38 Best CRO Tools You Shouldn’t Miss in 2021

Every business has different touchpoints when it comes to conversion rate optimization. For many, doing as simple a thing as readjusting content on the website may boost the conversion rate, while some may have to go an extra mile.

But why bother? Why is the conversion rate so crucial for businesses?

Conversion rate is one of the top metrics on which a business can evaluate its progress and profits. It is directly reflective of the sales of any business. The higher the number of conversions, the higher the sales, ergo higher ROI.

Contrary to some popular opinions that CRO only takes place on-site, email marketing, conversion through paid search ads, and landing pages contribute significantly to this cause.

Neither is it the only truth that CRO only involves increasing conversion numbers. Increasing the value of each visitor is equally pivotal.

You can attract traffic to your website via ads, but CRO helps keep the engagement alive between visitors and the website, escalating the conversion rate as it does.

So, this revelation begs us to question - what is a good conversion rate?

Spoiler: It’s better than what you think it is!

As per these conversion rate statistics, if you score between 2-3% of the conversion rate, you are on the right track since the average conversion rate for websites is 2.35%. Only the top 10% of the websites can score 12% or more.

In any case, some excellent conversion rate optimization tools will always make the journey easy for you. After exhaustive research on our end, we present the most effective and top 38 CRO tools.

But wait!

Let’s take a much-needed detour first to prepare a checklist for measuring the potential and performance of the tools.

Things to consider before choosing a CRO tool
  • GDPR compliance

    User data protection should always be at the forefront while making any decisions that involve user data.

    The CRO process requires users’ data at every step (so will the CRO tools), making it all the more imperative for businesses to choose the conversion rate optimization tools that are GDPR compliant. Make it a mandate rather than an option.

  • Integrations

    Lack of integration between tools when you are using a combination of them will lead to an untoward scenario which no business looks forward to - data silos. For your CRO efforts to go smooth and effective, choose tools offering the most and relevant integrations.

  • Which is more efficient - Suite or Best of the breed?

    Make your decision between a suite of tools or best of the breed. For some organizations, using a tool with all the features required for CRO might work fine. For others, compiling a set of conversion rate optimization tools where each tool offers expertise in one thing may be the ideal choice.

  • Maturity level of your CRO process

    Companies often get lost in selecting the hardcore feature-rich tools that they often push their own ability or CRO maturity level into oblivion. For your efforts to bear fruits, you must choose resources matching your ability to optimize them.

Tip: Here are some other points to look after while choosing a CRO tool or a combination that suits your needs. A tool should:

  • Support multiple goals tracking.
  • Be able to test several pages at once.
  • Have WYSIWYG functionality, code view, and customized reporting for specific goal metrics.
  • Support personalization and segmentation when it comes to testing pages targeting selected groups.
  • Be capable of integrating with other lead capturing, analytics, and other tools.
  • Run A/A test before trying A/B testing with the selected tool.

So, without any further ado, we present to you the top 38 CRO tools you can leverage at different stages in the CRO process to cultivate the best results from your endeavors.

Customer Feedback and Survey Tools

Businesses must put their finger on the right nerves of customers, that is, understand what they think about your services and products. To gauge their overall experience, businesses opt for feedback survey tools that help them measure the aggregate user satisfaction.

Here’s our list of the three best tools for this purpose:

1. Qualaroo


Allowing businesses to conduct surveys more than just on email, Qualaroo is a contextual feedback accumulating tool. With its Nudges™ feature, you can create on-site surveys that can be triggered anytime based on what visitors click and time spent by them on the website. It lets you ask questions in the context.

Companies such as Udemy, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, eBay have used this survey maker on their website. The tool aims to help businesses ask the right questions at the right time and in the right place.


  • Qualaroo only takes minutes to set-up and start collecting feedback.
  • Professionally-designed question templates for different types of surveys like NPS, CSAT, CES, UES, SUS, and more.
  • A wide variety of questions from open-ended, closed-ended, dichotomous, Likert, etc.
  • Helps you analyze feedback visually using IBM Watson Sentiment Analysis integration.
  • Supports branching logic to get user feedback without wasting time.
  • It offers integrations with popular tools like HubSpot, mailchimp, Marketo, Eloqua, Zapier.
  • Another amazing feature is that it lets you display your branding and personalize the survey to the T.
  • You can schedule and set a survey for a particular time or make it appear at random intervals.
  • Integrations available: Zapier, Slack, Google Analytics, Hubspot, MailChimp, and more.

Price/Plan - Starts from $80 per month.

2. ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is a popular tool known for its multiple types of surveys. It lets you ask any question, any way you want. To only name a handful, clients such as Intel, Dell, Cisco, Gartner, Toyota, and Sony have created 50,000+ surveys using this tool with over 4 million respondents.

The tool’s interface is easy to navigate and lets you create multiple surveys with 1,000,000 business goal-oriented questions to collect unbiased feedback.


  • Lets you create NPS surveys, quizzes, polls, sidebar surveys, in-app surveys, and pop-up surveys.
  • Drag and drop questions functionality to ease the process of survey creation.
  • Offer a massive library of survey questions with 100+ ready-to-use templates.
  • Supports customization and personalization of branding, colors, and logo.
  • Helps you utilize skip logic, branching logic, and scores in the surveys.
  • You can create web forms of the likes of Job applications, Product feedback, and Contact us.
  • Target customers right on your website for a survey by embedding the survey on your website.
  • Enables you to share the survey on several platforms and via multiple channels.

Price/Plan - Starts from $50 per month.

3. Qualtrics


Qualtrics is another all-in-one survey software that comes with an impressive feature set and functionalities. It lets you create custom surveys with a drag-and-drop survey tool and use predictive intelligence to analyze data and reports. You can embed Qualtrics surveys in mobile apps, websites, mobile devices, chatbots, to name a few.


  • Pre-built survey templates with 100+ question types to create targeted surveys.
  • Easy integration with other platforms like Marketo, Salesforce, Adobe, and more.
  • Its ExpertReview feature helps analyze every question and gives survey design recommendations in real-time.
  • Leverage predictive analytics and statistical analysis to unfold essential data insights.
  • You can represent reports in 30 different graph types and share the reports in multiple formats, such as Word, PowerPoint, SPSS, CSV, and PDF.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

You can refer to this article on "Best Customer Feedback Tools" to explore more options.

Pop-ups & Overlays

Pop-ups and overlays are essentially lightboxes, windows, or anything that takes over the whole screen for various purposes such as traffic conversion, email collection, promotional marketing, etc. Here are the top pop-up overlay tools that you can use.

4. Picreel


Picreel is an amazing cloud-based marketing tool that tracks the visitors’ movements on the website and displays pop-ups to help retain customers. It is great for exit-intent strategy.


  • Facilitates a 10-second installation for easy set-up.
  • Features integrations like One-click and Zapier.
  • Offers a library of professionally designed 100+ popup templates that offer high-conversion rates.
  • Offers deals & offers overlays, lead form overlays for retargeting, and redirect links overlays.
  • Help in advanced targeting based on on-site content, referral source, returning or new visitor, and more.
  • You can add interactive elements such as timers and CTA buttons to your popup overlays.
  • Works well on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Price/Plan - Starts from $14 per month.

5. Optimonk


Definitely, one of the top choices of marketers for onsite retargeting, Optimonk works incredibly in turning website traffic into sales by grabbing visitors’ attention. Organizations use the tool for creating email lists. You can promote special offers on your services or products. For example, e-Commerce websites use this strategy to reduce cart abandonment.


  • Helps create customer emailing lists (subscribers other social media leads).
  • Lets you collect customer feedback in a few steps.
  • Supports social sharing.
  • Offers multiple types of on-site messages such as sidebars, nano bars, pop-ups, lucky wheel pop-ups, and interstitials with drag and drop editor.
  • You get 50+ templates that include nano bars, pop-ups, and sidebars.
  • Facilitates pop-up A/B testing.

Price/Plan - Starts from $29 per month.

6. Poptin


Like other popups and overlays tools, Poptin also observes the visitors’ behavior on the website to show them relevant content to increase engagement and conversion rate. Its exit-intent pop-up is easy to set up within 2 minutes.


  • Lets you add dynamic tags to popups.
  • Has features for exit-intent targeting and A/B testing.
  • You can set it up to send automated email responses after signup.
  • Integrates with Integromat to connect it with popups and forms.
  • Offers advanced targeting based on operating systems, browser, mobile, and desktop.
  • You can add coupons to pop-ups.
  • Lets you add tags in Mailchimp integration.
  • You can trigger pop-ups if the visitors are inactive on the website to grab their attention and improve engagement. You can also use it to recover abandoned visitors and capture more leads and sales.

Price/Plan - Starts from $19 per month.

Live Chat Tools

Impeccable customer support is vital to increase retention and conversion rate optimization. Live Chat support is one of the essential services that come under customer support, and you need the right tool to make it successful. Here are the top effective live chat tools to get you started right away.

7. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is an easy-to-use and feature-rich tool that offers you everything you want in a live chat support tool. The tool helps personalize customer journeys by monitoring visitors on the website to understand their behavior and preferences.

It offers 50+ integrations, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, etc., to help you store leads for a streamlined sales process. With such features, it assists businesses in closing deals faster and improves customer support quality.


  • Assists in easy chat transfer.
  • Add a link to the CTAs or self-help articles.
  • Lets you set individual chat routing requirements.
  • You can monitor visitor behavior on key landing pages.
  • Collect visitors’ data with a pre-chat form for the mailing list.
  • Choose from a wide selection of canned responses for real-time reply and assistance.
  • Gives access to the summary report, operator performance report, customer rating tracking, and supervisor dashboard.

Price/Plan - Starts from $15 per month.

8. Acquire.io


Acquire.io is another software offering all-in-one live chat functions. It features a web chat interface and helps collect customer data via forms. It also lets you add self-help guides, blog links, other rich media like videos, files, and more for customers and boosts sales conversations.


  • Offers features like screen sharing, co-browse, make audio or video calls from the chat only.
  • Assists with the translation of 100 languages to motivate you to go global.
  • Customize live chat branding as per your business.
  • Promotes easy work automation.
  • Lets you target specific chats to specific segments
  • Helps you track customer history and measure engagement, such as the busiest time, popular demographics, top-performing agents, to name a few.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

You can refer to this article on "Best Live Chat Software for Website" to explore more options.

Qualitative Data Analytics Tools

Qualitative data is as crucial as quantitative data and statistics to understand the reality of how a business is performing. Here are some of the most popular tools used for this purpose.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analysis tool that allows you to see your website’s health and performance. It’s great for tracking and reporting website traffic, gauging the trending keywords and how your website is ranking on them.

Besides, it lets you check the bounce rate on specific pages, how visitors complete a goal, which path they use, and what channels bring the most traffic to your website.


  • You can track campaigns to understand what works for your website by adding parameters to the URL.
  • Track conversion, retention, and bounce rate to re-strategize your marketing efforts by analyzing on-site user activity and behavior.
  • Get in-depth and segregated demographics data to help you better understand your user base with the help of visuals and reports.
  • Flow visualization graphics enables you to understand how users move on your website and explore it.
  • Create custom reports with the selected data to fit your purpose.

Price/Plan - Free

10. Heap


A little different from Google Analytics, Heap is an analytical tool that automatically tracks user interaction, such as clicks on CTAs, forms filled and submitted, etc., on both websites and mobile apps from the time it is installed.

It targets both platforms to allow businesses a 360-degree view of their products or services and make strategies accordingly. With Heap, you can analyze the traffic in terms of which channels are bringing in more traffic.


  • Offers a simple data analytics dashboard.
  • Tracks website traffic without creating trigger events.
  • Helps in tracking crucial metrics such as retention rate, bounce rate, return rate, exit tracking, and more.
  • You can analyze website traffic with respect to the sales funnel.
  • Tracks average session length to measure customer engagement.
  • Supports retroactive reporting where it can predict specific trends based on the current data.
  • Tracks user behavior and traffic for mobile apps.
  • Supports custom reports for business purposes.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

11. Crazyegg


Crazyegg started as a heat mapping tool but now has moved on to be a multi-purpose tool. Businesses use this tool to map out general actions users take on their website and for A/B Testing purposes.

The CRO analytics and user behavior tool comes with features such as confetti snapshots and clicks percent reports to help businesses visualize the user experience and behavior.


  • Under the Snapshot feature, the data can be read in five different ways for better analysis - Heatmap, Confetti, Scrollmap, Overlay, and List.
  • The recording feature records how customers navigate your website. You can see exactly where the user’s mouse and fingers go frequently, what places in the website are mostly avoided, and how long they remain on your website.
  • The tool also provides A/B testing functionality with a quick set up for split testing. It does not require any coding to get started.
  • Integrations available: Drupal Google Tag Manager, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress.

Price/Plan - Starts from $29 per month. 30-day trial available.

12. LuckyOrange


LuckyOrange is another conversion optimizer tool that leverages different features that helps businesses understand user behavior and their actions on-site. It randomly records user sessions for better and uninfluenced analysis.

On the LuckyOrange dashboard, you can do so much more, including viewing the active number of users on the website, witness traffic variations, identify the channels bringing in more traffic, and so on.


  • This conversion rate optimization software lets users see even the historical statistics to gauge what marketing channels, keywords, referrals, tweets, etc., have brought traffic to your website.
  • Optimizes behavior tags in the analysis.
  • Supports session recordings and lets you filter and segment for better insights.
  • Comes with the dynamic heatmaps feature to unfold the quality of interaction between you and the visitors.
  • Provides chat support that can be easily integrated into the website with features like canned responses, auto invites, multiple operators, and more.

Price/Plan - Starts from $10 per month.

13. Hotjar


A very close alternative to CrazyEgg, it is an advanced website optimization tool. Hotjar is deemed a very effective conversion analysis qualitative user data tool. It also helps businesses visualize users’ experience and behavior with heatmaps.


  • Its heatmap feature analyzes user behavior on three metrics - scroll, click and move.
  • It also offers the necessary screen recording feature to analyze user behavior whenever you want.
  • Detailed analytics reports by Hotjar provide businesses a chance to identify their weak points and improve them.
  • You can also conduct NPS surveys with Hotjar.
  • The instant visual feedback lets visitors share their thoughts and experience within seconds, with one click.
  • You can customize its feedback widget in terms of language, position, and colors

Price/Plan - Starts from $29 per month, free version available.

User Testing Tools

A great UI/UX design is key to offering a remarkable user experience that ultimately results in more conversions. Check out our list of best user testing tools that will help you discern the features that customers do or don’t like.

14. UserTesting


A popular conversion rate optimizer tool is UserTesting. The tool helps scale across all areas of product, designing, UI/UX, and marketing by closing, what is called, “empathy gap” at UserTesting.

The tool is centered around making businesses customer-centric even more than they already think they are, which is 75%, compared to what customers think, which is only 30%. Hence the empathy gap.


  • The main USP for this conversion rate optimization software is that it enables websites to test using user demographics similar to their targeted audience.
  • The platform also lets you engage with its audience to test specific features, your website usability, and so on.
  • Assists you by providing instant feedback on any stage like Discover, Design, Build, Launch, and Iterate.
  • Measures how your ads, content, messages, and other campaigns perform on multiple channels using the tool.
  • You can survey visitors with NPS and other questions while tracking time on task.
  • It comes with impressive integrations of the likes of Adobe XD, Slack, Trello, and Jira.
  • Quickly optimize mobile experience with its mobile testing feature.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

15. UserZoom


UserZoom is a CRO user testing tool that comes with everything you need in a user testing tool. It facilitates user research at every stage and helps you make user-focused product solutions.


  • Provides a suite of features imperative for efficient user experience research, such as Usability Testing, Interviews, Surveys, Card sorting, Tree testing, Click testing, Participant recruitment, and Live intercept.
  • It supports quick design iteration via constant testing functionality.

Price/Plan - Available on request. For UserZoom Go, it’s $250 per month

16. UsabilityHub


One of the best CRO tools for user testing, UsabilityHub offers a combination of methodologies known to gauge user intent, feedback, preferences, and behaviors in the most efficacious ways. Businesses use this tool to eliminate the need for guesswork when design decisions are made and get authentic user feedback instead.


  • Click analysis helps businesses assess the effectiveness of links and CTAs. It also helps them find the first clicks of users to understand how they use your website.
  • Conduct design surveys to take the guesswork out of the design process and base it on the honest feedback.
  • Preference tests gauge users’ choices for particular things, which helps businesses make smart decisions. This methodology works wonders for fine-tuning marketing copy, visual assets, and branding.
  • Five seconds test is a popular metric to collect first-impressions of users regarding different website components.

Price/Plan - Starts from $79 per month.

17. Optimizely


A veteran website optimization software that has bagged a lot of popularity for its offering, Optimizely is still a favorite of many brands for user testing purposes.


  • The Performance Edge feature, powered by the Experiment Delivery Network, enables expedited experiments and scaling of experimentation without affecting the performance.
  • WYSIWYG functionality equips you with the ability to make updates without developers’ supervision.
  • The Rollouts feature lets you ship faster with more security. The feature flags enable you to roll out features to a small percentage of users to test the waters.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

Landing Page Creation and Hosting Tools

Timing and careful distribution of resources is everything in business. A traditional way of creating landing pages for your website would take up a lot of your time and resources.

Here are some effective tools to save these and provide you with fully-functional landing pages on the go.

18. Instapage


Much of the time is invested in creating landing pages that can be used elsewhere to allow brands to focus on other essential areas. Instapage is one of the best website optimizer tools that lets you create landing pages on the go.

The tool provides six services as a suite - Landing page creation, Personalization, Experimentation, AdMap, Collaboration, and Page Speed.


  • Create post-click mobile-responsive landing pages without needing a developer.
  • Create unique and personalized landing pages for every ad.
  • Analyze post-click landing pages via heatmaps, A/B testing, analytics, and multivariate testing and optimize higher conversions.
  • Visualize your ad campaigns and then connect them with relevant landing pages.
  • Streamline inter and intra-team collaboration.
  • Optimize page speed by 3x using its Thor Render Engine.

Price/Plan - Starts at $199 per month.

19. Carrd


Another excellent conversion optimization tool for you is the Carrd page creator tool. If you are starting a new line of products or services, you need to have a website page to fulfill your CRO efforts. Carrd offers you a myriad of page templates to create one-page websites on the go.

Besides this, it also enables integration with third-party widgets such as Stripe, PayPal, etc.


  • Assists you in publishing sites to any of your custom domains and offers “Let’s Encrypt SSL support”.
  • Supports rich media content of the highest quality.
  • Customizes your website by suppressing Carrd branding.
  • Creates web pages around forms (which you can also create) to gather user information.
  • Lets you create standalone or background slideshows.
  • Other functionalities it supports are customizable icons, Google Analytics, meta tags, to name a few.

Price/Plan - Starts from $19 for a year.

20. Unbounce


Without Unbounce, our list would have been incomplete. It is one of the best CRO tools allowing brands to create customizable landing pages from scratch via templates for almost every industry.

Unbounce made designing landing pages a walk in the park with its drag-and-drop builder. Just pick the features and designs and simply drop them onto your template, and voila!


  • Use Unbounce’s pop-ups and sticky bars on your pages to attract visitors’ attention and increase the chances of conversion.
  • Smart Traffic™ directs visitors towards a relevant user journey based on their attributes and behaviors with its AI-conversion power.
  • The tool boasts its security features such as Single Sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication.
  • Comes with 100+ landing pages templates covering multiple domains of industries.

Price/Plan - Starts from $79 per month.

21. Leadpages


Leadpages offers a whole package of website designing to SMEs and startups. Not just landing pages, you can create phenomenal websites without a single line of code with the best conversion-boosting results.

It takes half the time than WordPress to create a functional website and add landing pages on the go with optimized templates.


  • The landing page templates are mobile-responsive with impeccable designs.
  • Offers fast-loading websites that are 2.4 seconds faster than other websites with 30% higher performance.
  • The pop-up forms are a great addition to boost the conversion rates by capturing the visitors when their interest is at the peak. It renders an excellent opportunity to nudge the visitors into the sales funnel.
  • Builds visitors’ interest in your product with Alert bars that are non-intrusive or on-the-face.
  • Offers analytics on the platform to measure website and landing page performance.
  • Use the built-in SEO functionalities to create optimized meta descriptions and media.

Price/Plan - Starts from $37 per month for the standard subscription.

A/B Testing Tools

A/B testing comes under the umbrella of best practices to optimize any website. The technique helps you understand what tools or components work for you and how much difference they make.

With a sea of A/B testing tools out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed while choosing the most potent one. We have listed here the four ultimate tools you will ever need for this purpose.

22. A/B Tasty

A/B Tasty

A/B Testing is one pivotal way to ensure your website possesses everything customers need. It helps businesses gauge what works best for customers.

A/B Tasty brings this opportunity to mid-sized businesses to act on customer feedback and re-evaluate and re-iterate customer experience.

Though it does not offer a code editor or multivariate testing, it does allow editing individual elements and personalization with 30 distinct targeting criteria.


  • Under Experimentation service, it offers Split URL testing, A/B testing, Predictive testing, WYSIWYG and code editor, Q/A testing, to name a few.
  • Personalization features come with Data layer segmentation, Segment builder, AI-based targeting, customizable widgets, and more.
  • It offers real-time reporting, unlimited tests on unlimited users, built-in pop-ups, heatmaps, surveys, and many more.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

23. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

Visual Website Optimize

Other than the basics such as heatmaps, on-page surveys, and so on, VWO also gives funnel visualization access. It helps companies to identify the place with most visitor leaks to take proactive measures.

VWO is an incredible tool for server-side and mobile app testing purposes. It offers a combination of services aimed at optimizing your conversion rate efforts.


  • Sends web push notifications, supports cart abandonment campaigns, and Facebook Messenger integration to allow unbarred communication.
  • Besides multivariates testing and split testing, it also supports form analytics and session recordings.
  • VWO Plan is a collaboration feature streamlining teams’ efforts to achieve the same goals faster and efficiently.

Price/Plan - Starts from $299 per month.

24. Convertize


An excellent tool for on-site experiments, Convertize heavily supports A/B testing on websites with its drag-and-drop editing in Smart Editor. It has a built-in Autopilot that overlooks the traffic, allowing you to be more experimentative without worrying about conversions.


  • Comes with different sets of plugins facilitating dynamic content addition to your pages.
  • Its Hybrid Statistics function combines Frequentist and Bayesian methods to show the most detailed analysis for the best conversion optimization.
  • Improves search engine ranking with its lightning speed load time for test pages.
  • Offers geolocation plugin to personalize landing pages for increased customer experience.
  • Smart Notifications plugin enables users to customize the web notifications and drive more engagement.

Price/Plan - Starts from $29 per month with a free version available.

25. Kameleoon


For marketers and product owners, Kameleoon is a full-stack personalization and experimentation platform to eliminate funnel leaks and increase conversions.

One of the top-selling USPs of this platform is its machine learning algorithms that calculate individual visitor’s conversion possibilities in real-time. It gives more detailed and personalized insights into the visitors’ preferences and behavior to offer a better customer experience.


  • Kameleoon Predict™ is an AI-based program assisting in real-time data collection and processing.
  • It is an open platform integrating natively with your data ecosystem, including CRM, CMP, email solutions, and analytics.
  • It offers segmentation for personalized experiences and targeted analysis

Price/Plan - Available on request.

You can refer to the article "30 Best A/B Testing Tools to Help You Convert in 2021" to explore more options.

Competitive Landscape Tools

Businesses must assess their standing in the market by evaluating their business components, such as website performance and ranking, with competitors and against market trends. So, here are some tools that will help you in competitive analysis.

26. CompeteShark


CompeteShark is an effective competitive analysis tool that lets you track changes in your competitors’ content and marketing strategies in real-time. You can see what your competitors are doing, where they are doing it, and how they are doing it.

With the help of automation, the tool monitors your competitions’ web activities and saves the collected data in one place for easy analysis.


  • The Time Machine feature lets you analyze your competitors’ SEO practices and strategies, such as A/B testing activities, linking optimization, header, and so on.
  • You can track new promotions, experiments in content layout, new campaigns, and more.
  • Analyze your competitors’ audience and their behavior to improve your website performance.
  • You can download trend reports and share them across multiple channels such as emails, Powerpoint, etc.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

27. SEMRush


A tool that needs no introduction, SEMRush is a magic bag fitting every tool any marketer would ever need to optimize conversion rate. It offers 40+ tools that cater to every aspect of an online business to attract more visitors and close any funnel leaks.


  • Provides everything from keyword research, on-page SEO, local SEO, and link building to competitor analysis for best SEO strategies.
  • It has tools useful for content marketing, creation and distribution, optimization, social media management, and marketing analytics.
  • It offers tools covering market analysis, paid advertisement, PPC keyword research, website monetization, and competitor PR monitoring end-to-end.

Price/Plan - Starts from $119.95 per month.

28. Ahrefs


Another go-to tool every marketer swears by, Ahrefs, is a full-package suite of CRO tools. From its website optimization, competitor analysis, keyword research, content research to rank tracking, Ahrefs is a one-stop for all. It offers features that make everyone an SEO expert.


  • The Site explorer provides insights into the competitors’ organic search and backlinking profile on any website.
  • Keyword Explorer provides a library of ranking keyword ideas with their level of difficulty and traffic potential.
  • Site Audit is an amazing and a much-needed tool to understand the weak points that lead to a low conversion rate. The feature crawls all the pages of a website and analyzes their SEO health score, flogs SEO issues, suggests solutions, visualized data in charts, and more.
  • Content explorer finds the most optimized and well-performing content in your niche to give you great content ideas and analyze competitors’ performance.

Price/Plan - Starts from $7 for a 7-day trial.

29. Social Blade

Social Blade

Social Blade is an analytics platform focused more on social media platforms. It tracks user statistics of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch to give brands a fair idea about trends and customer preferences.


  • Supports competitor analysis by giving free access to a public database offering global analytics.
  • Offers YouTube channel optimization to increase the chances of better conversion rates.
  • Gives access to paid business API capable of fully integrating with your internal systems.

Price/Plan - Starts at $3.99 per month for the Bronze plan.

Website Personalization Tools

Personalization is the ultimate tool from which no business is shying away, irrespective of the industry type. To enhance customer experience and conversion rate, as a result, refer to these remarkable conversion rate optimization tools.

30. Google Optimize

Google Optimize

One of the best conversion tools presented by Google, Optimize, lets you experiment on your website to improve the UX of your web or mobile site. You can easily set up the first test within minutes and get useful insights in a jiffy with the visual editor.


  • Native integration with other Google solutions such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Firebase, Google BigQuery, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • Supports A/B testing, multivariate testing, and redirect tests to customize the web experience of your visitors.
  • Lets you design custom landing pages for ads to offer personalization and drive more conversions.

Price/Plan - Free

31. Personyze


Personyze is a suite of technologies aimed towards personalization. It leverages AI and big data to personalize omnichannel and marketing automation.


  • The AI-powered technology shows website visitors what they most likely want based on their actions and behavior.
  • Customer segmentation lets you send targeted and personalized emails to push customers further down the conversion funnel.
  • It assists in behavioral targeting, creating dynamic landing pages, A/B testing, social proof, urgent messaging, and account-based marketing.
  • Website personalization tool creates a real-time profile of visitors using several data sources. Based on this data, the system uses a combination of recommendation algorithms and targeting to offer a personalized experience across different channels.

Price/Plan - Starts from $149 per month. Free for the first month.

32. Segmentify


Catering specifically to e-Commerce businesses, Segmentify claims to be the world’s smallest yet all-in-one personalization solution. Using Segmentify, some companies have increased the revenue by a staggering 20%, thanks to its features like personalized research and content personalization.


  • Like other best website optimization tools, Segmentify also offers personalized product recommendations to ensure visitors reach the other end of the sales funnel.
  • Leverages the Push Notifications functionality to enable businesses to grab visitors’ attention when they are about to leave.
  • The real-time segmentation feature is a hit to provide a personalized customer experience.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

Website and Landing Page Q/A Tools

To know that your website is lacking somewhere, you need to have full data on each of its landing pages. You need statistics showing in what direction you should take measures to combat the issues. Here are some website and landing page analysis tools to help you out.

33. Landing Page Analyzer

Landing Page Analyzer

Landing page Analyze is a product of VWO explicitly targeted to help businesses analyze improvement areas via real-time testing.


  • Enables you to test the optimization and effectiveness of your website landing pages via a 5-minute test and get it rated.
  • Focuses on specific parameters while testing the landing pages: Relevance, propensity to take action, persuasiveness, motivation, and focus on the goal.
  • Offers detailed reports and actionable insights based on the results for absolute optimization.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

34. Ion Interactive

Ion Interactive

Ion Interactive by Rock Content is an enterprise-scale landing page optimization platform. It ensures that customers get the most optimized experience to avoid bounce rates.


  • Offers multiple features like content marketing that drive relevant traffic to the landing pages and ensure they have a seamless customer experience.
  • Enables you to create interactive landing pages with code-free animations, app-like content presentation, auto-shrink forms, responsive content, and more.
  • Boosts conversion optimization via dynamic gate forms.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

35. SiteSpect


SiteSpect is one of the best-in-class website optimization tools targeting Single Page Applications. The platform boasts of offering both client-side and server-side testing to businesses.


  • Offers a visual editor for Single Page Applications with other standard features.
  • Supports and leverages headers, cookies, feature flagging, and parameters.
  • The Find and Replace feature lets users add or remove new functionality before pages are rendered in the browser.
  • SiteSpect’s Rollout feature works phenomenally in release management and feature flag testing, along with A/B testing.

Price/Plan - Available on request.

Site Speed Analysis Tools

Did you know that a second’s delay in your website’s speed can drive dozens of customers away? To make sure this doesn’t happen, here are some speed analysis tools for you.

36. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

Nothing drives customers away as fast as slow-speed landing pages. Google PageSpeed Insights is a remarkable landing page testing tool to gauge their actual performance. This free tool is easily accessible to all and works excellently for the said purpose.


  • Provides insightful reports on both mobile and desktop devices with recommended solutions.
  • Offers both field and lab data. The former captures real-world experiences, and the latter debugs performance issues since the data is collected in a controlled environment instead of the Field data.
  • Offers scores metrics such as overall performance, Needs improvement, Good, etc.

Price/Plan - Free

37. GTmetrix


GTMetrix lets you test your pages across multiple connection speeds, countries, browsers, and more, to see how they perform under diversity. If you want more in-depth analysis for your page speed than Google’s PageSpeed, this is your holy grail.


  • Effectively amalgamates different speed testing tools into one for better analysis.
  • Provides exhaustive reports on issues and their fixes.
  • Employs the waterfall analysis methodology for web pages, which involves explaining all the negative and positive effects on your conversion rate.

Price/Plan - Starts at $12 per month. Free version available.

38. Pingdom Speed Test

Pingdom Speed Test

If you want to see your pages’ landing speed in real-time, Pingdom is your tool. It has a page performance dashboard that shows real-time loading speed for your website pages. The results are based on real feedback from visitors and portray the data in concise visual charts.


  • Use it to check the speed of mobile applications.
  • Provides uptime and cost-effective website performance monitoring.
  • Employs 70+ global polling locations for testing website performance on the loop.

Price/Plan - Starts from $40 for business monitoring. Free trial available.


Each tool offers something distinct in itself. Regardless, every business needs these tools in their tech stack to ensure the profits continue to grow north of the graph and not lose touch with the customers.

We hope our list of these best conversion rate optimization tools helps you achieve your goals.

Now you're ready to take your first steps towards getting to know your users and analyzing their pain points.

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