1.) Use Closed-Ended Questions Whenever Possible

They are easy to answer and don't take much time. Plus, since these questions offer specific choices to the respondents, it makes them easier to analyze. Some of the closed-ended question types are:

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Yes/No question (Dichotomous question)
  • Emoji or rating
  • Matrix matching
  • NPS scale
2.) Keep Your Rating Scale Consistent

Let's say you use a website satisfaction survey question with a Likert scale whose response anchors range from 'very dissatisfied' to 'very satisfied,' make sure you use the same scale order throughout the survey. It ensures that the customers don't get confused and makes it easier for you to analyze the responses.

3.) Offer an Incentive as Motivation to the Respondents

Add a small giveaway at the end of the survey. It can be a discount, free shipping code, personalized survey result, e-book, free trial, or something similar. It is a very effective strategy to increase the response rate of the surveys.

4.) Always Pre-Test Your Surveys

Yes, we are repeating it because it is that important. Testing helps you weed out unseen issues or mistakes in your survey. It makes sure that the data you collect is true and free of bias

5.) Add a Progress Bar to the Surveys

A progress bar shows the respondents how much distance they have covered. It reduces visitors' tendency to get annoyed and leave the survey without finishing it.

6.) Use Visual Aids Wherever Possible

Visual aids such as images or videos help respondents jog their memory and respond better to the questions. If you want to know their views on some idea, present it via an image, video, a chart, etc., so they can visualize it themselves and give accurate feedback.

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