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Mozilla Slovenia Uses Qualaroo for Conversion Rate Optimization

Mozilla Slovenia Uses Qualaroo for Conversion Rate Optimization

In April of this year, Mozilla Slovenia set off to improve the conversion rate of their website. The goal of the redesign was to modernize the site’s look and feel, make the site responsive, and clean up the information architecture, all leading to improved conversion rates. The team wanted to ensure that the redesign addressed the needs of their audience, and that they could optimize the site to maximize conversions and satisfied visitors.

But first, they needed to find out what worked, what didn’t and what their visitors wanted. To do this they assembled an arsenal of tools including Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Visual Website Optimizer, and, of course, Qualaroo.


Understanding Existing Website Visitor Behavior

Through a detailed review of Google Analytics data, Mozilla Slovenia learned two surprising facts. First, most of their visitors weren’t using Firefox. Second, most of them never went anywhere other than the homepage. Crazy Egg helped to make sense of this data. In tracking the areas of the homepage got the highest density of clicks, they learned that 40% of their visitors were there simply to download Firefox, taking them away from Mozilla Slovenia’s domain and to the official Mozilla website. This insight shed some light on why so many users visited the only the homepage, and also why such a large percentage of their visitors were using browsers other than Firefox.

Using Qualaroo to Understand Visitor Needs

Next, they wanted to figure out what the remaining 60% of visitors were looking for and whether they were in fact able to find it. But they wondered, “What if there’s something our users are looking for, but they’re unable to find it because it doesn’t exist?”

Enter Qualaroo. In the words of Mozilla Slovenia’s Ziga Milek, “How do you find out what your visitors want? Here’s a crazy idea: you ask them!” He goes on to explain, “The beauty of Qualaroo is that you can ask the visitors ‘in the moment.’ Right when they are having trouble. Or maybe in a critical moment in your conversion funnel.” They gave visitors to the homepage a simple Nudge, “Why did you come to our website today?” Upon answering, visitors were given a follow-up that asked, “Are you able to find what you want?” Their choices were, “Yes, easily;” “Yes, with some effort;” and “No.”

Milek and team knew that numbers alone can only tell so much of the story. Because the Nudge gave users a direct line of communication, Mozilla Slovenia was able to learn the following:

  • 40% of those who answered were there to download Firefox, which corresponded with the CrazyEgg numbers.
  • 22% had a problem they were hoping to solve, but only one person was able to solve it. Pointing to a clear opportunity for improvement.
  • 11% were looking for the news.
  • 4.4% were looking for a job.
  • And a full 77% of the visitors using Internet Explorer were there to download Firefox.

Qualaroo for Conversion Rate Optimization

Their response to the insights gained by implementing Qualaroo was to tweak the homepage in order to better match their visitors’ needs and improve conversions. Ziga Milek explains, “OK, we found out what our visitors want. Now we just have to give it to them.” Again, they didn’t just stop at rearranging the homepage. In conjunction with the home page tweaks suggested by feedback from users, they implemented Visual Website Optimizer to see if their changes help or hurt conversions. They plan on running a series of A/B split-tests to track how each version performs, so they can iterate toward a design that helps as many visitors as possible.

Improving Conversions Through Visitor Feedback

From design to implementation, Mozilla Slovenia’s goal was to improve their homepage not just with a visual refresh, but with a focus on conversion rate optimization. Through insights gained using Qualaroo, in conjunction with Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, and Visual Website Optimizer, they were able to not only make sense of their site’s visitors’ behavior but also use their feedback to enhance performance and ensure their visitors’ needs were being met.

Mozilla Slovenia’s web team laid out a framework that can help any business looking to redesign their website to improve conversions. By looking for insights from their web data and then asking their site visitors about the purpose of their visits, Mozilla Slovenia was able to create a new user experience that better served the needs of their site visitors and improved conversions on what mattered most. By implementing A/B testing and committing to iterating on their design based on performance data, they’ve set themselves up for success with the redesign project.

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