What Is Eloqua & Qualaroo Integration & How it Works?

Eloqua integration with Qualaroo brings one of the best CRM and survey tools together to let you maximize the returns on your marketing and lead generation strategies. You can now automatically send the captured leads to Eloqua without any manual work and utilize the time saved for more pressing concerns.

You don't need to configure the workflow for each Qualaroo survey separately. On successful integration, new leads from all your Qualaroo surveys are sent to Eloqua automatically.

Features & Benefits of Eloqua & Qualaroo Integration

Let's take a look at some of the key benefits and features of Qualaroo and Eloqua integration.
Push leads directly to your Eloqua account Push leads directly to your Eloqua account

With Qualaroo Eloqua integration, you can automatically push captured lead data to Eloqua from Qualaroo's survey lead forms. The data includes the first name, last name, email address, and the respondents' phone number. The leads get auto-saved under contacts in Eloqua to make management easier.

Leverage survey data for marketing campaigns Leverage survey data for marketing campaigns

Bridge the gap between gathering customer data and actually putting it to work. Use personalized Qualaroo surveys to gather insights about your audience. Use the ideas to design targeted marketing campaigns and turn visitors into customers.

Streamline your lead qualification process Streamline your lead qualification process

Generate new leads through Qualaroo Nudges™ and send them to Eloqua and grow your prospect list. Eloqua integration with Qualaroo also makes lead segmentation easier. Use respondent’s feedback to categorize the prospects based on their behavior, demographics, psychographics, needs, etc., and streamline the lead qualification process. Target each segment separately to maximize conversions.

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