If you’re here, you’re probably on the lookout for the best survey tools in existence.

Which is exactly what we are going to talk about here.

The right online survey tool will help you speed past the laggy process of manually creating a questionnaire and also ensure a robust feedback loop at all times.

You might feel a little overwhelmed by all the surveying options that are available out there, but we have got your back.

Presenting you with 25 of the best online survey tools out there so that you don’t have to look any further.

But before we get to the list, let’s go over some of the basics that you need to know before choosing an online survey tool.

What is an Online Survey?

Simply put, an online survey is a structured questionnaire that is meant to ask customers questions which are used to find out what they like and dislike in what you are selling. Improving customer engagement and collecting feedback through survey tools becomes pretty convenient when you embed surveys into your website and application.

Evaluating the responses given to catchy survey questions for your specific purposes tells you where you need to improve and which features or benefits you need to highlight in marketing.

Keep in mind that no matter which online survey tool you go for, it should offer certain benefits, such as branching logic and data export facility. Here are some benefits of these tools:

Benefits of Online Survey Tools
  • Large Variety of Survey Methods Online survey platforms give you many different ways of posing questions to your target audience. Choose the method that suits your purpose!
  • Cost-Effective Large-Scale Surveys The money spent on sending out surveys and receiving, sorting, and analyzing the responses becomes more justifiable as the scale of your surveys increases.
  • Easy to Ask Large Numbers of Participants Unless you run such a tightly-focused business that caters to only a few customers, you need to ask as many people the right questions at the right time.
  • Online Administration & Feedback Collection Gone are the days of mailing questionnaires and waiting weeks for responses to draw insights from them - it’s now done in real-time with online survey platforms!
  • Big Data Collected in a Short Time Depending on the number of people you survey and the proportion of people who provide responses to your questions, you can amass lots of data quite quickly.
  • Data Analysis (Sometimes AI-Powered!) Having lots of data is not the end of the surveying process, is it? In fact, it leads to the most crucial part - data analysis for actionable insights to grow business!
  • You Get to Know Your Customers The most desirable outcome of the survey process using online survey software is a deeper understanding of customers’ needs so that you can fulfill them better.

Now that we have covered the major benefits of online survey tools let’s start down the road of selecting the best online survey tool of 2022 from the dozens of tools available in the market.

Choosing the Right Online Survey Tool

Deciding on the right customer and the best survey software can be a daunting task because most of the features offered are fairly common. To make the whole process easier and more convenient, narrow down your choices according to the requirements that your perfect online survey tool must fulfill.

Here is exactly what you need to look out for, especially in the paid version of online survey software.

Analytics for Actionable Insights

What’s the point of collecting all the data if you can’t use it to make the right decisions? Make sure the software you choose offers an interface that lets you collect and analyze feedback without making you feel overwhelmed with the process.

Targeting Options

This option lets survey creators target surveys to be displayed to the respondents based on the following:

  • Where they are
  • Who they are
  • When they visit
  • How often they visit
  • How long you’d like to ask the question
Triggering Options
  • On-load triggers to display your surveys when the page loads
  • On-click triggers to display your surveys when the user clicks on a button, image, or text on a webpage
  • On-scroll to display your surveys when the user scrolls a certain percentage of the page
  • On-exit to display your surveys when a visitor shows an exit behavior
Additional Question Types

Even though free online survey tools offer loads of question types, counting multiple-choice questions, ratings, drop-down boxes, and radio buttons, paid versions tend to provide additional types such as grids, star ranking, and more.

Survey Branching Logic

Most of the paid versions of feedback software usually give an option to ask a follow-up question, depending on how the respondent has answered the previous question.

Data Export

Various tools won't allow you to export the online survey data to spreadsheets or CSV files unless you start making use of the paid version.

Customization and Branding Logo

The survey maker should let you edit the colors, logo, titles, and more. There are many tools that let you add your company's logo with their paid version.

Thanks to online survey tools, conducting customer-centric surveys online has become pretty convenient. To help you search for the right online survey tool, here's a comparison of the top survey tools to help you choose the right one for improving your product and growing your business.

25 Best Online Survey Tools to Consider

1. Qualaroo

You simply cannot talk about the best online survey tools without mentioning Qualaroo. It is the most popular and the best online survey tool that’s easy to use and offers actionable insights. Qualaroo Nudge™ is an unobtrusive popup survey, which can be targeted to appear depending on your requirements, in a polite way. This way, it lets survey creators collect feedback in context based on where they are, who they are, how much they spend, and more.

With its unobtrusive NudgesTM, you can be sure of getting maximum responses that let you make data-driven decisions for product development, lead generation, prototype testing, A/B testing, and more.


Plus, when features like no-code customization, 100+ professionally designed survey templates, question branching and skip logic, and advanced targeting options are combined, they make Qualaroo arguably one of the best survey software you can get.


  • Easy to set up and deploy
  • 100+ professionally designed survey
  • 12+ question types, including NPS, CSAT, CES, UES, SUS, and more
  • Question branching and skip logic
  • Survey and Nudge duplication
  • Embed surveys on 6+ channels
  • Built-in IBM Watson Sentiment Analysis engine


  • Minimal learning curve
  • Effective question branching
  • Perfect for redirecting customers through Nudges
  • Well designed targeting options
  • Ability to export survey reports
  • Tons of personalization options
  • Unmatched customer support


  • Could use some more templates

Best For: Conducting simplified user research and feedback surveys and analyzing users' behavior and perception to increase conversions.

Price: Starts at $ 0.0008 Tracked Pageview/mo with 15 days free trial.

2. Picreel

Picreel does a great job of dazzling visitors with special offers and invitations. Not only is it one of the best survey tools, but it also lets you carry out on-site retargeting. You can target survey respondents based on their metadata like referral source, new/returning visitor, search intent, etc.

The templates by Picreel have interactive design elements like timers and call buttons to lend a fun factor to your surveys, along with popup overlays and ROI tracking. The mobile integration capabilities cover all popular devices from the Apple and Android product lineups, which is a necessity in today’s smartphone-dependent world.


  • Simple and easy installation
  • 10-second installation
  • 700+ CRMs and marketing integrations
  • Supports all devices
  • Offers A/B testing and conversions
  • Personalized targeted campaigns
  • Real-time data about impressions, visits, and conversions


  • Extremely easy to set up a campaign
  • Built-in library for first-time users
  • Reliable A/B testing feature
  • Engages visitors with promotions and discounts
  • Supports exit intent lead generation
  • Wide range of integrations


  • Needs a more functional dashboard
  • No free version available

Best For:Reducing cart abandonment and encouraging checkout before exit through popup discounts and promotions.

Price:Starts at $14/month.

3. ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is one of the best survey tools out there that comes packed with an advanced online survey and real-time analytical capabilities. With its minimalistic yet easy-to-use user interface, ProProfs aims to please both the survey creators and the online survey respondents.

This online survey tool gives you unlimited surveys, lets you create beautiful surveys using more than 100+ professionally made templates, incorporates survey scoring and branching logic, customize themes, colors, logo, and branding, and export presentation-ready visual reports.

You can also carry out advanced response analytics, make polls, pop ups, sidebar, & in-app surveys, and share via dedicated URLs & links on social media, or embed them on the website.

Their extensive range of templates includes NPS surveys, employee surveys, and customer satisfaction surveys, to name a few. With the paid version of ProProfs Survey Maker, brands can integrate most of the essential CRM and marketing tools, which makes it worth giving a try.


  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • 100+ professionally built survey templates
  • Multiple data collection methods, including personality, in-app & sidebar surveys
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Multiple channel support
  • Question branching and skip logic
  • Create job applications, product feedback, and contact us forms.


  • Built-in templates for ease of use
  • Customize branding and themes
  • Effective sidebar surveys
  • Schedule for automatic check-ins
  • Actionable feedback for better decision making
  • Supports automatic scoring
  • Randomize question order


  • The UI could use some updation

Best For: Easily gauging customer and employee satisfaction with the help of NPS surveys and the built-in analysis engine.

Price: Starts at $0.05/response/month.

4. Typeform

Typeform is an online survey tool with a user-friendly interface, which lets users create and execute surveys independently. Typeform believes that surveys should be beautiful and engaging, which it aims at delivering through its features.

Typeform has built-in photo and video libraries and custom layouts plus design themes. You can also export data in multiple formats and display your surveys on compatible mobiles, tablets, & desktop browsers.

The free version of Typeform consists of features like unlimited questions and answers, reports exporting options, custom-designed themes plus pre-designed templates, and some basic integrations. Its beautiful interface comes with a range of customization options like conditional logic & jump features and personalized user flows that make Typeform one of the top survey tools.


  • Built-in templates and a photo and video library
  • Easy to set up and deploy surveys
  • Shows one question at a time
  • Easily visible CTA button
  • Filter irrelevant questions and build personalized user flows


  • Easy to set up and deploy
  • Insert unlimited questions and answers in surveys
  • Conditional logic and jump features
  • Only shows one question at a time
  • Ability to build personalized user flows


  • Form designs need more flexibility
  • Customer support is not prompt
  • Needs more language customization

Best For: Generating user engagement and analyzing customer preferences to create campaign strategies.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $25/month.

5. SogoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is an end-to-end online survey design, allocation, and real-time analysis platform. It offers a full-fledged suite of functionalities, which is why users will never have to look for additional software for survey-oriented tasks.

SoGoSurvey gives you full control of your survey theme along with adding your own logo, exporting data to Excel, reviewing and sharing live reports immediately, offering a responsive experience on any device, and implementing simple skip logic.


  • Intuitive design
  • Predictive analysis
  • Seamless integrations
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Share surveys via email, SMS, website or mobile application


  • Appropriate for both small and large organizations
  • Deep analytical reports
  • Robust data privacy
  • Interactive UI
  • Mobile-friendly platform


  • It has a very steep learning curve
  • Free version offers very limited functionality

Best For: Automating data collection of everything from quizzes to customer feedback and employee experience.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $25/month.

6. SurveyMonkey

Survey Monkey is also one of the highly intricate survey tools that provide an all-inclusive questionnaire building solution along with metric analysis tools. It lets users without any coding skills form complex question sets and then process the responses & efficiently. You can register for free and build a survey within minutes.

SurveyMonkey is a market-leading survey tool that allows you to share surveys with fine control over who can view and edit them. Not only this, you can gather all comments in one place, have an asset library for on-brand surveys, free integrations with popular collaboration apps, custom logo, colors, and survey URLs, question- and page-level skip logic, and multiple data export formats (e.g., CSV, PDF, PPT, SPSS, XLS).


  • Over 1600 built-in questions written by the experts
  • Create forms with over 15 different question types
  • Offers WordCloud and Sentiment Analysis
  • Get real-time customer feedback
  • Support patient-provider communication
  • Wide range of integrations


  • Professionally made survey questions
  • Multiple question types
  • Conditional branching and skip logic
  • Email embedding
  • Export results in multiple formats, including CSV, XLS, PDF, PPT, and SPSS


  • Unsuitable for measuring overall satisfaction
  • Not great for resurveying audience after a particular period

Best For: Posting recurring surveys and tracking customer sentiments to get the accurate context behind the data.

Price: Starts at $25/month.

7. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a free survey tool plus questionnaire software that somewhat pushes the envelope of traditional feedback surveys.

It offers more than 100 question types, numerous online survey templates, and features like display survey logic, email triggers, plus logic branching. As for its real-time analytics and reports, users can select more than 30 diverse graph types and export outcomes to CSV or SPSS, making it the best survey tool for businesses.

Qualtrics is great because it offers advanced text and voice response analytics and a library of more than 100 question types. It also provides pre-built survey templates designed by Ph.D. survey scientists and can deploy surveys through apps, websites, email, SMS, chatbots, and more.


  • Capture all the data in a single system
  • Powerful predictive analysis
  • 27 channels and 128 data sources
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Customizable workflows


  • 100+ question types
  • Segment users based on demographics
  • Predictive behavior analysis
  • Sentiment analysis system to understand perception
  • Monitor responses in real-time


  • Difficult to analyze open-ended responses
  • Limited survey customization
  • Could use more options for result analysis

Best For: Collecting customer feedback efficiently and analyzing customer sentiments to spot future trend patterns.

Price: You can get started for free. Subscription-based pricing.

8. Google Forms

If you’re looking for the best free survey maker, which is simple and helps you collect valuable feedback from customers and make improvements, look no further. Google Forms is arguably one of the most popular free online survey tools out there, suitable for almost all survey creators.

It is available for free as a personal version or as part of the G Suite for commercial platforms. Responses are saved automatically into Google Sheets and can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet.


  • Professional looking surveys
  • Share forms with email or website
  • Data validation rules
  • Automatic summaries
  • Real-time collaboration


  • 12 different field types and 9 question types
  • Randomize and shuffle question order
  • Customize surveys using built-in themes
  • Limit responses
  • Autocomplete answers with the help of AI


  • Cannot accept or process payments
  • No conditional logic
  • Limited options for embedding

Best For: Quickly creating engaging forms for free and easy analysis of data using graphs, pie charts, histograms, and many more.

Price: Free to use.

9. GetFeedback

With GetFeedback, companies can easily create branded online surveys using drag & drop and various personalization features. It is one of the best online survey tools as it adapts to just about every castoff platform to distribute online surveys.

You can even incorporate this tool with SalesForce, which means the online survey results are also noticeable in your SalesForce control panel.

This online survey tool has lots of free survey templates that are optimized for mobile, a simple interface, a longstanding CX community to share best practices, support for over 25 languages, and integration of feedback with Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Jira.


  • Collect in-the-moment feedback
  • Multiple channel deployment
  • Bring feedback to a centralized location
  • Build custom dashboard
  • Filter data by customer attribute


  • Automate survey distribution
  • Assign follow-up tasks
  • Provide actionable insight to your team
  • Supports event and conference surveys
  • Filter reports based on region, users, etc.


  • No browser-based analytics for Salesforce
  • Creates duplicate responses
  • Customer support could be improved

Best For: Surveying customers about their sales and support experience and also soliciting content through leadership contributors.

Price: Contact to get a quote.

10. Alchemer

Alchemy (formerly SurveyGizmo) is an online survey platform that lets you create some fantastic-looking surveys, and they are an ideal choice, even with the free-to-use version, until and unless you are expecting to get a lot of respondents. Alchemer has dozens of pre-built survey templates and a theme library with full access to survey layouts and styles.


  • Gather feedback from any source
  • Trigger instant actions through customer voice
  • Logic-based workflows
  • Identify, access & manage audience
  • Wide range of integrations


  • Unlimited survey and questions
  • Multiple question types and filtering options
  • Skip logic and piping
  • Data encryption
  • Email notifications of responses


  • Reporting system needs work
  • Steep pricing

Best For: Running internal and external surveys to gauge the quality of services and highlight areas of improvement.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $49/month.

11. AskNicely

AskNicely is another great online survey tool and Its unique selling point is to gather live information depending on the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This survey type is an outstanding way to measure the strength of consumer relationships for a company, and this software was designed to track that dynamic.

It also integrates with numerous customer workflow choices consisting of Zendesk, MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, and Zapier. With these, online surveys can target particular customer groups, and their response to novel products and services can be gathered to present real-time to live dashboards, making analysis easy for survey creators.


  • Real-time NPS
  • Take action on customer feedback
  • Help frontline employees
  • Connect frontline to the bottom line
  • Automated daily checks


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Ability to respond to feedback
  • Designated mobile application
  • Share results with the entire organization with ease
  • Highly intuitive TV dashboard


  • No option to customize NPS scoring
  • Needs a wider range of integrations

Best For: Creating a baseline NPS score to understand and identify trends, positive touchpoints, and pain points of the customers.

Price: Contact to get a quote.

12. LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey is a free online survey tool that does not put a limit on either the number of surveys or participants (respondents), so it is great for mass surveys. For an additional fee, it supports individual consulting, support contracts, hosting, template, survey, and code development. It is perfect for customer surveys, market researchers, universities as well as students.


  • 30+ question types
  • 80+ language support
  • Upto 100,000 responses a year
  • Priority email support
  • Panel integration


  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Tons of customization options
  • Offers multilingual surveys
  • Quota management
  • Use of expression script


  • Limited email handling
  • Some customizations are difficult to implement

Best For: Conducting market research and offering tailored services to the clients using a range of customization options.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $9/month.

13. Kwik Surveys

Kwik Surveys is a user-friendly online survey tool that lets anyone create surveys with minimal effort. On the flip side, its upgrades are not cheap. There is also limited scope for survey customization. As a result, a user review labeled their surveys as boring because of having to follow similar templates for different surveys. But for a quick launch of simple surveys, you can go for this online survey tool.

However, it offers some unique features to make up for the shortcomings. The software has the ability to identify patterns, offers team accounts for collaborative work, and also has an in-built data analysis engine that makes it a viable survey solution.


  • Use target criteria to create survey audience
  • Question logic, text piping and API data
  • Customize themes and add branded imagery
  • Advanced filter and cross-analysis tools
  • Create shareable reports for management and stakeholders
  • Deliver surveys via email, social media, shortlink, QR code or embed


  • Easy and seamless survey creation
  • Displays results in minutes
  • Sharable reports for stakeholders
  • Consistent branding
  • Data segmentation and comparison


  • Minimal choice of templates
  • No cross-tabulation for survey results

Best For: Conducting quick, user-friendly online surveys, including educational, feedback, and NPS surveys for businesses of all sizes.

Price: Starts at $12.99/month.

14. SurveyLegend

SurveyLegend is another one of many next-generation online survey tools that allows you to create beautiful surveys anytime and anywhere. SurveyLegend surveys can be created quite beautifully with their drag-and-drop interface. The quick learning curve lets you start creating surveys in a short span of time.

There are many templates to pick up and customize to suit your survey needs. Once made, you can share them using email, text messages, social media sharing tools (like Hootsuite), etc.


  • Drag-and-drop survey creation
  • Automatic data saving
  • Multilingual support
  • Redirect to custom pages after submitting
  • Unpublish and close surveys with ease


  • Built-in templates, themes & font
  • Multiple device support
  • Easily share surveys with just one click
  • Built-in analytics to gather real-time insights
  • Conduct academic research


  • Occasional survey error and data failure

Best For: Conducting market research using research templates, quickly visualizing the results, and then sharing them with your team to create strategies.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $15/month.

15. Zoho Survey

Your search for a freemium or free online survey tool can end with Zoho. The long list of features and user-friendliness make it a versatile tool to take care of basic surveying. Steer clear if you want to run complicated surveys, though, because it is not meant to deliver such surveys.

The fact that Zoho Survey collaborates so well with other Zoho apps makes this the best survey tool for businesses.

If you are already working with other Zoho office applications, then Zoho Survey will provide you with a much more seamless experience in terms of collaborating with other people and applications.


  • Offers 25+ question types
  • Skip logic and piping
  • Collect survey data through social media and email campaign
  • SSL encryption
  • Customizable visual reports


  • Native support through mobile application
  • Accept payments from users
  • Collaborate with teams seamlessly
  • Assign team roles
  • Assign tasks and track progress


  • Tricky to figure out if a survey is live
  • Layout and themes need more improvement

Best For: Transitioning and managing workflow seamlessly through all Zoho apps along with creating reports and configuring approvers for collaborative work.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $20/month.

16. Refiner

Refiner is a great online survey tool for SaaS companies' user feedback gathering & customer surveying needs, whether it measures customer satisfaction (CSAT), loyalty (NPS), or prototype research about which features to include in your product.

If you choose to use their app, the in-app widgets can create and customize surveys, with answering options such as multiple-choice, stars/ratings, open-ended text responses, and user-created notes.


  • Built-in templates for all question types
  • Logic jumps and branching options
  • Liquid tags and dynamic call-to-action buttons
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Track NPS, CSAT & CES ratings


  • Embed surveys on multiple platforms
  • Intelligent survey editor
  • Branching logic and response randomizer
  • Set follow-up reminders
  • Integrate seamlessly with other tools


  • Data analysis dashboard needs more functionality
  • Lacks advanced data mining capabilities

Best For: Running survey campaigns & deploying them through multiple channels and collecting data using a feedback hub.

Price: Starts at $99/month

17. SurveyLab

SurveyLab is another one of many free survey platforms that supports creating new surveys from scratch, generating reports, and collecting responses automatically. Since it runs as an online application in your browser, you don't need to install additional software to use it. Its features include question randomization, skip logic, multi-language support, result sharing across teams, multi-format result export, and white labeling.


  • Multiple language support
  • Compatible on all devices
  • Multiple data collection channels
  • Research and reporting process automation
  • Dedicated customer support


  • Extremely flexible in terms of customization
  • Great analytics module
  • Collect data from different sources at once
  • Mobile application to collect responses


  • Summary export needs more work
  • Tags in the menu are not intuitive

Best For: Fast, intuitive, and handy data collection along with measuring employee and customer satisfaction.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $49/month

18. Zonka

Zonka is a great option if you want to capture and analyze feedback from customers in the market or employees in your organization. Possible ways to survey them include offline, online, in-person, over email, through text messages, and user research. The real-time feedback reporting feature yields quick insights into consumer behavior trends.


  • Run NPS, CES 2.0 and CSAT surveys
  • Multi-chain, location management
  • Easy feedback management
  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Out of the box APIs, Web Hooks and integrations


  • Easy to set-up and deploy
  • Friendly interface and easy to navigate
  • Fully customizable with different question types
  • Fast and intuitive reporting


  • No option to undo previous actions
  • Lack of options to change font

Best For: Collecting survey responses from the customers to make product improvements and also for client onboarding.

Price: Starts at $79/month.

19. JotForm

An online survey tool built to be intuitive for better ease of use, JotForm is one of the leading online survey tools. It has options to carry out data analysis on the responses and works with other software tools through integrations. These are great features to have in a good online free survey software.

Some of the various types of online forms and surveys you can create with JotForm are lead generation, payment gateways, and feedback collection. There is limited customization in the templates, though. In case you want advanced logic-based branching, you may be better off selecting another online survey software. However, with features like HIPAA compliance and offline data collection, both flexibility and security are taken good care of.


  • SAML user authentication
  • Host your account anywhere in the world
  • Migration tool to import existing forms
  • Over 400 special apps and integrations
  • 256-bit SSL encryption


  • Offline data collection
  • Build form on mobile devices
  • Create HIPAA compliant forms
  • Create online appoints and collect payments
  • Duplicate your forms unlimited times


  • Unreliable customer support
  • Lacks features on mobile devices
  • API support needs improvement

Best For:Healthcare professionals can take advantage of the extensive telemedicine toolkit and manage patients in real-time.

Price:You can get started for free. Starts at $24/month.

20. SurveyNuts

SurveyNuts is an online survey software tool that can be used to create good-looking surveys that work on most devices. You can view real-time results graphically. It has a good user experience. Its Zapier integration works as a channel for connecting survey data to quite a few other apps, tools, and software.

SurveyNuts makes the process of creating a survey quite quick. This is because you can create an online survey even before you register your account.


  • Extremely intuitive user interface
  • Offers multiple question types
  • Share surveys using URL
  • Real-time reporting dashboard
  • Easily digestible reports


  • Simple to use with great design
  • Tons of tools and customizations
  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Amazing customer support


  • Interface is getting quite old
  • Needs more templates and questions types

Best For: Generating sophisticated surveys to gauge public opinion and conduct market research.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $17/month.

21. CrowdSignal

CrowdSignal lets you create a free account to make surveys and polls. These polls and surveys can be deployed on websites and web pages, embedded in blogs, and shared on social network platforms. The templates are simple and customizable. Through feedback collection using surveys, you can understand what your visitors need from your product or service.


  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Tons of customizations
  • Share surveys on multiple platforms
  • Easy to export results
  • Limit double voting and spam


  • No limit to number of surveys and quizzes
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 14 different question types
  • Conditional branching and multiple path possibilities


  • Survey layout templates are not very friendly
  • Answer choices are a little hard to select

Best For: Conducting complicated and feature-rich surveys for free and without paying for anything.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $15/month.

22. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is a good online survey tool to create surveys, assessments, and quizzes. If you want your surveys to reflect your brand as closely as possible, you may want to give this online survey tool a try. You can optimize your surveys for mobile platforms if your target audience is more likely to encounter your brand on mobile devices.


  • Supports illustrious widgets
  • Create assessments without any coding
  • Flexible PDF reports
  • Customize surveys with your own brand
  • Embed questionnaires on your website


  • Offer one question at a time
  • Outcomes are easily understandable
  • Responsive customer support
  • Supports a wide range of integrations


  • Very expensive for individual users
  • Reporting system needs more improvement

Best For: Conducting self-assessments and generating custom reports for leadership development programs across the organization.

Price: Starts at $39/month

23. Latana

Latana is the go-to online survey software solution if brand tracking is your thing. It is a robust professional survey tool that offers features like a customizable dashboard, heatmaps, brand funnels, and ad awareness tracking. With some of the most high-tech AI tools in the arsenal, you can get the most accurate data from any targeted market.


  • Hundreds of standardized association metrics
  • Mobile optimized surveys
  • Deep audience segmentation
  • Built-in machine learning for better insights


  • Very customizable and resourceful
  • Offers complex AI tools for assessment
  • Produces valuable and actionable insights
  • Offers branching logic and segmentation


  • Has a very steep learning curve
  • Not feasible for individual users

Best For: Taking the guesswork out of branding and making accurate decisions based on analytics and facts.

Price: Subscription-based pricing.

24. QuestionPro

If you run (or are part of) a small-to-medium-size business, a free online survey tool like QuestionPro might just be for you. Creating online surveys and polls with this web-based tool is quite easy. There are more than 30 question types you can use to create a survey questionnaire and multiple templates to follow for common survey types. All of these together make QuestionPro arguably the best free survey maker.


  • 20+ professional survey themes
  • Send surveys via email or popups
  • Heatmap analysis of the results
  • Export raw and analyzed data in multiple formats


  • Offer comprehensive analytics features
  • Easily transmit responses onto graphs
  • Easily digestible reports
  • Adapts to mobile use incredibly well


  • Outdated interface
  • Runs a little slow with lags between switching tabs

Best For: Gathering data from multiple sources and analyzing all in one place for quick decision-making.

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $35/month.

25. SurveyPlanet

Survey Planet is free survey software that offers pre-made questionnaires that can be customized according to your surveying requirements. There are themed templates in this tool that can be fine-tuned using its user interface. The features most worth touting are question branching and multilingual support.


  • Very user-friendly and easy to use
  • 30+ language support
  • Live preview of the survey in parallel
  • No data mining or selling


  • Extremely easy to learn and implement
  • Offers a great survey experience
  • Tons of customization options
  • Preview surveys before sending on any device


  • Data organization needs more development
  • Needs more features to work with multimedia content

Price: You can get started for free. Starts at $20/month.

Best For: Conducting light surveys or polling clients to quickly gather feedback about certain events.

Take Your Pick From the Best Survey Tools of 2022

Now that you know what to look out for, you can try going for a completely free survey software or trial version of these online survey tools to see how they work out for you. You can take some time to analyze and compare the features to see which is the best survey software according to your surveying needs.

Or you can take a shortcut by simply opting for a survey tool that ticks the right boxes for you - that’s Qualaroo. It’s an online survey tool that lets you ask the right questions at the right time to get you insights that drive your decisions.

Looking for an online customer survey tool?

Qualaroo is the world’s top user research & feedback survey tool

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