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SessionCam + Qualaroo

Qualaroo now integrates with SessionCam! SessionCam analyzes customer interaction on your website and automatically identifies potential barriers to conversion. SessionCam offers a wide variety of tools, ranging from the ability to identify where customers struggle on your site via session replay and heatmaps, to sophisticated recommendations that automatically identify the highest value issues to optimize on.

Our SessionCam Integration allows Qualaroo customers to associate SessionCam sessions and recordings with Qualaroo responses. Data comes in as a Custom Property called “SessionCam Session” with the URL to that session attached, allowing Qualaroo customers to replay what their website visitors did prior to responding to their Qualaroo survey.

Setup is as easy as navigating to Site Settings in your Qualaroo Dashboard and checking the Record Qualaroo Events in FullStory box.


Let’s say you want to target a Qualaroo survey to a specific page element that you suspect customers are struggling with. With our SessionCam Integration, not only do you get to collect feedback via your Qualaroo survey, you can go back and view the user’s session prior to, during, and after they interact with your survey– providing you with a complete picture of your users’ overall site experience.

If you’re on a Growth, Turbo Growth or Enterprise plan and interested in putting this new integration to work, just drop us a line at info@qualaroo.com!


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