GraphicSprings – increase revenue and improve website conversion rates by understanding user needs


The Challenge

Three years ago, GraphicSprings embarked on a new mission to increase its revenue and improve website conversion rates by understanding user needs. They tried to understand their web visitors and leads using traditional email surveys, but the results weren’t precise. The end-to-end process—from surveying and data collection to data interpretation—was painfully slow. They simply weren’t getting the results they needed to grow their company.

“The team’s search for a quicker, simpler, and more targeted solution led it to Qualaroo. Since then, Qualaroo has helped turn GraphicSprings into a top graphic design destination, increasing revenue by 41%”

Evan FraserConversion Rate Optimization Specialist

The Solution

GraphicSprings had been using several different tools to understand its customers. According to the company’s Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist, Evan Fraser these tools failed to deliver precise enough data. Without complete and precise data the company only had a “good idea” about what does and does not convert their users into customers.

It was clear that Qualaroo was the one-and-done solution that our company needed and has become our starting point for all growth initiatives.” The company began using the tool in early 2013.

Qualaroo’s learning curve was relatively low, which made the tool setup and survey execution process very quick, says Evan. Within days, he knew the tool inside and out. Additionally, he believes that Qualaroo’s wealth of online resources, which include instructional videos, webinars and survey recipes, made user adoption smooth and painless.

The ease of implementation and creating new surveys made our efforts quick and agile. We put up surveys to gather information before every A/B test we ran.

Once the tool and new strategy was in place, the next goal for GraphicSprings was to analyze the results and make changes based on three parameters:

  • Exit intent
    The surveys helped the company understand why people were leaving its website. Qualaroo enabled the company to gather emails from abandoning users and re-target them through an email campaign. The results of these surveys sparked a lot of new and different tests, and prompted the company to ask more specific questions of the users. This resulted in a 4% improvement in shopping cart abandonment over the course of one week.
  • User experience
    From user experience surveys, they learned that there were too many steps in the color editing function, which was a big part of the editing process. Simplifying the process steps resulted in a 10% improvement in revenue.It also improved the time spent on site by 43 seconds.
  • User demographic
    Many of the users’ responses to survey questions were a surprise to the company, which prompted a complete overhaul of many of its web pages and the creation of user profiles. The website’s new and improved look, as well as a better understanding of customer demographics, increased returning visitors by 11%.

The Results

Since implementing Qualaroo, the GraphicSprings Logo Maker tool has seen some astounding results. A series of survey questions on the company’s homepage about user expectations helped to lower bounce rate by 8%. The website’s main call to action click through rate improved by 7%. Also, most importantly, the company saw a 41% increase in revenue. All together, the company gained a 30 to 50% improvement in sales conversion rates, based on different landing pages that web visitors landed on. Using surveys to gather data before creating A/B tests was the key to the company’s success.

Because of this success, GraphicSprings views Qualaroo as central to its customer conversion strategy and will continue to use the tool consistently. “The whole concept behind Qualaroo simply works. It enabled us to run hundreds of surveys on our high traffic website, and within just 24 hours, we received enough data from the survey to make smarter decisions.” As of last month, the company had a different survey running every single day.

Evan is positive that Qualaroo will continue to be the company’s primary tool for customer insights for many years to come. “We have experienced the effectiveness of Qualaroo, first hand. Qualaroo has proven to be easy to use and valuable, in terms of the range, precision and quality of data it produces. Qualaroo has made it easier for us to serve our customers better and respond quickly to their ever evolving expectations.”

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