“As we’ve grown, we’ve needed to scale feedback collection methods to ensure we don’t miss a piece of feedback. We needed Qualaroo”

Sax CucvaraStrategy and Analytics Manager

The Challenge

We needed a way to listen to our customers in real time and react to their feedback based on their feelings of that happens on the site. We have a dynamic website with lots of different customers ranging from goods for sale to cars, real estate, jobs and services for hire; this brings its own challenges as all ads are user generated and each.

The Solution

Being able to segment the right customer at the right time (category/location/interest) has been a key factor when using Qualaroo. Implementation was simple and the winning combination has been the ability to put a survey up immediately, get results quickly and iterate the product to build the right product.

The Results

Qualaroo has allowed us to remain agile, discover, measure and validate the idea’s arisen from feedback. We now have real-time customer satisfaction feedback from targeted advertisers and users at different stages of their customer journey.

Since surveys are part of the discovery agile process, we can act to results immediately and get benchmark numbers in a short time. From an analytics perspective, being able to integrate Qualaroo with Tableau and other analytical tools gives us the ability to blend the survey data with our quantitative metrics for deeper insights and give the customer a real voice.

Future Plans

Continue to use Qualaroo at every opportunity along our discovery track. We’re currently exploring real-time NPS and planning to implement touchpoint NPS to capture insights from customer pain points in their journey.

Do you want to improve conversions?

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