What Is Tableau & Qualaroo Integration & How it Works?

Tableau integration with Qualaroo is a powerful combination that allows you to not only gather insights, but also spot trends instantaneously and make crucial decisions. The integration allows quick data transfer to Tableau and makes the entire process seamless.

When actionable data is at your disposal, you can effectively visualize the patterns using highly intricate data analysis tools of Tableau, and help people understand the overall impact.

Features & Benefits of Tableau & Qualaroo Integration

Here are some of the key features of integrating Qualaroo with Tableau.
Auto-push survey data to Tableau Auto-push survey data to Tableau

The survey data from Qualaroo is transferred automatically to the database of Tableau without you needing to do the job manually. This is the quickest and the most effective way of handling data in real-time and preparing up-to-date reports. This is also how you can save significant time and resources while primarily focusing on empowering your audience and driving engagement.

Create powerful visual analytics using survey data within minutes Create powerful visual analytics using survey data within minutes

By importing customer feedback and survey data into Tableau, you get the leverage of displaying those results through some of the most intricate tools like heat maps, filled maps, box-and-whisker plots and more. Tableau integration also allows the users to build a powerful dashboard in a matter of hours for better data depiction.

Synchronize results in real-time Synchronize results in real-time

The visualized results produced from Tableau can easily be synchronized in real-time with respect to the variable nature of insights collected from users. Real-time data synchronization would ensure that only accurate, secure and compliant data ends up in the analysis funnel which would further get rid of any data conflict and usage of low quality data.

Use branching logic for greater relevance Use branching logic for greater relevance

Branching logic gives you an ability to offer different questions to the respondents based on their previous responses in the survey. This tool allows you to lead the respondents into a certain direction that would only yield relevant data which can be further used for analysis. Tableau integration paired with branching logic would ensure top-notch data quality with maximum efficacy.

Segment your audience based on their behaviour Segment your audience based on their behaviour

Another major upside of Qualaroo integration is the ability to segment your audience based on their behavior. This is an effective way that would allow the decision makers to filter out redundant data and stay up to speed with the latest trends and optimize each part of their analytics based on the prospect.

Quantifiable data for accurate representation Quantifiable data for accurate representation

Tableau integration with Qualaroo allows you to gather quantifiable data for the analysis. This type of data provides a much greater knowledge and understanding of the social world. Researchers and decision makers rely on quantifiable data for assessing the level of impact of different variables on one another, making this type of data extremely crucial.

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