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Introducing Qualaroo Convert

Introducing Qualaroo Convert

It’s a big day here as we announce our newest product, Convert. Convert lets you act on user feedback to Nudge (TM) them to the pages, resources and outcomes that matter the most. This new product comes on the heels of serving our one billionth Nudge as more companies use Qualaroo to gain the insights they need to convert more visitors. Companies like Groupon, Intuit, WordPress and Visual.ly all use Qualaroo to help power their web-based learning and optimization. With this new release you can now take your learning one step further–from insight to action. We hope you like it.

Full press release on the announcement:

Qualaroo Powers Website Performance with New Product: Qualaroo Convert

New product and one billion Nudges served mark major milestone for Qualaroo.

Newport Beach, CA — May 22, 2013 –Qualaroo Inc. today announced the launch of a new product that promises to drive even more conversions for Qualaroo subscribers. The aptly-titled “Convert” complements the successful “Insights” product by allowing consumers to act on the data collected from their onsite surveys. Convert leads to higher conversions by allowing website owners to Nudge (TM) visitors to different content, as well as make offers and calls to action based on visitors’ self-reported needs.

The product release comes on the heels of Qualaroo serving their one billionth Nudge. Websites of all types, and from around the world (more than 60% of Qualaroo traffic is international) are using Qualaroo to gain a competitive edge and to optimize their traffic. As more marketers and website owners seek to get the most out of their marketing investment, they’re turning to Qualaroo for actionable insights and data to help them make informed decisions and maximize their returns.

While Insights provides website owners with detailed, user-provided information collected via surveys, Convert lets marketers take the next step, inviting those users to act on their answers in real time. With Convert, website owners can use a Nudge to intelligently improve conversion from any page and drive visitors to lead capture forms, landing pages, live chat and more. Marketers can now manage and direct site traffic to the most effective content and outcomes without shipping new code with every change. With powerful business logic and branching rules, Qualaroo Convert makes testing hypotheses and optimizing for results easy.

Already a success in pre-launch testing, Convert is driving significant leads for its Beta customers, including more than 10% of leads for Mavenlink. “Qualaroo has not only helped us generate more leads from our web traffic, but it allows us to qualify them based on their self-reported needs,” said Mavenlink CEO Ray Grainger. “Convert turns every page into a landing page and lets us direct visitors to the information and resources they need in order to take the next step in the conversion process.”

Convert is a natural extension of our product line. It lets site owners collect data and then act on it in real time to improve marketing performance,” said Qualaroo CEO, Sean Ellis. “Now marketers can create and optimize conversion funnels on any page of their site, based on the business rules that matter most to them. Without having to repeatedly deploy code or landing pages, insights driven testing becomes a real time possibility.”

Qualaroo Inc., provides a complete solution for website visitor insights and conversion that allows businesses to understand and improve their website experience to drive better results. Powered by on-site Nudges(TM), Qualaroo collects visitor-created feedback and allows website owners to act on gained insights to drive conversion. Qualaroo Insights and Convert work for businesses of all sizes and types. Groupon, Intuit and WordPress.com all use Qualaroo for actionable data to make the decisions that help their websites perform better.

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