What Is Marketo & Qualaroo Integration & How it Works?

Marketo Qualaroo integration takes away all the unnecessary manual work by allowing you to automate data flow from Qualaroo to Marketo. You can automatically push leads into your Marketo account from Qualaroo’s survey lead forms.

It facilitates streamlined lead management and data consistency across your apps so you can divert resources towards experience optimization and fueling your marketing campaigns.

Features & Benefits of Marketo & Qualaroo Integration

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits and features of Qualaroo and Marketo integration.
Automate lead qualification & save time Automate lead qualification & save time

With Marketo Qualaroo integration, you can focus on lead qualification rather than manually tracking and updating leads. It lets you build your leads by automatically adding the Qualaroo survey respondents to the Marketo sales pipeline.

Auto-push leads from Qualaroo to Marketo Auto-push leads from Qualaroo to Marketo

Marketo integration with Qualaroo lets you automatically sync the captured lead data from Qualaroo surveys to Marketo. This data includes first name, last name, email address, etc., from lead generation forms. You don’t need to configure each survey separately. Once integrated, leads from all the active surveys are automatically sent to Marketo.

Personalize marketing campaigns with AI-powered survey data Personalize marketing campaigns with AI-powered survey data

Leverage survey data to personalize your marketing campaigns. Use the AI-based data analysis engine to uncover nuanced data points about your customers’ interests and preferences. Implement these insights into your marketing campaigns to maximize the returns on your efforts. For example, build your leads further by targeting satisfied customers and asking for referrals.

Turn visitors into prospects Turn visitors into prospects

Collect demographic and psychographic information about leads using Qualaroo surveys to understand your customer base and get to know your audience better. Create innovative campaigns to target different audience segments and turn them into prospects.

Identify new sales opportunities Identify new sales opportunities

With targeted surveys in Qualaroo, you can find out what your customers expect from you. With this information, you can identify sales opportunities for new leads and other prospects in the pipeline. Come up with new upselling and cross-selling ideas for your customers and boost revenue by connecting Qualaroo and Marketo.

Easy to integrate & use Easy to integrate & use

The integration takes only a few minutes. All you need is your hostname, client secret, and client id to integrate Marketo with Qualaroo.

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