How Udemy Learns From Their Students


"User research allows us to stay proactive and continue innovating with our users' feedback in mind."

Claire Menke

Director of UX Research for Udemy

Getting Students’ Feedback Through the Qualaroo Identity API

Qualaroo is more than a survey tool—it is a robust technology stack backed by an expert customer success team to help you gather user feedback in the best way possible. One of its most powerful offerings is the Qualaroo Identity API, which allows companies to programmatically target users by ID or email address. This tool has helped Udemy zero in on the users they want to target.

“...We're a global company and being able to target based on location is very important to us. Qualaroo is also effective at capturing people in that moment when you have a question and need to get a response."

By tapping into your user databases or CRM, you have the power to segment your users in new and powerful ways. In fact, we have seen customers increase their conversion rates by as much as 23% when they segment their audiences in a similar way that Udemy does.

Machine Learning with a Little Human Help

Udemy recognized that students outside of English-speaking countries were enrolling in courses taught in English, even though that was not their native language. To further support these students and help them more easily comprehend, Udemy launched automatic captioning for their video courses in English. That feature based on data insights helped make the Udemy content more accessible to people around the world.

As many people know, however, the machine learning technology behind automated captioning is imperfect. To help improve the development of captioning technology, Udemy turned to its students for feedback.

Turns out that even machine learning can benefit from human feedback.

“We’ve used Qualaroo to ask students to rate the quality of these machine-translated captions and provide suggestions for improvement,” Menke says. “From the responses, we've been able to make product optimizations that improve the caption editing capabilities for instructors.”

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