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How Qualaroo Helped E-Nor Gain Insights

How Qualaroo Helped E-Nor Gain Insights

Over the past 10 years, E-Nor has become a leader in web analytics and digital marketing optimization consultation for a wide variety of clients such as Sony, Harvard University, Intuit and more. Their blog on ecommerce analytics is a must read for any company selling online. As analytics experts they know that actionable data reveals insights that can be used to improve the performance of their clients’ websites. One of the tools they use to uncover visitor needs and new opportunities is Qualaroo. I recently interviewed their Creative Director – Farid Alhadi about E-Nor’s experience with Qualaroo and how they use it to uncover opportunities that help their clients find success.

How did you first hear about Qualaroo?

We first heard of Qualaroo when it was KISSInsights.  At the time, we were familiar with KISSMetrics and were referred to their on-site survey tool by them.

What made you choose Qualaroo?

Other survey tools seemed cumbersome and invasive. They open several windows, ask too many questions like, “If you want to take a survey come back to this window”, or even present long forms/surveys, which isn’t very practical for the fast-paced, short attention span of a digital surfer.  We loved that Qualaroo was non-invasive – small pop-up on the bottom with a simple question.  As a surfer myself, I was much more inclined to quickly answer a small question like that.

It was simple to implement as well.  One snippet of javascript code on the default file of your content-management-system and you’re set.

The interface also is easy to use, flexible, and robust.  We love that you can control conditions by which the survey is deployed (after how many seconds to fire it, only fire after x number of page visits, only publish from between these dates, etc), even the ability to customize code to fire at our discretion.

Because we do business with big name agencies, they need transparency, and sometimes, want to see the actual results.  It’s super easy to share reports (simply give them the public view-only link). The ability export the data to CSV allows us to really slice and dice the data as well as feed it into more complex data crunching and visualizing tools where we can combine other sets of data from other tools.

Finally, the most important thing to us is Google Analytics integration.  We are a leading Google Analytics Certified Partner, we are all about tying data together to be able to see the comprehensive overall picture, hoping to unearth hidden insights.

What are some of the most effective practices?

We have used Qualaroo to test the usability of new/old website designs.  We might ask, “Did you accomplish what you came to do? No? Why Not?” and depending on the answer, recommend site optimization techniques to our clients.  For example, if a client’s website gets a lot of technical support questions, we tell them to make their support links and phone numbers more prominent.

Something especially valuable is when we use it to survey registration forms. We might see that a registration page has a high bounce rate and that no one is registering, but Qualaroo really helps us understand why not.  Simply asking “What’s stopping you from registering?” can give us specific insight like “Payment button doesn’t work” or “TOO Pricey! Lower your price”, and we can take direct, immediate action to optimize.

What type of success have you had so far using Qualaroo?

We’ve helped Fortune 500 hundred businesses improve their design, the usability of their website, as well as improve their conversion.  We’ve increased purchase and registrations for client events, products, and services.

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