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10 Best Limesurvey Alternatives to Choose From in 2024

10 Best Limesurvey Alternatives to Choose From in 2024

There’s an abundance of survey tools in the market, and each one does something better than the other.

When it comes to Limesurvey, unlike most other tools in the market, it is an open-source web application for conducting surveys.

This is what differentiates Limesurvey from its competitors. 

But is Limesurvey the best survey tool out there? It’s questionable. 

This is because being an open-source project brings in a lot of downsides, such as complexity of usage, which is always a big red flag when picking a survey tool. 

But it’s not the end of the road because we have carefully compiled a list of the 10 best survey tools that will act as perfect LimeSurvey free alternatives. 

But before we get to the list, let’s give you a quick overview of Limesurvey and how it works. 

What is LimeSurvey, and How Does It Work?

LimeSurvey is a web-based survey tool that lets users create powerful and intuitive survey forms quickly and easily. These surveys can work perfectly for anyone, from a small business owner to a large business owner. 

Even though it is an open-source project, LimeSurvey does not put a limitation on the number of surveys or participants, and users can even pay an additional fee to get services like individual consulting, support contracts, additional templates, and also code development. 

On paper, it might sound quite similar to any other survey tool in the market, but that is not quite the case. 

This is because LimeSurvey is installed on the user’s server, after which users can manage the application from the web interface. In terms of customizations, users can use rich text in questions and messages, using the rich text editor and also integrate photos and videos into the survey. 


  • Supports over 80 different languages
  • Users can receive up to 100,000 responses a year
  • Offers priority email support
  • Deploy expression scripts to build logic and get advanced outputs
  • Offers quota management to restrict storage capacity of the shared servers


  • Email handling is quite limited 
  • You need a little patience for setting up the surveys
  • Some customizations are a little difficult to implement
  • Being an open-source project makes the software lag due to non-extensive support
  • Does not have a larger variety of complex questions
  • The main website and the survey website are both different and require additional knowledge to deal with their complex UI
  • The admin interface needs more work to make it compliant with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

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Now that we have a pretty good understanding of what LimeSurvey can and cannot do, let’s take a look at some of the LimeSurvey alternatives.

10 Best LimeSurvey Alternatives

There is a variety of different survey tools out there in the market, but considering the limitations of LimeSurvey, here are 10 survey tools that fit the bill.

1. Qualaroo

Qualaroo has to be one of the top picks because it ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing the best LimeSurvey alternatives. This online survey tool is extremely popular and easy to use, which makes deployment a breeze for any user.

You can even target your surveys to specific users in order to collect contextual feedback based on who the respondents are, where they are located, how much they spend, and much more. 

Qualaroo also offers unobtrusive NudgesTM to help users get maximum responses with the help of clever & intuitive popups which lets them make data-driven decisions with ease. 


  • Easy to set up and deploy
  • Create any type of survey instantly with the help of ready-to-use survey templates
  • Ask questions of any nature with the help of 12+ question types, including NPS, CSAT, CES, UES, SUS, and more
  • Filter the information you want to collect using question branching and skip logic features
  • Easily duplicate your surveys and Nudges™ instead of creating them from scratch
  • Send surveys to users on any platform with the help of 6+ channels embedding
  • Automatically analyze data and derive insights through the IBM Watson Sentiment Analysis engine. 


  • Almost little to no learning curve
  • Extremely effective question branching and skip logic 
  • Perfect for redirecting customers through NudgesTM
  • Over 100+ personalization options
  • Easily export survey reports
  • Well designed targeting options 
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Needs a fresh batch of ready-to-use templates
  • The dashboard could use a little more functionality

Suitable for: Small, medium, and large enterprises

Best for: Seamlessly gathering contextual feedback from real-world users for conducting user research at scale. 

Price: Starts from $69 per month.

2. ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs survey maker is another highly capable online survey tool that packs features like advanced online survey and real-time analytical capabilities. With its easy-to-interact user interface, ProProfs Survey Maker is an ideal survey solution for both surveyors and respondents.

 ProProfs Survey Maker offers almost all the necessary features you could ask for, and the basic plan is sufficient for almost everybody. You get unlimited surveys with over 100+ professionally built templates and tons of customization options, all in the basic plan of the software. 

You can carry out advanced response analytics along with creating polls, pop-ups, sidebar, and in-app surveys. You can also share these surveys via dedicated URLs & links on social media or embed them on the website.


  • Easily navigate through the tool with its super user-friendly interface
  • Always ask the right questions with the help of 100+ professionally designed survey templates
  • Collect data using multiple methods, including personality, in-app, and sidebar surveys
  • Build surveys with ease using the built-in drag and drop editor 
  • Send surveys and polls to users anywhere with the help of multi-channel support
  • Filter users and responses with the help of branching and skip logic
  • Create job applications, product feedback, and contact us forms with ease


  • Built-in templates for easy survey creation
  • Highly effective sidebar surveys
  • Data-driven feedback for better decision making
  • Supports automatic scoring 
  • Schedule automatic check-ins
  • Randomize the order of questions


  • The UI can be revamped

Suitable for: Small, medium, and large enterprises

Best for: Building conversational surveys to conduct market research and gauge customer perception. 
Price: Starts from $19 per month.

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3. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is another highly capable survey tool that can serve as a perfect LimeSurvey alternative due to its all-inclusive questionnaire building solution along with its built-in analysis engine. 

Users can easily build complex question sets without any knowledge of coding, and they also get fine control over who they send their surveys to. You can even gather all the comments in one place, create an asset library of your on-brand surveys and integrate with other powerful tools for a much better survey experience. 


  • Offers over 1600+ questions which are written by the experts
  • Ask questions of any magnitude with the help of 15 different question types
  • Collect and analyze feedback in real-time
  • Support patient-provider communication with the help of healthcare surveys
  • Easily analyze survey data with the help of Wordcloud and sentiment analysis
  • Integrate easily with other powerful online tools


  • Survey questions built by professionals
  • Multiple different question types to collect all forms of data
  • Effective branching and skip logic
  • Easily embed surveys into emails
  • Export results in CSV, XLS, PDF, PPT, and SPSS


  • Not suitable for measuring the overall satisfaction with accuracy
  • Resurveying the audience after a particular period is not effective at all. 

Suitable for: Small and medium enterprises

Best for: Marketing and IT professionals who are looking to gather real-time feedback to improve their products and services.

Price: Starts at $25/month.

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4. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is one of the major LimeSurvey competitors, which with its long list of features and the level of user-friendliness, makes it an ideal tool to carry out basic surveys. 

Zoho Survey is a popular survey solution because of its ability to collaborate seamlessly with other Zoho applications but running complicated surveys is not something that Zoho Survey can deliver on.

If you are already working with other Zoho Office applications, then Zoho Survey can provide great collaboration opportunities through its seamless integration. 


  • Frame questions of any kind using over 25+ different question types
  • Filter data with ease using skip logic and piping
  • Collect survey data through social media and email campaign
  • Ensure the greater level of data security through SSL encryption
  • Easily customizable and presentable visual resorts


  • Easy collaboration with teams
  • Natively supports mobile application
  • Accept payment from users
  • Assign team roles 
  • Assign tasks and track individual progress 


  • Live surveys are hard to determine
  • Needs more complex features in surveys

Suitable for: Small enterprises

Best for: Going beyond basic survey questions by branding your surveys and supporting a large number of responses. 

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $20/month. 

5. Qualtrics


Qualtrics is another free survey tool and a LimeSurvey competitor that aims to push the boundaries of traditional survey methods. 

With a library of over 100 question types and tons of readily made survey templates, survey creation has been made easier than ever through Qualtrics. It even offers real-time reports and analytics where users can choose from 30 different graphs and export the data to CSV or SPSS. 

Qualtrics also offers some of the most advanced features like text and voice response analytics and the capability to deploy surveys through apps, websites, email, SMS, chatbots, etc., which makes it one of the top choices as a LimeSurvey alternative.


  • Capture all the data in a centralized location for easier access
  • Analyze future trends with ease using powerful predictive analysis
  • Collect data from over 27 different channels and over 128 data sources 
  • Collect customer feedback in real-time
  • Build, configure and automate workflows based on your personal needs


  • Offers over 100+ question types
  • Segment users based on demographics 
  • Understand perception with the sentiment analysis engine
  • Monitor responses in real-time


  • Survey customization is quite limited
  • Open-ended responses are difficult to analyze

Suitable for: Large enterprises

Best for: Conducting feedback and surveys through various distribution modes and managing customer insights data in one location. 

Price: You can get started for free. Subscription-based pricing. 

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6. QuestionPro

If you are looking for a free yet competent enterprise-level survey tool, QuestionPro might just be the tool for you. 

Creating surveys and polls with QuestionPro is extremely easy as it offers over 30+ question types and built-in templates to aid users with the creation process. All of these things combined with the ease of use make QuestionProv a solid contender as a LimeSurvey alternative. 


  • Make visually appealing surveys using 20+ professional survey themes
  • Send surveys to users anywhere and anytime using email or popups 
  • Get accurate analysis data with the help of heatmap analysis 
  • Export raw and analyzed data in multiple formats
  • Endless possibilities of customizing the panels


  • Transfer responses to graph with ease
  • Tons of comprehensive analytics features
  • Easily digestible reports
  • Easily adapts to mobile use
  • Extremely high response rates


  • Interface feels outdated
  • Runs slowly with lags between switching tabs
  • Limited features depending on the license

Suitable for: Small enterprises

Best for: Conducting employee experience surveys and analyzing results to help companies thrive. 

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $35/month.

7. Hubspot Form Builder

Hubspot Form Builder is another very popular LimeSurvey alternative that is not just a survey tool but comes as an all-in-one marketing platform that includes CRM, email marketing, and many other sales features.

Users get a lot more functionality out of the Hubspot forms as it pairs its cutting-edge technology with form building. 


  • Set up automatic email follow-ups whenever someone fills a form
  • Create smart forms that adapt to the user’s browser history
  • Analyze the data with ease using a built-in data analytics engine
  • Convert anonymous visitors into leads using unlimited forms, fields, and submissions
  • Set reminder tasks and follow up actions with your leads


  • Extremely easy to install and use
  • Drag and drop editor for seamless form building
  • Integrates easily with other Hubspot applications
  • Powerful segmentation options


  • Needs more flexibility with styling
  • The reporting system is not refined enough

Suitable for: Medium and large enterprises

Best for: Creating website forms and automatically routing the participants into the HubSpot CRM. 

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $45/month.

8. SurveyPlanet

SurveyPlanet is a free alternative to LimeSurvey that offers a wide range of built-in survey templates that are also highly customizable, which makes it an ideal tool for almost any survey requirement. 

Users can also fine-tune the themed templates with the help of the user interface, and the question branching and multilingual support just add up to the overall functionality and experience of the tool. 


  • Extremely user friendly and easy to use
  • Supports over 30+ languages for greater flexibility
  • Visualize your survey in real-time using the live preview
  • Data is safely stored and is not mined or sold
  • Preview your surveys on any device with the multiple device support


  • Little to no learning curve
  • Offers a great survey experience
  • Wide range of customizations
  • Preview surveys on any device
  • Tons of customizations under the free plan


  • Data needs to be well-organized
  • Not enough features to work with multimedia content

Suitable for: Small enterprises

Best for: Allowing users to bring expression and creativity to surveys and collaborating with team members. 

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $20/month.

9. SurveyLegend

SurveyLegend is another one of many popular LimeSurvey competitors that lets you create amazing surveys anytime and anywhere. The quick learning curve and the well-designed survey editor let you create surveys quickly.

There are tons of templates that users can pick and customize as per their needs, and once done, they can share those surveys using email, text messages, social media sharing tools (like Hootsuite), etc. 


  • Easily create surveys with the drag and drop editor
  • Saves data automatically to prevent any data loss
  • Caters to a wider audience through multilingual support
  • Unpublish and close surveys with ease
  • Redirect to custom pages after submitting the survey


  • Pre-built templates and themes for easy survey creation
  • Can work on any device
  • Share surveys with just one click
  • Gather real-time insights using built-in analytics
  • Suitable for conducting academic research


  • Suffers from data failure and survey error
  • Customer support is a little unreliable

Suitable for: Small enterprises

Best for: Creating smarter visual surveys instantly to deliver a better user experience

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $15/month.

10. Google Forms

Google Forms

Google Forms has to be the most popular alternative to LimeSurvey if you are looking to collect valuable feedback from customers with relative ease and for completely free. 

It is available for free as a personal version or you can get it as part of the G Suite for commercial platforms. The surveys created through Google Forms are simple in nature, and their data can be transferred to Excel spreadsheets easily. 


  • Offers professional-looking surveys for a corporate setting
  • Share forms with anyone either through email or website
  • Only accept the right data using data validation rules
  • Get an overview of the data instantly using automatic summaries
  • Collaborate with teams in real-time


  • Offers 12 different field types and 9 question types
  • Randomize and shuffle the order of questions
  • Built-in themes for better customization
  • Limit responses for every user
  • Autocomplete answers with the help of the AI engine


  • Does not support branching logic
  • Limited options for embedding the survey

Suitable for: Small and medium enterprises

Best for: Establishing connectivity to the third-party systems and integrating forms with the G Suite applications.

Price: Free to use.

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Feature Comparison Table

Now that we have gone through all the tools in our lineup, let’s quickly compare them one last time using the feature comparison table. 

Tool Features Suited for Price
Qualaroo Easy to set up
100+ built-in templates
12+ question types
Question branching & skip logic
Survey & Nudge duplication
6+ channels embedding
Sentiment analysis engine
Small, medium & large enterprises Starts at $80/month
ProProfs Survey Maker Easy navigation
100+ built-in templates
Personality, in-app & sidebar surveys
Drag & drop editor
Multi-channel support
Collect payments
Small, medium & large enterprises Starts at $0.05/response/month
SurveyMonkey 1600+ questions
15 different question types
Analyze feedback in real-time
Support patient-provider communication
WordCloud & sentiment analysis

Small & medium enterprises Starts at $25/month

Zoho Survey 25+ question types
Skip logic & piping
Social media & email embedding
SSL encryption
Small enterprises Starts at $20/month
Qualtrics Centralized location
Predictive analysis
27 different channels
128 data sources
Build & configure workflows

Large enterprises

Subscription-based pricing
Question Pro 20+ question types
Heatmap analysis
Export raw & analyzed data
Send surveys anytime & anywhere
Small enterprises Starts at $35/month
Hubspot Form Builder Automatic email follow-ups
Adaptable smart forms
Data analytics engine
Unlimited forms & submissions
Set reminder & follow up actions

Small enterprises Starts at $20/month
SurveyPlanet User friendly
30+ language support
Real-time visualization
Data security
Small enterprises

Starts at $20/month

Drag & drop editor
Automatic data saving
Multilingual support
Unpublish & close surveys
Redirect to custom pages
Small enterprises Starts at $15/month
Google Forms Professional look and feel
Email/website sharing
Data validation
Automatic summaries
Real-time collaboration

Small & medium enterprises Free to use

Make the Right Choice

Choosing the right survey tool will entirely dictate the quality of feedback you receive and the success of your marketing efforts. 

Limesurvey is without a doubt a great survey tool and even more suitable for people who prefer working with software codes and programming. 

However, you need to pick a tool that is going to cater to your specific needs in the best possible manner. 

We have done our bit, and now the floor is yours. Go out there and pick the tool that is best for you. 

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