The customer’s journey is no longer a linear experience. With advancements in technology, the interaction points are scattered along different channels. These points, when brought together, give a complete picture of their experience with your website, product, or app.

The challenge for a business is to identify these touchpoints and optimize the micro-interactions to deliver the best possible customer experience.

One way to introduce a continuous feedback loop in your business to power your marketing, product development, and optimization operations is through website surveys.

You can use them to target your core audience and easily mold them to collect different data types - feedback, leads, suggestions, opinions, experience metrics, satisfaction scores, and more. The goals here are to design a website that converts and attracts new prospects to increase your customer base and conversions.

Keeping the end goals in mind, this guide provides extensive details about website experience survey types, their importance, a repository of website survey questions, and a list of the best website feedback tools to get you started right away.

What Are Website Surveys?

A website survey is a strategic and highly targeted way of collecting valuable insights from your visitors directly on your website. It consists of a questionnaire with open-ended or closed-ended questions or both, depending on the survey type and depth of feedback you intend to collect from the visitors.

They are embedded on the various web pages and are shown to the visitors when one or more desired conditions are met. What makes website experience surveys more effective than other mediums is that you can place them at the center of all the website interactions and directly collect real-time actionable feedback from your customer base.

Today, businesses utilize website surveys for various purposes, such as collecting feedback, gauging customer loyalty and satisfaction, doing market research, uncovering issues and bugs, and generating new leads. They let you optimize the website, explore new product opportunities, understand customer behavior, increase customer engagement, retain customers and maximize conversions.

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