There are many survey tools available at a wide range of prices. Some tools may overlap each other in terms of features. To help you out, we've put together a list of the best survey tools on the market:

1.) Qualaroo – "Automate User Research" –

Qualaroo is one of the best-known tools when it comes to collecting feedback. Their strengths are in the easy segmentation of customers as well as sentiment analysis by IBM Watson.

2.) ProProfs Survey Maker – "Survey Your Users, Any Way You Want" –

Proprofs Survey Maker offers a variety of interactive ways to collect user feedback such as surveys, scored quizzes, polls, feedback sidebar, and assessments. It can help improve user engagement to increase the response rate on your survey campaigns.

3.) – "Understand and Guide Your Users" –

Pendo's primary focus is on product analytics and onboarding, with feedback as an additional feature. It's an excellent tool to use for PMs looking for a larger product-management toolset.

4.) UserVoice – "User Feedback Made Easy" –

UserVoice's primary product is a separate web portal that allows users to share and vote on product ideas, which can help engage large user bases.

5.) UserZoom – "User Experience Research and User Testing Platform" –

UserZoom is a more services and research-focused platform that recruits participants who engage in UX studies. It is most useful for teams with more UX resources, which can be directed to create more complex UX experiments.

You can check out more tools in our article on Best Website Feedback Tools

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