Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer feedback is direct, actionable feedback from customers and potential customers that you can use to improve your business.


Voice of customer is the feedback collected directly from your customers and website visitors about your product or service. Voice of customer feedback can be qualitative feedback in the form of comments, or it can be qualitative feedback such as through a Net Promoter Score® survey or other ranking.

Voice of Customer Demystified

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Voice of customer feedback is often collected through both on-site surveys and email or other surveying methods. Organizations also use their customer support, social media channels to collect voice of customer feedback.

Voice of customer feedback is important because it represents the collective sentiment of how your customers perceive your company and the value of your products and service. Voice of customer is arguably the most important data, because it is the market response to your offering.

Voice of customer data is used by companies in all sorts of ways, from optimizing their website, to improving their customer service, announcing new product features and service plans. It also informs advertising and marketing spend, and the benefits and value that the company chooses to promote. Companies also use voice of customer to determine how to position themselves in the market relative to their competition.

As you can see, voice of customer can be used in many different and vital ways by a business to improve their performance.

Voice of customer feedback can be collected in a variety of different ways and through different means. At the highest level is structured voice of customer and unstructured feedback.

Structured voice of customer feedback is feedback collected through things like on-site surveys, email surveys and customer development interviews. These surveys are formatted so that voice of customer feedback can be easily aggregated and analyzed.

Surveys ask questions such as which features are most important to users, how satisfied they are with the product or service and more. One particularly popular voice of customer survey is the Net Promoter Score® survey.

Structured voice of customer feedback is collected through: website surveys like Qualaroo, email surveys, mailed surveys, Net Promoter Score® questionnaires, phone surveys and customer interviews.

Unstructured voice of customer feedback is feedback collected from customers through things like customer support inquiries, reviews on third party sites like Yelp and Amazon, social media and forum posts, and complaints and kudos.

This unstructured feedback can be analyzed for common patterns with natural language processing, or can be used to anecdotally support quantitative or structured voice of customer feedback. Alternatively, it can surface areas of concern or opportunity for additional structured feedback collection.


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One way to get voice of customer feedback from potential customers (those who have not yet bought your product or service) is to run a survey on your website. By using a service like Qualaroo, organizations can ask qualitative questions of visitors to their website, or on a particular landing page or point in their conversion funnel. This customer feedback can be used to inform their website optimization efforts.

To use website surveys to collect voice of customer feedback, first determine your goal for collecting the feedback. Do you want to identify potential problems hurting your conversion rate? Do you want to understand why people are coming to your site in the first place or what they’re looking for? Do you want to understand why people abandon their shopping carts? All of these are valid goals—it’s up to you to determine what your goal is before setting up a voice of customer survey on your website.

Once you have your goal identified, then you want to target your survey to the right people visiting your website. This might mean putting your survey on a particular page of your website, such as a landing page or checkout page, or just delivering the survey to a particular group of people, such as those that came through a particular ad campaign or search engine. Targeting your website survey ensures that you’re getting voice of customer feedback from the people you most want to hear from.

After you’ve targeted your survey, the next step is to determine the questions you want to ask of your website visitors. You can ask questions such as:

  • What did you come to our website to do today?
  • Were you able to find what you were looking for?
  • Was there anything that prevented you from purchasing (or signing up) today?
  • What convinced you to purchase from us today?
  • How did you first hear about us?

These types of questions and many more can uncover valuable voice of customer insights that can be used to optimize your website. You can set up the questions to collect either structured or unstructured feedback.

When you use Qualaroo you can set up follow up questions and actions based on the website visitor’s answers. For example, a customer that is unable to find what they’re looking for could be routed to customer support to have their question answered, collecting valuable feedback and saving a potential sale in the process.

Try out this survey now:

Voice of customer insight can be used to improve and inform everything from the conversion rates on your website to the features offered in your product. When you collect voice of customer feedback from website visitors with Qualaroo, however, you can take immediate action on the feedback with skip logic.

Skip logic lets you configure intelligent follow up questions and actions based on your website visitor’s response to the website survey question. For example, a website visitor who doesn’t want to pay shipping could be presented with a limited time coupon for free shipping in order to complete their purchase while still on the site. Users who have questions about pricing could be routed to sales and returning customers with unresolved issues can be sent to the support team in real time.

By taking immediate action on voice of customer feedback with Qualaroo, you can improve the performance of your website and the satisfaction of your customers.

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