Website Surveys

A website survey is a survey that is run on a website to collect VOICE OF CUSTOMER FEEDBACK from website visitors. Website surveys have the advantage of getting feedback from visitors to your website who would otherwise remain anonymous. Because only a small percentage of website visitors ever become your customers or join your email list, website surveys represent a powerful and effective way to understand the needs and challenges of your visitors.

Website surveys can be used to improve the CONVERSION RATE OF A WEBSITE by understanding what visitors need in order to feel comfortable making a decision after viewing the website.

Website surveys are a powerful way to uncover visitors insights that can lead to improved performance.

What is Website Survey?

How Do Website Surveys Work?

Most website survey software functions in the same way: they are displayed after a brief delay to visitors to a website who meet a set of criteria that are defined before hand. When the survey appears and to whom vary by website and are set by the people running the survey.

Different website survey software offer different controls, but most provide the following targeting:

Target visitors by traffic source – This allows the website survey to be directed to visitors who only come from a particular source, such as an ad campaign, search engine or social media.

Target visitors by visit length or depth – This allows the website survey to be delivered only to people who spend a certain amount of time or visit a specified number of pages on the site.

Target by page – This targeting attribute makes it easy to collect feedback from visitors who make it to a specific web page only.

Target by visit number – Using cookies many website surveys can target visitors based on the number of visits they’ve made to the site.

Target by activity – This targeting allows the website survey to be targeted only to visitors who take certain actions, like attempt to navigate away from the website.

Qualaroo offers these targeting options along with dozens more. You can see a list of all of our WEBSITE SURVEY TARGETING OPTIONS HERE.

What is the Best Website Survey Software?

There are many options when it comes to website survey software. Qualaroo website surveys are widely regarded as one of the leading website survey solutions by conversion rate experts. Qualaroo is used by conversion rate experts who use it to collect qualitative feedback to inform their website optimization and A/B testing efforts.

Marketers choose Qualaroo for its wide range of targeting capabilities, integrations with other marketing services, and customization options.

See why Dr. Karl Blanks of Conversion Rate Experts, whose clients include Google, Apple, Facebook and more, makes Qualaroo an essential part of their conversion rate optimization process:

Why Should I Use a Website Survey?

If you’re a marketer, website surveys are the best way to collect voice of customer feedback from anonymous website visitors. This feedback is invaluable in improving the performance of your website. Analytics packages tell you what is happening on your website. Website survey software, like Qualaroo, tells you why.

Website surveys can be used to improve all areas of your business and help uncover insights that help grow your business

Insights to optimize your website – Website surveys can give you voice of customer feedback that tells you what is preventing them from converting on your site. You can use this information to inform your A/B tests and improve conversion rates. If users express confusion about your return policy, for example, you can test whether making it more prominent improves purchase rates.

Insights to improve marketing – Understanding the intent of your website visitors and what they are hoping to accomplish is a great way to identify the benefits and features to highlight to customers in your marketing efforts both on and off site. Learning where visitors first heard of you is an effective way to prioritize investment in future marketing activities. Both efforts can lead to improved return on marketing spend.

Insights to improve product – Customer feedback has always been a valuable part of product development. Now you can easily hear from visitors who are considering a purchase, not just those that already bought.

Insights to unlock growth – Ultimately all of these insights can lead to an improved growth rate for your business. By tapping into the needs, wants and intent of your website visitors you can hone your message and offer to attract the highest number of most qualified prospects, driving your business forward.

What Questions Should I Ask on a Website Survey?

Website surveys can be used to gather all types of voice of customer feedback. Qualaroo comes with a full library of questions designed to help you quickly collect insights that will help your business.

Here are a few popular questions to help you find new opportunities for growing your business

  • What did you come to the site to do today?
  • Were you able to accomplish what you came to the site to do today?
  • Where did you first hear about us?
  • How likely are you to refer us to a friend? (This is the NET PROMOTER SCORE® SURVEY)
  • If you didn’t purchase/sign up today, what stopped you?
  • If you did purchase, what ultimately convinced you to buy?

Who you ask is as important if not more than what you ask. By targeting your website survey questions to the proper pages, traffic sources and visitors you can elicit responses from people who are most likely to buy from you, rather than just any visitor that comes to your site.

Target surveys deeper in your website to talk to visitors deeper in the consideration process. Target specific traffic sources to understand how visitors differ from varying traffic sources and what their needs are.

The list of questions you can ask is endless. When website surveys are integrated as part of a continuous process of website optimization, they can result in long lasting wins that boost company growth.

Get Started!

We are happy to get you started with Website Surveys! We have written a robust guide detailing tips and steps to building your own Feedback Engine. At the end of the guide, we have listed Top Questions To Ask Your Customers and Prospects with advice on who, when, how, and where to ask these questions.

The guide will help you gather crucial insights from your prospects and customers, connect research to dollars both saved and generated, and improve customer experience. This strategic feedback engine guide will help you know what decisions your users are making and why.