Very happy with Qualaroo – it’s easy to use, flexible, and powerful!”

Patrycja Olesiejuk
UX Researcher, Vattenfall InCharge


Vattenfall InCharge is a subsidiary of Vattenfall, a European energy company that has been powering industries and homes for more than 100 years. Vattenfall InCharge offers flexible and comprehensive charging solutions for electric vehicles at home, at work and on the go. With its app or charging card, customers can access one of the largest charging networks in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. Vattenfall InCharge is a leader in the e-mobility market and a catalyst for the transition to a sustainable transport system.


Vattenfall wanted to reach out to its customers more directly and act upon their feedback. They were using Usabila earlier, but they found it limited in its flexibility and reporting capabilities. They also wanted to trigger messages and nudges to their users based on specific events in their app. As Patricia, a product manager at Vattenfall, said: “We had some challenges before using ProProfs. We used Usabila for feedback, but we couldn’t really customize it or get the reports we wanted. We also couldn’t trigger questions based on events in the app, like when a user completes a task or reaches a milestone.”


Vattenfall chose Qualaroo over other alternatives because of its flexible ways of reaching out to customers, reporting capabilities, and the ability to display messages and nudges to users. They used ProProfs to ask event-based questions to their customers and get insights into their needs and preferences. They also used ProProfs to build a feedback loop with their customers and involve them in the development process.

As Patricia explained: “We use ProProfs to ask different types of questions to our customers, like NPS, CSAT, or open-ended questions. We can trigger them based on events in the app, like when a user logs in for the first time or when they use a new feature. We can also display messages and nudges to guide them through the app or inform them about updates. We use the reports and analytics to see how our customers are feeling and what they are saying. We also share the feedback with our developers and designers so they can use it to improve the app.”


Vattenfall improved their customer satisfaction and loyalty by using Qualaroo. They were able to collect valuable feedback from their customers and use it to improve their products and services. They also appreciated ProProfs’ customer support and responsiveness to feedback.

As Patricia said: “We are very happy with ProProfs. It’s easy to use, flexible, and powerful. We can reach out to our customers more directly and act upon their feedback. We can also display messages and nudges to our users based on specific events in the app. We have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty since we started using ProProfs. We also like the support we get from Nathan and the team. They are always quick to respond and open to our suggestions.”

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