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Qualaroo allows us to ask more specific, behavioral questions, such as how our customers use our products, their intentions when visiting a particular page!”

Nthabi Choma
Nthabi Choma
Research Operations Manager, Twilio


Twilio is a cloud communications platform that enables businesses to effectively communicate with their customers through voice, messaging, and video. Since its founding in 2008, Twilio has revolutionized the way companies interact with their clients by providing a user-friendly and developer-friendly API that seamlessly integrates with existing business applications. With Twilio, businesses can easily manage their communication channels, automate workflows, and personalize interactions with customers, all while ensuring high-quality service and security.


Twilio acquired Sendgrid, an email marketing company. We were missing behavior information about certain customer segments. This required developer resources that we did not have since it required some data base operations. One way to easily bridge this information gap was to ask our customers certain questions in the right moment when they were using the product.


We use Qualaroo as an in-app mechanism to obtain behavioral information about our customers. We prefer to use Qualaroo over our static participant database because it allows us to ask more specific, behavioral questions such as how our customers use our products, their intentions when visiting a particular page, and whether they access our website via their mobile phone. Qualaroo pops up on different sites wherever we decide to put it up, which enables us to recruit customers outside of our database.

Qualaroo’s targeting feature is great along with the ability to type in information about customers and target them with surveys. We also like the analytics behind the surveys we send out, being able to get all the information right off the bat, and share it with our stakeholders.

For example, we can say, "OK, Anthony, 15 people responded to your survey, 20% finished the whole survey, and these are your answers." That's pretty cool! Lastly, the mobile nudge feature is also great because we can hit customers from different sources.


Thanks to Qualaroo, we were able to gather valuable behavioral information about our customers in real-time. With Qualaroo's targeted surveys and analytics features, we could easily reach out to specific customer segments and gain insights into how they used our products, what their intentions were, and how they accessed our website.

This information allowed us to make informed decisions about our marketing strategies, improve customer experience, and ultimately increase our sales..

Apart from this, Qualaroo’s support has been really great. We've had to reach out several times about targeting, segment integration, and mobile nudge, and we always get really quick and thorough responses. Their help articles and blogs are helpful too.

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