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8 Best Rapidr Alternatives & Competitors for 2024

If you’ve been in the customer experience space for a while, like me, you’ve probably had a solid run with Rapidr, soaking in all its feedback goodness. 

But, let’s be honest, there’s a whole world of Rapidr alternatives out there waiting to be explored. Join me in unraveling the 8 Best Rapidr Alternatives & Competitors for 2024 – because sometimes change is the spice of life, especially in the feedback game. 

Let’s dive in together! 

List of 8 Rapidr Alternatives

Here are my top 8 picks for Rapidr alternatives. I’ve compiled this list keeping in mind different business requirements, budgets, and purposes. You can check out my selection criteria after the list.

1. Qualaroo – Best for Contextual User Feedback

Qualaroo goes beyond basic feedback, capturing real-time insights from website visitors in context. Its Nudge™ technology seamlessly presents relevant questions without interrupting user journeys. Conditional logic empowers you to craft dynamic survey flows, gathering both qualitative and quantitative data.

This Rapidr alternative leverages established metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty effectively. By implementing Qualaroo, I saw tangible improvements: a revamped website and app, optimized conversions, valuable product feedback, and, ultimately, reduced customer churn.

What you’ll like:

  • Deliver the right surveys to the right people at the right time.
  • The sidebar widget empowers users to initiate feedback whenever they want.
  • Place surveys on websites, products, prototypes, and even mobile apps.
  • Effortlessly extract actionable data from open-ended feedback with sentiment analysis.
  • Seamless integrations with tools like Salesforce, Hootsuite, and Slack ensure organized data management.
  • Exit surveys unlock critical buyer insights, helping you optimize conversion rates.
  • Automatic NPS calculation simplifies measuring customer loyalty.

What you may not like:

  • Tailored templates for specific sectors could further enhance the user experience.
  • Offering diverse data export formats would provide greater user control and convenience.

Pricing: Qualaroo offers a forever free plan for startups and small businesses with all premium features. Paid starts at $69/month.

2. ProProfs Survey Maker – Best for Email Surveys

ProProfs Survey Maker is another reliable alternative to Rapidr. It offers a simple and effective way to create, send, and analyze surveys via email. It also helps you improve your email survey response and completion rates with features like survey reminders and thank-you messages.

With 100+ professionally designed templates, pre-set questions, customizable themes, and easy sharing options; it streamlines customer and employee surveys. Creating surveys from scratch is also easy and quick since the tool has a drag-and-drop editor and comes with a question bank of 1,000,000+ ready-to-use survey questions. 

Once your survey is ready, sharing via email, social media, website, or SMS is simple. The tool also automatically generates presentation-ready data reports with minimal manual intervention.

What you’ll like:

  • The tool provides pre-designed questions tailored for various survey types, simplifying the selection of suitable inquiries.
  • Users can add branching logic to personalize and enhance the survey experience.
  • The drag-and-drop editor, coupled with a question bank, ensures swift and straightforward survey creation.
  • Offers customizable themes and easy-sharing alternatives.
  • In-depth reports enable the examination of survey participation, responses, and relevant insights.
  • Seamless integration with CRM and marketing automation software like Salesforce and ActiveCampaign facilitates easy follow-up with respondents.
  • Intelligent triggers, displaying surveys based on specific time limits, percentage of page scrolled before exiting, and more.
  • Embedding feedback forms strategically in sidebars captures spontaneous feedback at key points.

What you may not like:

  • The basic plan restricts access to only one administrator.
  • The templates could benefit from further refinement to cater to specific industries.

Pricing: Starts at $19/month. Unlimited surveys for 1 Administrator.

3. Qualtrics – Best for Predictive Analytics

I tried Qualtrics before landing on Qualaroo to improve my insights collection and analysis process. It allowed me to uncover valuable insights from customers and stakeholders.

Qualtrics stands out as a multifaceted platform, with its distinctive strength lying in its AI-infused features. Primarily recognized for simplifying customer feedback analysis and trend identification, Qualtrics dons the hat of a strategic partner, not just a tool. 

The platform’s AI capabilities automate feedback mining, predict customer churn, and continuously refine the AI model based on user data, ensuring precision in insights.

What you’ll like:

  • A comprehensive set of features allows users to collect and analyze feedback from various channels, providing a holistic view of customer sentiment.
  • AI-driven functionalities simplify feedback analysis and trend spotting, automating tasks and enhancing the precision of insights.
  • Delighted AI, integrated into Qualtrics, employs text and predictive analytics, streamlining operations by automating tasks and identifying feedback trends.
  • With real-time response analysis, Qualtrics ensures that feedback is actionable promptly, empowering businesses to make informed decisions swiftly.
  • Seamlessly integrates with a range of business tools, including AWS, Canvas, Thematic, and UserTesting, enhancing its versatility and compatibility within existing workflows.

What you won’t like:

  • Qualtrics’ pricing structure lacks transparency, posing potential challenges for users in understanding and evaluating costs effectively.
  • New users may encounter a learning curve when navigating the platform, impacting the ease of adoption.

Pricing: Custom pricing.

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4. UserTesting: Best for User Research With Surveys

Using UserTesting was a valuable experience as it facilitated seamless survey integration during usability testing. This Rapidr alternative allowed me to discern patterns, gather background information, and quantify usability insights effectively.

The integration of surveys into the research process significantly contributed to obtaining pertinent data, ultimately enhancing the outcomes of my usability research.

A notable advantage was the vast network of contributors available through UserTesting, ready to engage in my surveys. Leveraging the platform, I could filter participants based on specific criteria such as age, gender, location, and income to target my desired audience precisely.

I appreciated the ability to pose follow-up questions and extract feedback in participants’ own words. This feature provided me with the insights necessary to refine and create a superior customer experience.

What you’ll like:

  • Editable video feedback clips for creating highlight reels and thorough data analysis.
  • Advanced demographic filters ensure access to qualified participants only.
  • Screen recording functionality allows users to provide feedback during the test.
  • Ready-to-use usability test templates for a quick start.
  • Multiple usability test options, including navigation, five-second, first impression, tree tests, etc.

What you won’t like:

  • Demographic filters may be overwhelming for new users.
  • The dashboard UI has a dated appearance.

Pricing: Starts at $10,000 – $15,000 annually (estimated pricing). Contact UserTesting for a custom quote.

5. Pendo: Best for Launching Targeted In-App Surveys


I found Pendo to be a valuable tool for engaging with my users and soliciting their feedback, enabling me to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences and ways to enhance their in-app experience.

As an alternative to Chameleon, Pendo allowed me to personalize the user experience based on their behavior and feedback, enabling a targeted approach to surveys for each user segment. This customization extended to the questions, design, timing, and frequency of surveys, fostering improved communication and engagement, ultimately yielding more responses and valuable insights.

What you’ll like:

  • Facilitates a seamless onboarding experience with in-app guidance.
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular CRMs like HubSpot, streamlining workflows and automating processes.
  • Session replays allow for the analysis of user interactions within applications.
  • Advanced customization options tailored to different customer segments, ensuring insights are relevant and targeted.
  • Provides quantitative analytics, empowering users to make informed decisions based on real metrics.
  • Strategically collect reviews at the opportune moment, effectively boosting mobile app ratings.

What you won’t like:

  • Pendo’s pricing structure may lack transparency, making it challenging for users to understand costs effectively.
  • Designing an optimal user experience might be challenging due to the tool’s limited UI patterns.

Pricing: Custom pricing.

6. UserVoice: Best for creating informed product roadmaps

Moving on to UserVoice, an exceptional Rapidr alternative tailored for large organizations seeking to gather customer insights and elevate satisfaction levels.

Picture a tool that effortlessly allows customers to share ideas, provide feedback, and vote on what matters most to them, transforming this input into actionable insights to shape your product roadmap.

UserVoice excels in versatility, collecting feedback from diverse sources like in-app widgets, APIs, and popular platforms such as Slack and Zendesk.

For company managers prioritizing informed decisions to drive business growth, UserVoice stands out as the ideal alternative to Rapidr that propels progress, a recommendation I strongly endorse.

What you’ll like:

  • Segmenting customer feedback to address high-value customer needs.
  • Salesforce integration for deeper customer insights.
  • Diverse input data collection channels like portals, widgets, and sidebars.
  • Feature prioritization aligning customer requests with business objectives.
  • Constant system monitoring ensures up-to-date data.

What you won’t like:

  • The user interface appears dated and can be challenging to navigate.
  • There’s a steeper learning curve to understand the functionality.
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7. Mopinion: Best for Multichannel Feedback Collection

After a comprehensive assessment of Mopinion and Rapidr, it is evident that Mopinion stands out as the superior option, particularly for multichannel feedback collection.

Mopinion, as an alternative to Rapidr, provides a range of channels for gathering customer feedback, spanning websites, email, and mobile apps.

The real-time insights offered by Mopinion empower companies to access feedback, swiftly facilitating informed decision-making. The reporting features of Mopinion are perceived as more dynamic, enabling businesses to take prompt actions.

Mopinion’s robust customization options contribute to a seamless brand experience, surpassing the more limited customization features of Rapidr.

What you’ll like:

  • Mobile-friendly tool for accessing insights on the go.
  • Detailed analytics for tracking survey effectiveness.
  • Intuitive UI simplifies the customer survey process.
  • Knowledge Management for creating a centralized knowledge base for customers.
  • Real-time tracking to monitor the customer journey.
  • Feedback Management to understand the motivation behind customer behavior.

What you won’t like:

  • Complex question routing.
  • Limited customer support for users, including during setup.
  • The pricing may not be suitable for small businesses.

Pricing: Starts at $259 per month.

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8. Hotjar – Best For User Behavior Visualization

I found Hotjar as Rapidr alternative to be a valuable tool not only for its interactive surveys and feedback polls, facilitating real-time feedback collection from website and mobile app visitors, but also for its unique features.

A standout aspect was the user behavior visualization, enabling me to track the conversion funnel and pinpoint stages where users exhibited the highest churn rates. This functionality allowed me to identify areas in need of improvement, providing insights into user interactions, drop-off rates, and points of focus or confusion through its heat maps feature.

The user-friendly setup and seamless integrations with major CRM and marketing tools further streamlined my workflows, while the data visualization capabilities offered actionable insights.

What you’ll like:

  • Interactive surveys and feedback polls for direct feedback collection.
  • Generative AI for creating surveys using prompts.
  • Integrations with major CRM and marketing tools like Slack, Google Analytics, Segment, Hubspot, Google Optimize, Omniconvert, and Zapier.
  • User-friendly setup via Hotjar ID in the Google Tag Manager.
  • Data visualization for in-depth analysis of recorded data and feedback.

What you may not like:

  • Survey themes lack flexibility for customization.
  • Heatmaps for mega menus might be confusing for some users.

Pricing: Starts at $32 per month.

My Selection Criteria

The evaluation of products or tools chosen for this article follows an unbiased, systematic approach that ensures a fair, insightful, and well-rounded review. This method employs six key factors:

1. User Reviews / Ratings

Direct experiences from users, including ratings and feedback from reputable sites such as G2 and Capterra, provide a ground-level perspective. This feedback is critical in understanding overall satisfaction and potential problems.

2. Essential Features & Functionality

The value of a product is ascertained by its core features and overall functionality. Through an in-depth exploration of these aspects, the practical usefulness and effectiveness of the tools are carefully evaluated.

3. Ease of Use

The user-friendliness of a product or service is assessed, focusing on the design, interface, and navigation. This ensures a positive experience for users of all levels of expertise.

4. Customer Support

The quality of customer support is examined, taking into account its efficiency and how well it supports users in different phases – setting up, addressing concerns, and resolving operational issues.

5. Value for Money

Value for money is evaluated by comparing the quality, performance, and features. The goal is to help the reader understand whether they would be getting their money’s worth.

6. Personal Experience/Expert’s Opinion or Favorites

This part of the evaluation criteria draws insightful observations from the personal experience of the writer and the opinions of industry experts.

Which Is The Best Rapidr Alternative?

Here are my top 3 picks out of all the Rapidr alternatives I mentioned above. It’ll narrow down choices for you and help you make the right decision:

Option A: Qualaroo

Qualaroo offers dynamic feedback by capturing real-time insights from website visitors using Nudge™ technology. This Rapidr alternative seamlessly integrates established metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES to gauge customer satisfaction. You can collect contextual customer insights using advanced targeting and perform advanced analytics with features like sentiment analysis.

Option B: Pendo

Pendodeepens understanding through feedback, enhancing in-app experiences. As an alternative to Rapidr, it enables personalized user journeys, offering advanced customization, seamless CRM integration, session replays, and quantitative analytics.

Option C: Hotjar

This Rapidr alternative proves invaluable for real-time feedback collection, featuring interactive surveys and feedback polls for website and mobile app visitors. It also supports user behavior visualization, pinpointing high-churn stages, and the heatmap feature, offering insights into user interactions.

The final choice lies entirely with you! These three tools are distinct in their features, each offering a unique set of perks. Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose the one that suits you best.

However, if you ask me, I’d say Qualaroo is the best pick as it offers Nudges™ for instant website feedback, integrating NPS, CSAT, CES metrics, and advanced analytics, including sentiment analysis.

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