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KISSinsights is Now Qualaroo

Today we released our first major update to KISSinsights since acquiring it last month. It includes both a name change and a pricing change.

Let’s start with the name change.  Like most companies, we were tempted to go with a cookie cutter name.  Finalists included SnapTabs and BuzzBits.  Our VP of Product, Jason Meresman, suggested Qualaroo.  My initial reaction was “We can’t have a name like that!”  It went against my conservative nature to blend in…  Then I realized that blending in is the last thing a product should want to do.

Jason laid out a compelling case for why Qualaroo is a great name.

  • It’s unique
  • Qual can mean qualified, quality, qualitative
  • Roo can connect to a memorable kangaroo image

The team believes that the name Qualaroo and logo strike the right balance of whimsical and serious.  It gives us the flexibility to extend beyond collecting insights, and it’s fun to say.

Pricing Changes

The more exciting news for you are the significant improvements we’ve made to the free version.  We released the following enhancements for all free users:

  1. Ask custom questions: You can now ask anything
  2. Rich targeting capabilities: Previously only in paid versions
  3. 100 responses per survey: Previously limited to 30

You will also notice on our pricing page that our paid plans now have a response cap.  However, existing paid users will be grandfathered into their unlimited plan for at least one year (as long as their subscription remains active).

We hope you like the new name and can help us get the word out about a much more valuable free version!  The new site can be found at Qualaroo.com .

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