounce and exit rates

Query visitors about their suggestions for reducing bounce rate with an open-ended question (text box) for their free-form feedback.

Qualaroo survey for pages with high bounce and exit rates
On visitor exit with exit surveys

Once the visitor takes the exit route, you can survey them with a simple question that will let you know if your website, landing page, or article is missing what customers think is important. Here are a couple of question examples.

Asking the right question to the right user at the right time is going to get your real-life insights. Let’s now take a look at how you can put these insights into practice.

Step 3

Put insights to work to improve your SaaS business

  • Use the insights gathered to determine what to add, tweak and test on your website. Figuring out how to increase SaaS conversion rates takes time and effort, but is critical for success.
  • Identify confusing value propositions, pricing, or product descriptions, and use that feedback to determine the areas of your site or messaging you need to improve and test next.
  • Apply the qualitative feedback you get from your visitors to drive your A/B testing and redefine your marketing strategies, so that you’re able to focus on the improvements that are most likely to move the needle.
  • Insights go beyond simple website conversion optimization and SEO. If your SaaS conversion rates are dropping, you may also want to check your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

With qualitative feedback from visitors, you can identify the features and benefits that matter most to your potential customers. Use this feedback to validate your assumptions and product roadmap.

Use Qualaroo to Increase SaaS Conversion Rates by Identifying:

Target users
Messaging and buying criteria issues

If your prospective customers are getting turned off by unmet expectations, you need to know what they were looking for in the first place.

Pricing, features and implementation concerns
  • If you have made changes to your design or functionality, you can ask visitors for their opinion about the new look or feature.
  • Gather feedback about pricing with a straightforward question like: “Is our pricing clear?”
  • Identify gaps or hindrances in the buying process by asking “Is there something preventing you from buying from us today?”
Customize questions
Potential product enhancement opportunities

If you want to know in which direction to expand your product range or which features customers desire, you can ask them about their expectations from you.

Survey users asking for feedback related to product enhancements with Qualaroo
Competitive intelligence about other products in the market

If you feel that your product is lacking certain features that your competitors are offering, you can give your site visitors an opportunity to tell you about them, add those missing features and improve SaaS conversions.

Step 4

Target specific users to understand marketing channel performance

You know not all website visitors are equal, but do you know why they behave differently? With Qualaroo’s advanced targeting, you can pinpoint your on-page surveys to just the visitors you want to learn from.

Target your Qualaroo web surveys to the audience from Google AdWords or Twitter to understand why they don't stay for long

Want to understand why traffic from Google AdWords or Twitter doesn’t stick around? Simply target your Qualaroo web surveys to only those audiences. Or do you have one channel that has better SaaS conversion rates than others? Ask those visitors what it is that makes your product a great fit for them. In case you’re not sure who to target, read on.

Who to Ask: Gain Insights Based on Customer Segmentation

There are several segments that have unique perspectives and insights related to their customer experience.

Recently Churned Customers – Why are customers churning out? Answers will generally fall into a few larger buckets: not using it enough, choosing a competitive alternative, too expensive, etc. Cataloging these reasons for churn, and diagnosing where the largest gaps (read: opportunities) are, is the foundation for creating your churn strategy. Asking them the reason for their decision to abandon the product through free-from or multiple choice questions will help retain more customers.

High LTV Customers –These customers are segmented by having the highest lifetime value. They are clearly valuable for their contributions to revenue. However, they also have a demonstrated willingness to pay for your product, so understanding what the various use cases are can unlock tremendous opportunities. For example, responses to “Please tell us what you are using our product for?” will identify the best points, while a question like “What else do you wish our product would do?” will help come up with features for future versions.

Most Engaged Customers –These engaged users are not necessarily the same as those who pay you the most money. Instead, these users are segmented by their product usage. Understanding which features are valued, and why, is a valuable piece of feedback that you can gather from these engaged users.

Disengaged Customers – These users were at one point convinced that your product held the answers to their problems. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, they became inactive users. Understanding what their problems are, and how you could potentially solve them, is where your retention strategy gets its meatiest feedback, with questions on the lines of “What is that one thing that we can improve that would make you stay?”

Qualaroo lets you target users by

Qualaroo lets you target users by Traffic source, Section or page of the site, Time on page or site, Number of visits, and more
  • Traffic source
  • Section or page of the site
  • Time on page or site
  • Number of visits
  • and many, many more

Qualaroo gives you the freedom to choose how to be notified based on when or how many survey responses are received. Opt for daily updates if you are anxious to increase SaaS conversion rate, or take a more relaxed approach if you just want to fine-tune your existing SaaS conversion optimization processes.

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Qualaroo gives you the freedom to choose how to be notified based on when or how many survey responses are received.

The End Result: Get more leads, trials, and sales with Qualaroo

When you know what’s important to your website visitors, you can better address their questions and concerns upfront, resulting in more leads, trials and sales. Qualaroo Nudges are real time, onpage surveys, which is the best way to get those insights, so you can start making the most of your website traffic.

Case Studies

How companies used feedback to drive tests that drove conversions
udemy uses qualaroo

Udemy uses Qualaroo to rate the quality of their machine-translated captions, attribute their traffic, and more.

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twilio study visitors with qualaroo

A look into Twilio’s process for studying customers that empowers teams to deliver products and experiences that are data-proven.

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Great Schools uses Qualaroo for information-gathering as an efficient, effective way to be more successful with their grant money.

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Why Qualaroo?

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Deploy With Confidence

Qualaroo is built from the ground up to be reliable and to fit your brand. Its unobtrusive design, solid infrastructure, and customization options mean that you get the insights you need without impacting your user experience.

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With our low-impact onpage surveys you keep your product and website experience as the priority. That is why Intuit, Shopify, Mavenlink, and many more use Qualaroo to gain the insights they need to improve their businesses. Put Qualaroo to work for your business now.

Turn Insights Into Leads

Go beyond insights with Qualaroo Convert. Convert lets you add lead capture and calls to action to your surveys to route visitors to the right landing pages, lead forms, customer support, and more—all based on user response. Ask about our real-time conversion features during your demo.

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