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The 5 Minute Drill to Get Customer Insights

If your bounce or exit rate is higher than you’re comfortable with—and isn’t any bounce rate higher that we want it to be?—and you have five spare minutes, Qualaroo has a solution to what ails you. In this quick video below, I’ll show you how in just five minutes you can use Qualaroo surveys to drive down bounce rate and improve the performance of your website across any page or campaign you’re running.

The video shows you step-by-step how to set up and deploy a live custom Qualaroo survey and start collecting feedback about what visitors want and whether they can find it. The video is in real time, and it takes five minutes to start collecting quality feedback that will help you understand the concerns and hidden objections that are keeping your visitors from converting.

From there, bringing your bounce rate down is easy—take the feedback and apply it to your site to better align it with what your visitors are looking for.

Want to understand other ways that Qualaroo can help improve website performance? Leave a comment and we’ll make more videos showing you how to get the insights you need to uncover the opportunities that will move the needle for your business.

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