If analytics tell you what is happening on your website, website surveys tell you why. They are the best way to collect the voice of customers.

Do you know approximately 175 websites are created every minute?

In such a competitive market, listening to your customers can help you stay ahead of the curve. Website surveys are necessary to understand your customers' needs, fears, concerns, issues, intent, and preferences.

You can use website surveys to improve your business's aspects, uncover insights, and develop new ideas to grow.

1.) Real-Time Feedback

Website surveys let you collect real-time feedback from website visitors. You can create and deploy the website feedback survey in minutes and start collecting actionable insights from the customers right away.

They help you analyze the customers' issues and pain points in real time so you can fix them as soon as possible.

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2.) Low Cost

Apart from the initial setup cost, website surveys are more cost-effective than other mediums of collecting customer feedback. There is no need to interview each visitor separately or choose a physical venue for the survey process. It saves expenses and overhead costs for your business.

Additionally, the online survey tools provide many features to customize the surveys, saving both time and money.

3.) Advanced Targeting Options

Using website surveys, you can collect information from the desired visitor segments. Just set the suitable conditions to target the specific visitor type, and the survey tool automatically does it.

Today, almost every survey tool provides in-built targeting options based on locations, devices, browsers, cookies, IP addresses, position along the conversion funnel, and more.

You can use advanced targeting to capture insights from different visitors and create a seamless customer experience for everyone.

4.) Insights to Optimize Your Website

Website surveys give voice to your customers. Survey responses can reveal what is preventing them from completing their goals on your site. You can use this information for your A/B tests and improve conversion rates. For example, if users express confusion about your return policy, you can test whether making it more prominent improves purchase rates.

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5.) Insights to Improve Marketing

Understanding your website visitors' intent and what they are hoping to accomplish is a great way to map your marketing efforts both on and off-site. Learning where visitors first heard about you is an effective way to prioritize investment in future marketing activities. Both actions can lead to improved returns on marketing spend.

6.) Insights to Improve Product

Customer feedback has always been a valuable part of product development. It makes it possible for you to hear from different customer segments, i.e., your verified buyers, potential prospects, new visitors, and churned customers. With so many outlets to gather feedback, you can optimize your product in such a way that it offers a solution to every customer.

7.) Insights to Unlock Growth

Ultimately all these insights can lead to an improved growth rate for your business. By tapping into your website visitors' needs, wants, and intent, you can hone your efforts to attract the highest number of most qualified prospects and drive your business forward.

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