How Does Adobe Analytics & Qualaroo Integration Work?

How Does Adobe Analytics & Qualaroo Integration Work?

Adobe Analytics integration with Qualaroo provides scope to track visitor data, such as the navigation history, time spent, navigation history, and page views to procure actionable insights.

The combination of Adobe Analytics’ state-of-the-art features and Qualaroo’s advanced targeting is a robust combination to obtain segmented feedback. You can track and analyze survey feedback data for multiple domains at once with this integration.

Features & Benefits of Qualaroo and Adobe Analytics Integration

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Code-free integration process Code-free integration process

Connecting Qualaroo with Adobe Analytics is simple - no coding or installation required - as it's designed to be used by all skill levels. Qualaroo empowers customers to set up the tool within minutes following simple steps without developers’ assistance. Get insightful revelations from your feedback data to take proactive measures with advanced reporting.

Track visitor data to build impactful surveys Track visitor data to build impactful surveys

With Adobe Analytics and Qualaroo integration, you get both the “Whats” and the “Whys” about visitor behavior on your website. Analyze Qualaroo events in Adobe Analytics to gain operational insights into what drives customers’ online behavior and track valuable metrics such as CSAT and NPS to create relevant and intricate surveys.

Integrate survey results from Qualaroo Integrate survey results from Qualaroo

Qualaroo integration enables you to visualize and analyze survey feedback in Adobe Analytics. You can simultaneously leverage analysis and versatile reporting for all Qualaroo surveys created for multiple domains. Qualaroo’s simple dashboard helps manage reporting data in a streamlined way to help you close the feedback loop.

Turn feedback into marketing reports Turn feedback into marketing reports

To help you manage the intimidating feedback data silos, Adobe Analytics integration with Qualatoo enables you to record all Qualaroo events in it and turn the feedback chunks into scannable marketing reports. It helps gather valuable insights without relying on guesstimation and take proactive measures to make robust marketing strategies.

Augment feedback from multiple channels Augment feedback from multiple channels

Companies focus on platforms where their customers are, making feedback collection from multiple channels intricate and harder to track. Qualaroo integration with Adobe Analytics aims at simplifying this. You can easily combine feedback from various channels such as on-site, in-app, social media, etc., into one platform for a holistic view of feedback.

Monitor user activity from a single dashboard Close the feedback loop

Unlike standalone tools, Qualaroo ensures a smooth path for feedback to flow across all platforms. Adobe Analytics integration helps create a feedback loop by accepting all kinds of data from every stage of the customer journey and accumulating it in one place for in-depth analysis and versatile reporting.

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