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Qualaroo lets us talk directly with our customers, which is invaluable!

Stephany Dunstan
Stephany Dunstan
Senior Manager, UX Research


Lenovo is a Fortune500 global technology leader dedicated to providing "Smarter Technology for All." With a rich history dating back to 1995, Lenovo has achieved significant milestones, including shipping over half a billion PCs. The company boasts a remarkable production rate of three devices every second. Highlighting its innovation, Lenovo is recognized as the #1 provider of High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems globally on the TOP500 supercomputer list, thanks in part to its advanced water-cooling technology, underscoring its commitment to both excellence and environmental sustainability.


Lenovo's e-commerce division faced the challenge of understanding diverse customer segments' specific needs and preferences across its global platform. Without direct customer feedback, tailoring the user experience for distinct segments like student education, gaming, small to medium businesses, and enterprise customers was a shot in the dark. This lack of insight hindered their ability to personalize effectively, impacting customer satisfaction and potentially sales, particularly in areas like gaming accessories, where they noticed underperformance.


Lenovo implemented ProProfs Qualaroo for site intercept surveys to bridge the gap in customer understanding. Qualaroo enabled us to ask targeted, behavior-focused questions directly to users across different segments of their website.

For example, we launched "who are you" nudges on segment pages to identify users' primary interests and needs—ranging from the type of gamer visiting their site to the educational needs of students and parents. This approach enabled us to gather actionable insights without requiring technical expertise for data tagging, making it a swift and effective solution for collecting customer feedback.


The use of Qualaroo significantly enhanced Lenovo's ability to gather direct customer feedback, leading to actionable insights that informed site design and personalization efforts. By identifying top tasks and preferences across various customer segments, the user experience research team could drive more tailored and effective strategies. This method proved invaluable for improving the quality of search results, segment page engagement, and the overall customer journey on Lenovo's e-commerce platform. The agility of deploying surveys and collecting insights within days underscored Qualaroo as an essential tool in Lenovo's digital strategy toolkit, directly impacting its ability to quickly adapt to customer needs and trends.

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